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  1. I cook DH a nice big juicy steak and then we get CRAZY!!!!!!!!!
  2. Will looks like a Mac Tabby. Stripes, dots and swirling patterns. Vertigo kitten is a Mac Tabby. here is the wikipedia site.
  3. I hope everything goes well. Y'all are in my prayers.
  4. Awwwwww what a cutie pie. I like Pride.
  5. Rent yourself a couple of bikes, but watch out thieves are a lurking. lol
  6. Congralutations. I hear the wacky weed there is tolerated in restaurants or something like that. Disclaimer: I do not smoke. lol
  7. Patricia I sometimes get silent migraines. Horrible is the only word I have for them. I started getting migraines a few years ago and when the Dr told me what they were I did not believe him. I am still learning about the *auras* and such. Smells become very prominent and I smell rotten eggs or something, and another thing that I notice is my vision. I get what I call a blind spot in one eye, I just cannot see. Very strange and very painful once it hits. Sometimes my vision gets weird I just cannot describe it. Zig zags maybe, or objects moving. Sometime I think I am going insane. I really need a good RX that will not make me so sick. My percocet does not touch a migraine at all. God bless us.
  8. Susanne, I have terrible migraines. They are a new thing for me. Sometimes thry last for almost a week. What is this maxalt, and does it require a RX? I am in the states. I sometimes take imitrex but it makes me soooooo sick and does not work that well.
  9. Vinegar. How could I leave out rice wine vinegar. I love the stuff.
  10. Kelly I find Chinese food pretty easy. I try and keep 5 spice powder, sesame oil, fish sauce, chili sauce, oyster sauce, soy sauce, wasabe, scallions, ground pork, chicken thighs, ginger , garlic and the like on hand. 5 spice powder is great on taters. Especially of I grill them. I love the stuff. I have a great recipe for yakatori chicken. I may have spelled that wrong.
  11. Wolfie I am cheap. I just seal the freezer bag and place a straw in the remaining unclosed corner of the bad and suck out all the air. LOL works great. I freeze everything too. We bought about $150 in meat and chicken yeaterday from Sam's. so I am cleaning out the freezer today. I made vegetable soup from the leftover hambone and what was left of my frozen vegetables and it is a good use for the fresh carrots and taters that are sprouting eyes. Now all I have to do is package everything up and freeze. I'll use my handy dandy straw too.
  12. Entex and percocet. <_< I also breathe the vicks vapor rub steam.
  13. I love to make em and then EAT em! :jumping: <_< The filling is easy, it's the stuffing the wontons that is time consuming because of the *folds*.
  14. Gayle, you haven't changed a bit.
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