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  1. I can't seem to download it . It tells me " Forum Rules This file has been reported as broken because: Keeps reporting that you need to be a member to download even though i am a member and am logged in" Is it the browser i'm using ?
  2. pinkhare

    Miniatures I've made

    all of the things I've made from scratch or kits.
  3. pinkhare


    very pretty ! What do you mean by refurbished ?
  4. pinkhare

    First rug

    this is so gorgeous and inspiring . i've just taught myself petite point and I can't wait to try and make a gorgeous rug.
  5. ok i give up where ? I've looked but somehow I keep missing it.
  6. wuld anyone have a tutorial for paper lanterns ? I want to make some for the teahouse but I'm at lost as to how to make them.
  7. it's from a re ment set . re ment are barbie sized miniatures from japan that come in blind assortment boxes . they're really fun to collect !
  8. pinkhare

    dollhouse .jpg

    she's plus sized and shaped like me !!!
  9. pinkhare

    The orchid

    My very first house !
  10. pinkhare

    Gypsy tea house

    I found an old duracraft sweetheart cottage at the flemarket for 5 bucks . I've decided to turn it into a gypsy tea house.
  11. pinkhare

    french table

    This table is gorgeous ! Can I ask what it's made from ?
  12. I love her face. Very serene .
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