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  1. Radio Shack is now just called "The Shack"? When did they change their name? Even my boys know it as Radio Shack, so it must have not been that long ago that they changed it.
  2. sommerstern7


    Your little house is incredible Alexander! You are very talented. Looks like you need to build an addition or a little basement floor for it so you can keep adding and displaying new things. I have this problem too!
  3. sommerstern7


    What a great idea for floors! Especially for the two oddly shaped rooms on the first and second floors. I was just asking around if anyone knew if there are templates for the Harrison floors and walls available anywhere because it is SO hard to do the floors and walls for these two rooms. This would definitely ensure an accurate fit!
  4. sommerstern7


    You are inspiring me to do MY shingles.
  5. sommerstern7


    It is awesome to see someone else enjoying their Harrison. You've done a great job with it! Don't you love it's size and the multidimensional possibilities that come with the nice deep rooms! I absolutely love your bannisters. I don't think I can add bannisters at this point without tearing my entire house up, lol! I also love the little ladder you placed on the third floor of the house. It makes it look like the little people that will be moving in have been working hard to get the house painted and ready for their family! : )
  6. These are just precious! Are these smaller version of a Spring Fling kit from a few years ago?
  7. They look so real--esp the greenery. Are the leaves you used also paperclay?
  8. I will want to do this, so you can count me in right now. What are the kits going to be?
  9. Wow! These are both incredible. They remind me of those "Fairy Doors" you can put in your garden.
  10. I think I posted twice--sorry. I'm really NOT losing my mind--t looked as if I lost my original message, so I wrote another one and then they BOTH posted-LOL!
  11. I love that "through the looking glass" feel that your winter garden gives. It is so realistic--which is the look that I personally prefer as well. Your work is amazing--Congrats!
  12. Jo your work is AMAZING. Congrats on the landscaping. It looks incredibly real!
  13. I'm working on making 1:48 scale furniture for the quarter scale house that I'm finishing. Just finished a fireplace with built in cabinet and a bed which I made up using fabric that I made to match the wallpaper in the dollhouse bedroom.
  14. Your miniature collection is incredible! Do you have all of them displayed in your BH?
  15. Oh My God--I love the Titty Bar idea! I couldn't stop laughing. In my book--THIS was the winner, and YOU shoulda gotten first place! LOL! PS. Your characters are absolutely priceless.
  16. Hi Tracy! Thanks for the awesome tip with the floor tile! How cool is this! I can't wait to try this! Do you do anything to the tiles to make them appear more matte? The tiles that I've come across always seem to have a sort of shine to them.
  17. sommerstern7

    Living room

    Deb, your bachelor pad is great! It reminds me of my husbands house that he owned before we got married--right down to the web design award! You've done a great job and I've enjoyed seeing your work! Thanks!
  18. Well Greetings fellow Harrison owner/builder! You are doing an AMAZING job! I am so glad to see someone else with a Harrison on the forum! I have pictures of mine in my gallery. Im constantly changing things in it, so I need to make some updates, but it's there if you'd like to see. May I add you to my friends list? Maybe we can share ideas? Let me know.
  19. sommerstern7


    Oh my god! This house is FANTASTIC! 25 years--Wow! It most definitely shows the amount of work and dedication that you most certainly put into this masterpiece! How proud your mom must be of such a talented son! Congratulations on your creation!
  20. I thought the village had open backs to them. What's the point then? Might as well just have a Dickens village from Walmart--you can't "play" in those either. I know that's not a nice thing to say on the GREENLEAF forum, but I can't remember a time when Ive let small technicalities like THAT get in my way. Sorry Greenleaf, but this one's your bad. This is a dollhouse and miniature forum. The people on the forum want a dollHOUSE not a house SHELL to put miniatures in. Open those suckers up in the back!
  21. Wow! You have quite a collection. They're all beautiful. You do nice work.
  22. What a pretty house. You are doing an beautiful job with it. My dollhouse sat for over 20 years as well, so we have something in common--other than both being from OH (go Bucks!)
  23. So, I have to ask--did you build this from scratch or was the building in kit form. If it was a kit--what is it?
  24. Oh my goodness! She is going to love this! Wow! THIS is amazing. You did a wonderful job! GREAT detail. Looks REAL!
  25. Linda, thank you so much! I am flattered. I must also say how absolutely STUNNING you have made your Barrington. Wow! what a find! I love the bits of moss that you used! What a fabulous and inspiring idea! Your roof looks so real. How did you give it that look. I will eventually need to shingle my Harrison, so it's always fun to see what everyone's done with their roof tops.
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