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  1. Radio Shack is now just called "The Shack"? When did they change their name? Even my boys know it as Radio Shack, so it must have not been that long ago that they changed it.
  2. Thanks Kathie! It's good to know that warping isn't a problem with something that has been put together well. I will have to remember that when I build my Glencroft. The cleaning tips are also great to know because despite my horrific experience with this house, I am sure that somewhere, somehow I will be in a situation where I will forget the lesson that I have learned from buying a used dollhouse and will end up caving in to "something that I just have to have right this minute" and I will end up buying something in dire need of disinfecting. These things are great to know--just in case!
  3. sommerstern7


    Your little house is incredible Alexander! You are very talented. Looks like you need to build an addition or a little basement floor for it so you can keep adding and displaying new things. I have this problem too!
  4. Holly, I hope it does go to someone who can save it from complete ruin. Just a question since you have now piqued my curiousity with the bleach solution... won't the wood warp on the Corona and Greenleaf houses because of how thin they are if they get wet or have chemicals sprayed on them? Because if not, I tend to work in bleach like a cobbler works in shoe leather (I am practically a bleach addict, lol, and have always used it to clean my RL house)--I just need to know a safe application technique to use should I ever again come across a dollhouse that should NEED to be bleached. How do
  5. They're really going to enjoy the shipping charge they will pay on top of what it has already cost-- not to mention the RETURN shipping charge <_<!
  6. Especially not to anyone who has taken part in this posted topic-lol!
  7. That is slightly more than what I paid. The seller ended up ahead for my returning it to them - Ha!
  8. sommerstern7


    What a great idea for floors! Especially for the two oddly shaped rooms on the first and second floors. I was just asking around if anyone knew if there are templates for the Harrison floors and walls available anywhere because it is SO hard to do the floors and walls for these two rooms. This would definitely ensure an accurate fit!
  9. sommerstern7


    You are inspiring me to do MY shingles.
  10. sommerstern7


    It is awesome to see someone else enjoying their Harrison. You've done a great job with it! Don't you love it's size and the multidimensional possibilities that come with the nice deep rooms! I absolutely love your bannisters. I don't think I can add bannisters at this point without tearing my entire house up, lol! I also love the little ladder you placed on the third floor of the house. It makes it look like the little people that will be moving in have been working hard to get the house painted and ready for their family! : )
  11. These are just precious! Are these smaller version of a Spring Fling kit from a few years ago?
  12. They look so real--esp the greenery. Are the leaves you used also paperclay?
  13. I will want to do this, so you can count me in right now. What are the kits going to be?
  14. Wow! These are both incredible. They remind me of those "Fairy Doors" you can put in your garden.
  15. Pat Catan's is awesome. I find everything there when I go, even though it's a 40 minute drive to get there. I will so have to visit them and their Tuesday Morning neighbor this week and see if I can get in on this deal. I go about twice a year, but when I go I stock up, so the discount from a free VIP pass would definitely be worth it. Thanks for the heads up!
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