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  1. Hi everyone. I totally messed up my Beacon Hill dormer windows. Does anyone know how I can fix this? Or where to get some that will fit? Thank you.
  2. Hi all. The Chicago Miniatures Show is being held this weekend in Arlington Heights, IL. I am thinking of going, but it's about an hour and a half drive for me, so I was wondering if anyone has been to the show in the past and what they have thought about it. Is it a good show? Worth a 90 mile drive?
  3. I'm trying to electrify the Cranberry Cove and I can't get any tools to go in because the wood is so hard. I already tried drilling, awl, nails, a lot of different things with points, etc. I can't get the "oulets" for the lights to plug into either. Any other suggestions? Thanks. Jennifer
  4. oops. I'm sorry, I didn't make myself clear. I meant parts I can add like the two-story wing, the different porch rails, posts, oval door, etc. that they advertise we can buy in addition to what comes with it so we can customize it if we want. They have customized parts we can buy to customize the house but I can't find anywhere to buy the stuff. Thanks and sorry for the confusion. Jennifer
  5. Does anyone know of anywhere online that I can buy the parts that go with this dollhouse. I can't find one retailer that sells the parts at all. Lilliput's catalog offers part numbers but nowhere to buy them. I am posting this here becuase I don't know where else to post it. Thanks for your help, again. Jennifer
  6. Hi. Thank you for responding to me. The gable front piece is too thick to sit in the grooves. Does it not go in the grooves? Bythe way, your house is beautiful.
  7. Hello all. I am builing the Cranberry Cove and so far things WERE going smooth but now I am at the part where I'm putting on the roof and the gable front. The "gable front" part does not fit in the grooves of the molding plus having the Front Roof fit in the grooves too. Does anyone know what I am referring to and how I do this? The pictures in the instructions aren'd very helpful. Any help would br great.......Thanks.
  8. Hi All: I haven't been to the forum in quite some time now, but I am bringing out the Lily to work on it again. I stopped working on it because I was having a difficult time with the front foyer. I am finding out that it's hard to put the wiring in before the wallpapering in this area, but can't put the left wall up until the wallpapering is done which has to have the wire in first...uhhh..confusing eah? Also, what is the best to use for hanging the wallpaper? Oh and one more thing, how do you wallpaper and have no seams? Thanks.
  9. Hi All: You have given me so many ideas and inspiration for my Lily. I have the floors together and the center partition in. Luckly, you told me to be extra careful I saw some of the pictures some of you had posted. Your Lily's look fantastic. I can't wait to see how mine turns out. I am in the process of making the templates for my wallpaper. I am going to electrify before I put up the paper and stuff. Are there spots I should pay closer attention to when I am making my templates? Are there spots that will be extra hard to get to later? Thanks Jen
  10. Hi All: Just bought the Lily today. I opened the box and read the instructions, once through. Any suggestions as to where I should start? I read that I should do the windows last. Any help would be great. Thanks
  11. I contacted CITMA too after Lisa suggest them. That was very kind of her. They also need copies of 3 business invoices from people I have bought from under the business name. I don't have those yet. Though I Thank you for the suggestion. I didn't realize I was going to have so many bumps in the road. Jen
  12. Hi Again: Thanks so much for everyone's input. I appreciate it. I looked up Handley House and Dee's Delights as a distributors to get products for my website and they both indicate I need three trade references. I am just starting out and I obviously don't have those yet. I also contacted Aztec and I am waiting for a response from them. Does anyone know of anymore names of distrubutors or dropshippers I can contact since I need to gain the three trade references? Thanks, Jennifer
  13. LisaN: Do you know of any drophip distributors? Thanks, Jen
  14. Thanks for the advice and suggestions. I think I have decided to run an internet miniature business. Do I just order a whole mess of products from the distributors, take a mess of pictures then sell. :lol: I mean, I know the ecommerce well but where do so many of these internet stores get their inventory? They have so much on their sites, do they have all this inventory in their homes and then sell it online? Thanks, Jennifer
  15. Thanks for sharing your experience with me. I already have the name and the tax EIN so that's a plus. :o Now I know where to start for distributors. At least now I have direction to go in so I appreciate your support. :lol: I know sometimes people don't like to disclose their secrets, but I want you to know I appriciate your kindness. Thank you so much. Jennifer
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