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  1. Yep, its me. I havent had a chance to do alot lately, the gallery pics are pretty close to current. We moved therefore the last few months have been hectic and since we moved in I have been "adjusting" things that shifted or whatnot during the move on 3 partial houses and the mansion. Hopefully there will be an update soon
  2. Thanks for all the advice I think I am gonna start this tomorrow, I'll take pics along the way
  3. Did I win? Did I? lol, is it the 15th yet?
  4. I have a kitchen that is screaming for a drop ceiling, has anyone made one? If so, how and with what? I am thinking of basswood strips framing the room and for crosspieces then using foam board for the individual ceiling tiles. Will this hold up in your opinion? Any suggestions?
  5. im jealous, but its way too neat, get in there, get it messy. lol
  6. Thanks for all the input, it dfinately will be of a help.
  7. Thanks for thelink and the quick help, I see them, don't know how I didn't before. BTW, I am really liking the cedar shake look I have going so far on the roof, has anyone ever done or seen a cedar shake sided house?
  8. I have been very happy using the "original" Tacky glue for 90% of my work and have just today bought the "try me size, Tacky Pack"at Wallyworld. I was wondering what everyone thought about the "clear", "quick dry", and the "fast grab" versions. I am not sure where I would need them specifically (except the clear for window work) or where I would benefit the most from them. I have no problem having 20 styles of glue if I know they each have a purpose, but I don't want to buy things beyond trial size if they are just gonna make the shelf cluttered and gather dust. Any input would be help
  9. I am building a "Heritage" as well as "Alley's Mansion(BHx2)", and had already decided that the mansion would see asphalt shingle. Now, I have all the shingles that came with the BH up for grabs and decided that they would be perfect shingles to use upside down to get the cedar shake effect I wanted on the Heritage. The only problem is that as I am progressing in the roofing I now know that there aren't enough shingles to do the whole thing. I have looked at many types and styles of shingles available at the local crafts stores and they just won't match. If anyone has the original BH
  10. The worst part of all of it is her "Mansion" is the one I plan on going nuts on a yard and landscaping, the others will be for her enjoyment the mansion will be a couple years away and most likely a showpiece when done. I thought it was gonna be play friendly, but am changing my mind now that she has two in the works that are "normal" dollhouses..... And so far it lives in the basement, lol. We are actually gettting ready to move so i am looking for a bedroom to use solely for these three, (and of course room for the lighthouse/fisherman's cottage up on the hill), and make a 1/12 diar
  11. OMG TY!!!!!!!! :monkeydance: That was the highlight of my day.
  12. I'm sure that tax transfers over to all the "alternative fuel" vehicles. Progress, Make it better, tax it harder.......gotta love it
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