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  1. Miss Elaine

    icecream 052.jpg

    I love penny candy! Good sprinkles for the ice creme!
  2. Miss Elaine

    Edna's Pet Shop

    Created this pet shop many years ago to honor my Aunt Edna. I gave the house to my niece MacKensie. I found it uncared for yesterday and decided to bring it home and fix it up.
  3. Miss Elaine

    Fireplace lit

    Awesome fireplace!
  4. Miss Elaine

    Post Office

    Mailmen are in the family. My grandfather's brother, Herbert Theurer, was the personal mailman to President Roosevelt and delivered a letter from Charles Lindburg. My husband worked in business mail in Boca Raton and my brother-in-law in G'vill.
  5. Miss Elaine

    San Franciscan

    Raine's Chair Museum. This house was as accidental gift from my mother. She bought it to give to my niece, but my niece wanted the house I had already started to build for her. So, mom left the house at my house since she had no room at her house. I claimed possession and moved my collection of chairs into the house. Today Miss Fiona has agreed to be the caretaker of the museum for free rent and I agreed. I will build her a room of her own upstairs.
  6. Miss Elaine


    Dollhouse Inhabitants
  7. Miss Elaine

    Animal Shelter

    Purchased house shell at a show in Florida many years ago. I had so many dogs and cats that I decided to put them in a shelter. Since I love all my pets, I certainly couldn't let anyone adopt them, so it's very full!
  8. Miss Elaine

    Mase's Pub

    Mase's Irish Pub is a bashed McKinley. This is made to resemble Quigley's Tavern where my husband used to hang-up.
  9. I'm glad you defined the cribbage board. I wondered what it was. How cute!
  10. That was fun and now I'm mapped. Where are all the New Yorkers? Am I all alone here? I went back to check and I'm not on the map. Maybe it's trying to erase New York.
  11. My grandfather built a dollhouse from "Scientific American" plans when I was 3 years old. My mother painted on silver windows and we decorated it with cut-outs from magazines. I was making furniture out of cardboard by the time I was 5. I never stopped playing with my dollhouses. I have been building, re-building, giving away, donating and trading ever since. Sometimes I wish I had kept all the house I made. I could have a museum. At least I still have my 56 year old original!
  12. Miss Elaine


    Hi Jeffery, I asked about your avatar before and finally got to see your gallery. I just love this bakery. I really love shadow boxes and with the open front it reminds me of the beautiful German shadow boxes I've seen. Such fun! :idea: Actually this has inspired me to start building some of those shadow boxes that I love so much. Elaine
  13. Miss Elaine


    Reutter Porcelain and display purchased in Germany 2007. Also includes Limoge china and Swartoski crystal and miscellaneous china pieces.
  14. Miss Elaine

    Beacon Hill

    My Beacon Hill A very busy house in the city.
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