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  1. I agree and I think it's worth it.
  2. The pool was heated and the weather was great in Orlando, but the best day was my trip to Ron's Miniatures. I could have spent the whole day there, but I would have been to tempted to keep spending. I also got some good advice on wiring my new East Side Townhouse. I have had alot of trouble with the electric in many of my other houses. They agreed that if houses with thinner wood or houses that are moved around frequently have trouble with shorts with the tape wiring systems. I was advised to use regular wire for my new house. Anyway, a picture of my new toys. The middle is called "farmers brunch" and I love it! Soooo German.
  3. Thank you for sharing this tip. Your house looks great!
  4. I have my McKinley (Mase's Pub) in the TV/bar room and my Beacon Hill in the dining room alcove (that looks like the alcove of the Beacon Hill missing the middle window). I have my Porzellanladen in my china closet in the dining room. I have chalet music box houses in my living room and German & Italian shadow boxes on the living room wall and heading up the stairs. Upstairs I have one bedroom that is all mine. One wall is all shelves for my (many) room boxes and small dollhouses. down the middle of the room is back opening houses so I can walk on both sides. This row includes my San Franciscan, The Royal Tea Room, Emma's Reading Room and Music Loft, and a big house who's name I do not yet know. My Brimble (Theurer's Groceries) is at the end of this row of houses since I can see three sides. The other wall has hanging houses like the Animal Shelter and the Post office :mail: and some Reutter shadow boxes. Under those houses is my work table and my "German House," which sits on a large cabinet that I plan on making into a Christmas house. :o I do have one problem. My room is full and I bought the East Side Townhouse at Ernie's sale. Oh...I just noticed an emply wall next to the china closet in the dining room. Hmmm..... I am planning on taking some more pictures for my gallery. Maybe I'll try to get one of the whole room. I could probably stand on a ladder. I'll see.
  5. Definately go to Ron's in Orlando. It's not really out of your way. I'm making my pilgrimage next week. They have everything! You can spend hours there. Check this web site for other cities: http://www.myminiatures.com/ Scroll down near the bottom and click on the search for a shop botton.
  6. After looking at the prices of Bespaq furniture, I'd be afraid to even touch it, much less reupholster it. It might be easier to change your wallpaper.
  7. Try searching German or Bavarian or Deutsch. I say many full size houses like this in Germany.
  8. What a good idea! That's what I love about this place. Everyone has such great ideas and everyone shares!
  9. Paperclay? I only said this because I just found out what is it.
  10. Thank you! The web site answered my questions! Also, if someone else has the same question, it will probably show up in a search now.
  11. I'm pretty sure the Beacon Hill comes with punch out flat doors for interior and exterior. You will need hinges and doorknobs. The upstairs exterior door is not a door, just a window. I replaced all my doors with purchased premade doors, including the second floor window to the roof. I think I had to do some sanding or cutting to make them fit. It's been a long time since I did my house. Maybe someone else remembers better.
  12. I keep reading about paperclay and I understand what everyone is doing, but I still don't know exactly what it is. I have looked at the great pictures and would like to try using it. Do you make it yourself? Is there a tutorial here somewhere? I did try a search. Do you buy a mix? Is it the same as paper mache? Do you carve it like clay? Thanks for your help.
  13. Great details! Thanks for sharing.
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