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  1. how about using a light weight pleix glass and some U shape brass, designed for use with making model cars and trains, it comes in very small U shapes. than you can paint it to your color you want.
  2. Did you know that Purina has a plant here in Colorado. On a warm breezy day you can smell it cooking from where I live Yum!!!!!!! I have recived a small kitten about a month or so ago it was a wild one has taken us this long to make friends talk about spoild it has a laundry basket full of toys a cat tree that "daddy" made it sleeps with us love to sleep over the top of my head and all through the house it has special places to sleep and watch the birds out of the windows.
  3. paint chips!!!! mat boards for pictures place mats for table scalpup edges round and punch pin holes for doillies use for boxes, hat boxes,
  4. I have pics for my garfield it was a basket case when I built mine take a look
  5. I was playing with some batterie operated seed lights thought that I could use them as single lights took it apart and pluged one in it blowen the fuse so that means the watts or amps was to much for the strip.
  6. That what it looks like to me too, a good thing to do to help that is to water early morning to let the plant dry, water from the bottom so the leaves do not get wet, also to help now spry a mixture of proxcide and water 50/50 this will help clean the leaves and kill the mildew.
  7. We hve a Rockwell store here, its a ways from where I live so its a once every few months thing then hubby tags along makes sure I don't buy to much
  8. Thanks Deb At least I can give it a shot at this end of town all we have really is RS. We also are geeks in the family and we look for new things and places to shop.
  9. What is the name of the shop and where is it at I live here in Co. too and am looking for the little led lights and other parts I am making hula hoops for the grandkids and they want the hoops to light and flash colors. I have the instructions to do this but can't find the parts. I need a big store that might have them. thanks Donna
  10. I did one almost like it out of clay the lamp shade is made of translusent clay shaped over a card stock templete and the body was a clay tube I think there is a picture of it in my gallery
  11. Sorry to hear it lumped this is a shot when you put the bailey's in use the back of a spoon over the glass to lightly pour a layer it on. you can omit the bailey's and use some hotdamm which is cinnamon flavor then it becomes a cinnamon apple
  12. try this 1/2 jigger apple pucker 1/2 butterscotch schnapps, and a dash of bailes cream You now have a carmal apple
  13. i seen a tutoral using a picture from a magazine and iron on a peice of iron-on fabric stablelizer on the top to make it look like fabric.
  14. down spouts on small1/2 scale, faucets, small containers, with a little bugal bead glued on top a sprayl can.
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