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  1. Yes they laped up the attention and cake! They are 1 yr and 2days apartand we threw aparty for them, they loved the people and the gifts...spoiled rotten.
  2. Last day of school! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ready for the break! I am excieted like I was a kid, I went to sleep @ 1:30 and woke up @ 6:00 rearing to go!!!! School's out for the summer, schools out for ever!!!!! No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers dirty looks! (yes that does aooly to other teachers)
  3. Awsome job and congratulations!!!!!
  4. Give me a pint and I'll dance a jig! Ted O'Bear
  5. I like how you "re-centered" the door visually with the mailbox!
  6. You look great, and great together! Holly I always love chatting with you! -Heather
  7. 4miniloves

    Lily kitten

    Oh how cute! Lilly tooks like my childhood cat Tagger (thought at 5 her name was Tiger), she was born a barn cat then we adopted her from the neighbors
  8. 4miniloves


    Love the name!
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