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  1. I am hoping to enter this year. Last years kit did not speak to me at all so I am hoping this one speaks loudly enough that I can ask for it for my birthday. I love that my birthday is so close to the spring fling. :jumping:
  2. I live in southern ontario and there has been hardly any snow at all. I have had to shovel my sidewalk twice all season and then within a day or two it all melted. Totally different from what we are used to.
  3. nechee


    no, they are actually action figures. They were from Todd McFarlane's Metallica.
  4. It has been two whole days. I think we deserve another sneak peek!?! :kicking:
  5. LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!! I can't wait until it comes out. I hope it is not too much. I am asking for it for my birthday which is right around the time that Spring Fling comes out. WOO HOO!!!! It is great that it is finally March.
  6. :lol: Those weeks will fly by. And don't worry about the turning. My son was still head up all the way up until a week before I delivered. My husband nearly went nuts but the time I delivered our last baby. I made him scrub the tub every day after he had a shower because I could not stand the smell of the soap he used.
  7. Will we get a sneak peek like we did last year?
  8. I would say that they are compatible as the bottom house looks almost exactly like the top house. I would say that the shell at the top is the same as the house on the bottom so they would be compatible.
  9. I am so sorry for your unexpected loss. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Big ((((HUGS))))
  10. As I said in the other thread I would prefer 1" scale but I will participate regardless of the scale.
  11. I voted 1" scale because I am horrible at actually making things in 1 inch scale and I think if I tried for 1/2 scale would be worse. I can't wait for Spring FLing regardless of the scale. Fling on!!!!!
  12. I know it is early in the year but I am already looking forward to Spring Fling. I had fun last year making my contest house and receiving the really cute quarter scale version that I already can't wait to start this year. Also if I am thinking about Spring Fling I am reminded that winter is not as long as it seems.
  13. nechee

    Father passing

    I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
  14. I have the same problem too, every time I try to reply to a message. It says the number of quotes does not match up. I just do what you have said Roxxie and Sherry and it works fine.
  15. I completely feel for your daughter. Last year someone broke into our house while we were sleeping. Took my husbands PS3 and games and also some rings of mine. It was horrible because we were all sleeping. My son is still traumatized over it. My husband still won't wake up in the morning by himself, he gets me up to wait for him while he is in the shower. We got an alarm system shortly after that. It has door alarms and window alarms and a motion sensor. If someone moves in the house when there is not supposed to be movement the alarm will go off. Getting door security bars are a great idea but I also suggest an alarm system.
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