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  1. I have a staircase question. My Brambleberry Cottage (formerly the front opening Victorian) comes with 10" ceilings. This is not arbitrary - that's how high the dividers were. I thought I could use my old Hofco house staircases for it, but like RGT, I found out that when I run the stairs from the bottom of the floor to the top of the floor above (up inside the stairwell), the distance the staircase needs to go up is 10 3/8". And all my old staircases, while saying they fit a 10" ceiling, in reality fit only a 9 5/8" ceiling. If you measure any RGT house room height from the bottom of
  2. It's going to be 89 here. I think Imma move to Maine. Two more days of hot weather before summer gives it up and heads out for the year. This weekend it's supposed to be in the 60s and maybe we'll finally get some rain!
  3. Ah, well. It was worth a try. I wouldn't give them up either. LOL
  4. Er, Matt, if you want to thin out the herd a little, drop me a PM if you want to sell that Fantasy Island house.
  5. Yep, that's pretty close to what I make, except I only use 3/4 cup of breadcrumbs and the milk. I don't like a glaze on mine, so I don't do that part. I split my meatloaf into 3 sections when it's done and then freeze 2 of them, so I don't really slice mine. I have no idea if it really crumbles that much. It's moist enough and tastes good, and that's all I care about. But I do want to change the taste of the meatballs, though. Thank you for sharing your recipe, though, I think I'll try using that brown sugar next time and see how I like it. Tonight I have hamburger thawed for
  6. Way to go, Matt! I couldn't remember seeing it at all. Looks like the 5th edition will be the catalog I'll be getting next. LOL
  7. I thought about getting Christy's Cottage, but when I could find it, the price was way out of my range. I think it may still be on Amazon. Anyway, when I saw the HW front opening Victorian for sale, I decided to turn that into a Christy's Cottage instead. So I did, for about half the price. LOL
  8. That's pretty close to how I made mine. I added some Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, and liquid smoke, plus put in the rest of the Parmesan cheese and minced garlic. I may leave all those out next time and just use the Romano cheese. I'm thinking I would like my meatballs to have more plain, tomatoey taste. Now do you soak your breadcrumbs in milk? I've read for a moist meatloaf, you put about equal parts milk and breadcrumbs in a bowl and let the breadcrumbs soak up all the milk before you add it to meat mix, so they don't soak up all the moisture in your meatloaf while it's cooking.
  9. I don't know that I would expose the dollhouse to dampness like that. That could cause your walls to warp. Of course, a Chihuahau peeing on it might do the same thing. LOL
  10. Sharon, is she a Munchkin cat? http://animalia-life.com/munchkin-cat.html Well, I WAS working on my dollhouse today - on the stairs, to be precise. First I set up the table in my room so I don't have to work on my bed. To save room, my bed is just the mattress on the box spring on the floor and when I'm sitting on the bed (no chair), I found the table comes up to about my chin. Soooo.....moving on, I also realized all my saws were at Lisa's for the Glencroft. Shelve that project. Then I started taking apart a few stair steps I had glued together.
  11. Michelle - MLIDesigns. Sheesh! I should have remembered that right off. Thanks, guys! Yes, that house is gorgeous. Sable, I don't think they even make a Christy's Cottage anymore. You're lucky you got one.
  12. Not too bad at all. But it tasted like meatloaf in spaghetti sauce. So I think I'm going to work on the taste a bit and maybe not throw as much stuff into the meat next time - maybe cut down some on the breadcrumbs. I think that will also help to make the meatballs a little firmer. Some of them did break up, but overall, I certainly got the texture I wanted. I also think next time I will broil them until almost done and then not leave them in the crock pot for so long. I had them on high for 3 1/2 hours. One thing I liked was broiling them to get all the grease off. My sauce in the cr
  13. The easy way to remember the SF dollhouses is: 1st version has an upper porch roof and no side windows on the double bay under the right gable. 2nd version (my favorite) has no upper porch roof and windows all around on all the bays. Both of these are made by sliding the siding into grooved channels. 3rd version has no upper porch roof and windows all around the bays, but although it has the same porch trim as the 2nd version, it lacks the tower trim of the 2nd version. It's also made of 3/8" MDF. The one shown in Amanda's post if the first version
  14. Can you post a closeup picture of the two doors in the front? I have a hunch they're Timberbrook doors and if so, they haven't been made in a long time. If that's the case, you may be able to sell them on eBay for maybe $10 to $20 apiece. The windows also look like they're worth keeping if you can get them all off in one piece. You know, styrofoam isn't that bad. Have you seen Mary's Dollhouses? All of her houses are made out of foamcore. It might also be possible to break the walls down and use them as patterns for cutting out wood to recreate the house. All I can say is, good thing
  15. Meatballs tonight! My goal was to get the soft, fall apart tender meatballs that Stouffer's puts in their Spaghetti and Meatballs frozen dinner, and I may just have accomplished that. I had a meatball recipe, but me being me, had to bash it. So I made it basically the same way I make meatloaf. Then I put the mixture in the fridge for the flavors to meld and to be easier to roll out into balls. After a couple of hours, I rolled out the meatballs (I got 40 of them) and put them on a tray and broiled them for about 10 minutes to get all the grease out of them. Then I took a couple of jar
  16. Matt, Melissa and Doug made dollhouses for children that are preprinted inside and out. I really don't know what they're made of, but one of our members recently did over one of their houses and did a beautiful job on it. I have the name on the tip of my tongue and I just can't remember exactly who it is, but she posted some pictures just a couple of days ago. It was the house with the built in seats on either side of the front door. I think it's the pink Victorian that she did. The other thing Melissa and Doug did was to buy House That Jack Built. Now those were/are some very good qu
  17. I wanted (and got) a large attic so I could put all the miniatures in that I would use in other houses (eventually). Saves on storage.
  18. No kidding! And that's just ONE day of my life! LOL The elevator is still not fixed and I'm staying home today.
  19. That one would take some rehabbing, poor thing. I'm not crazy about the brick and I'd for sure replace those hinges with piano hinges.
  20. Well, you can bring what Lisa and I forgot when we went to pick up a Joseph Angel house,which, by the way, will not fit into a Hyundai Elantra: A hammer for knocking it apart. Remembering that experience, make that a large hammer.
  21. AAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH! I got back from the store and instead of listening to JA, I almost jumped out the window! First of all, the store I'm going to is about 6 miles away, as the crow flies. Make it about 10 miles when you account for going around the water and it feels like 50 after you deal with all the people in this county who DON'T KNOW HOW TO DRIVE!!!!!!! So first I go to the Money Tree to pull $12 off my VISA card. I find out they're closed on Sunday. The next nearest Money Tree is about 15 miles in the opposite direction, so I decide I'll just use the c
  22. I have been up for an hour and now I'm getting ready to go to the grocery store. It's 3 in the afternoon and yes, you read that correctly, I've been up an hour. I went to bed at 2am last night (or morning), tossed and turned and finally at 3am I took a sleeping tablet. At 3:30 our fire alarm went off, so I got up and evacuated with everyone else. Note: for the last two days we've had severe heat warnings and record-breaking temps. But it was supposed to cool down for today, Well, that cooling took effect at about 3am last night. The wind came up and the marine layer moved in and we we
  23. Simon, just go to the top left hand corner of this page and under 'Browse', you'll see 'Forums'. Click that and you should find a page that gives you all the sections of this forum. There you'll see New Member Introductions and if you scroll a little further down, you'll see 'General Mini Talk'. Here is a link that will take you to a site where you can resize your pictures: http://www.online-image-editor.com/ If you have problems using that, you can PM me for help. To PM me, just hover over my username on the upper left hand side of this post and you'll see a box com
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