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    OK. Horse. Want. Is that a Breyer?
  2. Emily, I know I've read Pioneer Girl at least twice and I think I've read the other book as well. I'm more interested in Laura's life as she was growing up. So many biographies seem to focus on her relationship with her daughter, though. Deborah, my grandparents had a farm in Okabena, MN. It's also not too far from Walnut Grove. I wish I had gone through there when I was in Minnesota, but I sort of got suckered into visiting friends in Bemidji (which was fine) and headed north instead of south when I left the Twin CIties.
  3. This is totally not dollhouse related, but absolutely fascinating. To me, anyway. I've read and reread the Little House books for years. I've read everything I can find about Laura Ingalls WIlder and I thought I knew just about everything about her life. Turns out there's a lot of things I didn't know. Did you guys know Carrie, her little sister, loved traveling and did so whenever she could? There's another person I hadn't considered and that was Laura's husband, Almanzo Wilder. I got interested in him simply because I've always been interested in horses and I wante
  4. I agree. There was a similar one called the Holly Homeplace or Holly Hobby house as well. Here's a link to it on Ebay. I think it's a little larger and there are no side windows. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Holly-Hobbie-Homeplace-dollhouse-1-12-scale-wood-good-condition-assembled/362639080064?hash=item546ef93a80:g:i~QAAOSwLzFczLl0
  5. You're welcome! Before you pick the house up, you might want to mention to the seller that the house is supposed to have additions. He may have them lying around and not know what they belong to. You can add the additions on if you want, but you might want to change a few things as long as you have the room. For instance, you might want to add a sunroom to one side and a laundry room or pantry to the other side. Or even wrap the porch around the side as well. I always figure if there is one person who has kept and decorated the original house the way it's supposed to
  6. The house came with both additions on it as far as I know. I'm pretty sure they weren't kits. Although one time I do remember talking to someone who had a Joseph Angel house for sale in Seattle and he swore up and down he got it as a kit. He may have meant unfinished. It's missing that one roof piece, so maybe someone started to take it apart. Those houses were put together using long staples and let me tell you, it's a royal pain in the as - a royal pain to get those things out. I wouldn't be surprised if someone started breaking it down and quit. Have you checked the bottom of the h
  7. I agree that it looks a lot like the Elliott Bay without the side additions. With the tower, however, those were usually removable so they could be decorated easily. It would be a simple thing to put the tower back so the door was in a different position.
  8. *sighs* Ah, well. But congratulations on your purchase! *high five*
  9. You're welcome! Although I have to admit, no detective skills were needed. I just have a bunch of catalogs that have dollhouses listed in them. Thank you for the pictures. I'd say that was definitely the Batrie Heritage. And those look like two of the columns in front. The smoke alarm is on the opposite wall across from the oven, maybe about 5 feet diagonally. I hope I'm only going to be here another month, though, so I'm not going to stress about it too much.
  10. You wouldn't say that if you lived with my smoke alarm. I'm not kidding you - every time I open a hot oven (the smoke alarm is in the kitchen), it goes off. I've hit the thing with a heavy towel until it started beeping quietly. It still responds to tests and new batteries with loud shrieks, but then when I hit it again, it'll quiet down. I'm a night person and often I'll be having supper at 10pm or later. I really can't have the entire floor waking up every time I heat up a frozen meal. They probably didn't test because they have about 100 rooms and apartments here to replace the bat
  11. OK, I am tentatively going to ID your Southern Mansion house as a Batrie dollhouse called The Heritage. Real Good Toys picked up some of the Batrie models but I'm not sure they're still making or selling any. The Newport and the Bostonian were two Batrie models. Anyway, I'm basing the ID on the photo you have. Your house has the dip in the top trim and the four squares underneath the trim where the four columns are supposed to go. I can't tell from the back whether the house in my catalog has a cut-off slant to the back of the roof, but I've seen other Batrie houses and they do includ
  12. Darn, I'm sorry. I totally forgot I was going to look through my catalogs for that other house. Yesterday the guys were here to check the CO monitor and change batteries in the smoke alarms. Tomorrow they'll be here to check if the smoke alarms all work (I don't know why I have to be here for that - all I have to do is bake something in my oven and the whole floor knows my alarm works). But I have today free (no cleaning required), so I'll see what I can do. *raises hand* *volunteers to take the $20 bill* By the way, your brass beds look really nice. You should be able to sel
  13. I tend to buy a lot of dollhouses on Craig's List. Sometimes Lisa goes with me and sometimes I go alone. Twice I've gone to people's houses and picked up the house in the garage. Once, I was so late (because I got so lost) that the wife had to leave and it was her husband who asked me to come into their house to get the dollhouse. Yeaaaahh, sometimes you just have to go with your gut feeling and mine said it was OK, so I followed him in. He ended up showing me his wife's "dollhouse room" which was like a mini-shop of dollhouses and supplies. Be still my beating heart! As an aside, I'm
  14. Victorian Times Miniatures houses were designed by Clell Boyce. I have no idea if he was employed by the company or actually owned it. Someone here knows a whole lot more about the company than I do. Kathie B maybe? Anyway, they would be the ones to answer that question. Pat and Noel Thomas designed, built, and sold their own houses. At one point, one of their houses was sort of mass built and sold in a store in Seattle by Ray Uhr, owner of Mr. Peepers. That store is now closed. You SOLD the shell for the Lacamas Lake house? AAHHHHHHHHHHHHH *runs screaming from the room*
  15. They're all Clell Boyce houses - he designed them. The main difference between the Josiah Golden house and the Joseph Angel house is at the front door and entry. The Josiah Golden house has the front door in a bay window-like entry and the Joseph Angel house is a straight entry and also has two doors, one into the dining room and one into the living room. The roof lines are also different. The Joseph Angel has a staggered roof line, while the Josiah Golden house has a roof line that is all one height. I think the Josiah Golden house also has the center section sticking out beyond the
  16. Are the front door and the dormers part of the original kit? Because I'm thinking it's a Duracraft kit of some sort.
  17. Hahaha! I remember the time Lisa and I went to get a dollhouse and we spent a couple hours hammering off the roof, the sides, and everything else to get it to fit in my car. And we still had it half hanging out the back on the drive home. We have 50 room inspections a year where I live. OK, not anywhere near 50, but still a lot. I've been yelled at so many times because of my dollhouses that I've sold almost all of them and the few small kits I have (bay window, trailer kit) are stuck under the sofa. Lisa's cottage that she gave me, my shadowbox, and the Rose shop are
  18. Give it to him as a birthday present with a card saying you'll donate your time to fix it up. PS I'll take the S/W Fantasy House off your hands. It won't cost you much, I promise. LOLOLOL
  19. If the default doesn't get you a bunch, just click on the 200. That should bring all of them up.
  20. I just picked up another dollhouse. It's the Duracraft Alexandria and it was listed on Offerup for only $40. As soon as I move to my lot, I'm going to pull the box out and make sure all the parts are there (opened box) and then list it on eBay. I drove about 50 miles to get it, then drove cross country to get to Long John Silver's, then drove home another 40 or so miles. I left at 1pm and just now rolled home and except for stopping at LJS and picking up the dollhouse, I've been driving the entire time (except when I was sitting in traffic). I am so wiped out. The days of taking a qui
  21. That's handmade by someone. Is there a signature or anything on the bottom?
  22. I don't know what the first house is (the Cape Cod), but it's such a generic design, it might be hard to find out. The second house, the blue one, is an S/W Crafts kit without the roof. I can't remember exactly what it's called and it seems to me it had two names during its lifetime. The third house was a Southern Mansion at one time and there seems to be enough detail on it that it might be ID'd. If I have time over the next couple of days, I'll look through my catalogs and see what I can find.
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