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  1. Emily, I need to ask, do you know if there's a difference between Victorian Times in Utah and Victorian Times Miniatures? I know Victorian Times Miniatures was located in Oregon for a number of years and it seems to me they were once in Utah as well. Did Victorian Times just move out to Oregon and add to their name? I'm wondering if Ron Clanton was a designer like Ray Uhr was. The Elliott Bay I had was signed by Clell Boyce. So....I'm confuzzled. Suzi, if the stores are one and the same, then you might have something kind of rare. I've never seen anything but Victorian houses marketed
  2. Um, Kells, those are both Lawbre staircases in your post. The first one is their regular curved staircase and the second one is their fancy curved staircase. I don't know why the seller said Classic in her ad. Either she didn't know it was a Lawbre (some people just do a search for curved staircase and Classic will come up) or she's simply saying its a classic curved staircase. The difference is in the curve. The Classics curved staircases makes a 45° turn from top to bottom. The Lawbre staircase gives you just a little extra turn. With a Classics staircase, you start down the stairca
  3. And on top of everything else, I think - hard to tell from the picture - but I think you got a Lawbre curved staircase.
  4. Have you checked the bottom of the house for any signatures or names? It's not familiar to me but you know, the first thing I thought of when I saw it was that it was one of those dollhouses made in England.
  5. Gorgeous! And I love that color, too.
  6. I believe that house was built from a plan book.
  7. I don't know about the half scale, but I know the 12th scale is fairly easy to put together. And the wood is beautiful - birch plywood.
  8. Actually, most medium sized dollhouses are 32" to 33" wide. But you're right - finding a place to display them is always a problem. Especially if you want people to see both the front and the back. I have a 48" cabinet to put a larger dollhouse on. Unfortunately, it's only about 14" deep, so any dollhouse I put on it will probably overhang it. Which isn't a bad thing unless you're me. Being as clumsy as an ox, I know the first thing I'll do is knock it over. *sigh* ------------------------------------------------------- So I know the Mayfair kitchens are somewhat popular. I d
  9. Hey! You have the sink to my stove and fridge! LOL I pulled the little knobs out and repainted both of these. One of these days I guess I have to sand them. By the way, have you thought about putting a small shelf under the sink just above the floor and then stocking it with things like a tin bowl, a box of soap flakes, and other stuff? You could still put a little curtain there, but have it pulled back to see the items.
  10. Here's a couple I found: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mALTsnF2XRU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlBUfCgtKU8
  11. Holly, you know I've always wanted to tell you this. I think you have an evil, suspicious, cynical mind.
  12. At some point I was going to add the Simplicity (with its addition) onto my Hofco house to get all the rooms I wanted. The more I think about it and the more I think about how long it would take me to decorate all that, and taking into consideration how old I am, I'm starting to think small house now. In fact, I'm seriously thinking of cutting the Simplicity down to make a 4-room Cape Cod cottage out of it. I'm asking myself if I really need a formal dining room (no), more than 1 bedroom or bath (no), a library (no), a sunroom, an attic, or a laundry room (still thinking about it). Of
  13. My sleep habits are now go to bed at 5am, get up at noon or 1pm. Except for this morning. A couple of months ago, the bottom of my window fell off and left the gigantic pane hanging by a thread. So my window got fixed and now all the windows in the building had to be inspected starting at 10am this morning. So at 8am, I'm up and doing the dishes, sweeping the floor, dusting, moved my bed up (it's right in front of the window), and finally took a shower (yeah, I could've done most of this yesterday). The guys walked in 5 minutes later and told me they didn't need to inspect my window b
  14. I woke up late and just puttered around, then went to the top of the hill of the cemetery and watched the fireworks. I almost didn't go this year and I don't think I'll go next year. It's just gotten kind of boring.
  15. They had pictures of real life sized sofas and chairs. When you click on the link, then click on View Original Item (on the right) and then scroll down. You'll see the original auction.
  16. I just seeing this for the first time. I think the bottles hanging from the tree would keep me away. Did anyone notice the blood on the edges of the glass of the broken window? Ewwww!
  17. I used to show my models when I lived in the Bay Area and at one time, I could have pointed someone to at least five or more people who made harness for their horses. Unfortunately, the PNW doesn't have too many shows and the price of a good show horse has gone through the roof, so I haven't been in the community for almost 20 years. I always find out how much I don't know when I'm trying to help someone, though. *sigh* I'll add here just in case: I may not know much about the newer horses, but I have a comprehensive book on models up to about the year 2000. Not just the soft
  18. You might try this group: http://www.modelhorseblab.com/forums/ There used to be a group I belonged to called Haynet and at one time they were the biggest group of collectors online. Haynet moved to Yahoo groups: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Haynet/info This is a dumb question, but have you tried eBay? I've looked on eBay for a number of books that I thought were long gone and surprise! there they were. Sometimes at a cost I couldn't afford, however. LOL I'm really only knowledgeable about the horses and even there, I've lost track of all the
  19. That's the one I was thinking of. I love that house. I wouldn't say what you're doing is drama. I have a lot of photos saved of dollhouses that come from Craig's List ads and Pinterest and even here because I admire the work or because I want to save a detail so I don't forget it. I started saving these photos long before I knew about copyrights and many times I couldn't even find who created the dollhouse or took the photo. Although it's sort of like shutting the barn door after the horse gets out, I don't post any of those photos anywhere unless someone is actively asking f
  20. Kelly, is your red house a front opening saltbox Colonial with a long sloping roof behind it and and two rooms deep with the back rooms being one long ground floor room across the back? Or is it just a regular Colonial like the Jefferson with a roof covering just the attic? Because if it's a saltbox Colonial, here's what may have happened. Those houses were built from plans and I still see a lot of them around, mostly painted red because the plans showed red houses. This man may have just built the house (or a similar one) from plans, and then sold it or gave it away once it was done.
  21. And in trying to clear things up, I made things muddier. What I typed was not correct: In other words, there were three children: Ezekiel, Thankful, and Luke. Thankful was the mother of Justin Morgan (the teacher) and Luke was the father of Justin Morgan's wife. Ezekiel was the grandfather of Justin Day II, who was Angelina Day's grandfather. That last word should read "father". It should be: In other words, there were three children: Ezekiel, Thankful, and Luke. Thankful was the mother of Justin Morgan (the teacher) and Luke was the father of Justin Morgan's wife.
  22. According to my mom, you would have blinked and missed it. When she was growing up there in the 30s and 40s, it was a pretty large small town with two grocery stores and everything else. Now it's sort of gone by the wayside. One day I'd like to go to Okabena and see the old family farm. I just found out not too long ago that the Okabena graveyard was an acre donated to the town out of my great grandparents' original farm. And that they were founding members of the Lutheran church there way back when. So I could go see that and then make a jog north and check out Walnut Grove.
  23. You're welcome! If you could afford the possible loss, for that much money for that house I'd offer to just send cash. You could also send the cash by Priority mail or Fed Ex overnight, but don't tell the shipping companies you're sending cash. Just tell them you're sending business documents. You might even hammer out a deal with the seller. You pay the price for the house, he sends it, when you receive it, you then send the shipping amount. It might work.
  24. So here are my picks of the day. Super sales on rare, nice houses: Denver Celerity Lady Kathleen https://denver.craigslist.org/for/d/arvada-beautiful-mansion-8-room-doll/6879048728.html Littleton, CO Lace house This one is missing some interior walls, but those could be replaced https://denver.craigslist.org/clt/d/littleton-collector-victorian-doll-house/6878568810.html Colorado Springs The Southern Plantation limited edition by Model Homes. As it's in boxes maybe he'll ship it. https://cosprings.craigslist.
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