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    That's just lovely!
  2. I'd have to be able to get into the forest to rake it. LOL A while back, I was driving down the road and a deer was in front of me. He kept trying to jump into the brush on either side, but it was too thick even for him. He ended up jumping into someone's front yard. That's how bad the brush is. All that brush around the trees in the following pictures is just impenetrable. On the other hand, it the brush wasn't behind the trees in front of the lot, I'd be seen from the road. So there's that as well. Anyhoo, I went up to the lot yesterday and while I wasn't happy about some things tha
  3. Yup, unfortunately, all those dang trees are on my lot. I would like to clear my lot of all the trees if I could. If you look at the bottom picture on my September 15 post above, you can see the outline of my property in red. If I clear all my trees off, there will still be a ring of trees around 3 sides of my lot because they're on the other lots. And on the 4th side (the south side), that's where the sun comes in, so I wouldn't mind it if there were no trees there at all. There's a ton of brush under the trees. I will need to eventually clear that out by machine or goat, so I can ev
  4. Quick update: I decided to leave my computer on through the end of October and just eat the early termination fee. That was mainly because I couldn't resist the nearly 30 hours of jumping competitions in 4 days this last weekend. Schedule went as follows: bed at 2am, up at 6am to see show, back to bed at 9am after show, up at 11 to see another show, back to bed at 2pm, up at 5pm for another show. For the last 3 days. Zowie! The trailer is gone, finally! The water was supposed to be done on the 23rd, but it wasn't. Then I called and the guy promised to finish it on the 30th. I
  5. I've lived in so many old trailers I've developed a perverse love for them now. I've always wanted to make an old trailer, complete with the louvered windows and paneling. So I'll really be watching your project and enjoying every minute.
  6. I think you might be able to sell it to your husband as an investment. Tell him you plan on reselling it for about $500. Just don't tell him when you plan on selling it.
  7. Wow, I didn't expect people to be so worried! Thank you so much for your concern. If it helps any, my mom thinks I'm nuts, too. Yes, I have a trailer on the lot. What happened was that the guy who was supposed to bring in the water actually met me on the lot and agreed to do the work by the end of September. Remember, this is the guy who took a year and a half to mow this lot. That sort of caught me flat footed - I was expecting him to put me off until next year. And of course, now it's raining like h e double hockey sticks, so he may still not be able to put the water in nex
  8. You know, on a cooking forum I am on, there are two stickied threads, one titled Going MIA and one titled The Sick Room, so people who are going to be gone or are having health problems can post ahead of time. One of the long time posters there recently died and if there hadn't been a place to post that, a lot of people, including me probably, would have missed the notice. I would also like to remind everyone here that we really are a family of sorts and it would be really appreciated if everyone could find someone who would post here and let us know if something happens to them. It d
  9. For those of you who aren't familiar with the Pacific Northwest, thunderstorms are pretty rare up here, even in spring. So last Saturday night, we not only had thunder and lightning, we had a lightning storm. Something like 8 strikes a minute. This went on for a couple hours. They were hitting transformers, trees, houses, you name it. A game got temporarily stopped, the fair closed early, and streets were flooded. So what are we doing tonight? Watching thunder and lightning again. In September! This is one for the books.
  10. Lisa, I'm actually pretty thrilled to be out of here. I wanted to move June before last. So I'm already a year behind and I'm not getting any younger. Thank you, Holly. This year when Lisa_F invites me over for Christmas, she may have to get the cops to shove me out the door again. LOL
  11. I have an RGT Simplicity dollhouse with an addition for sale as well if anyone is interested. I bought this one on eBay and while it's not in the original box, it is still boxed up and I haven't opened it. Likewise for the addition. This might be the small addition or the larger addition, I haven't checked yet. But you can buy either the house or the addition or both together.
  12. After a lot of fits and starts, I FINALLY met the contractor who is going to put the water in on my lot on Tuesday. He also wants to bulldoze, level, and terrace my lot and he will bring in 2 tons of crushed rock for a driveway as long as he has his machines up there. He thinks the water will be in by the 23rd and the rest done by the end of the month. Naturally, this is all costing more than I had planned for (and have), but he will let me pay it off per month. I will say, I've had other people up there to see about getting gravel in for the trailer and his costs are more than reasonable.
  13. Well, it looks like the Highland and the Alexandria have been spoken for.
  14. Both kits are new in the box and the boxes have not been opened. The Hofco Americana should include all windows, doors, staircases, and certificate. The price is "up there" (think one box of the RGT Queen Anne +), but I am offering free shipping on it. The Artply HIghland kit is much more reasonably priced, but I am asking for shipping on that one. If you decide you want it, I can always figure out the shipping and let you know what it is. If neither of them sell here in a week, I will put them on eBay, but I'd rather our members got a shot at them first. I
  15. I generally don't like tattoos, but yours is definitely making me rethink my opinions on them. I really like it!
  16. As you all know by now, Photobucket is charging for access to everyone's account. The free account is some ridiculously low number of photos and over the years I accrued somewhere between 2500 and 3000 photos there. Naturally, my account was "restricted". It wouldn't even let me in without making me buy one month's worth of service. So last week I did a runaround and sneaked into my account (without paying - yeah, I know it's only $4.99 for one month, but I'm cheap) and started downloading all my dollhouse photos to my computer. Pretty much everything else I deleted. But tonight I jus
  17. Oh, I love that house in that book. I can't wait till you finish yours!
  18. Now that I've seen there's more than one of those dollhouses, I'm sure it's made by a company. I don't think it's Walmer, though. The tops of the windows look like a Crafco house, but as far as I know, that company only made two variations of a house (Cape Cod and Southern Mansion type) and those were made out of 1/8" plywood. Unfortunately, all my catalogs are put away and I won't be unpacking them anytime soon (there's another full treatment coming up again next Tuesday). Kells is right, though, if it has silk screened windows, it's not homemade. What I know about dollhouses is wha
  19. Kells, I'm going to go with Batrie on the gambrel roof one and also for the other one. I saw one catalog on top in a box and took a shot and opened it up. I didn't expect to find anything because it's the 2nd edition catalog, but there is a Batrie house in there with a gambrel roof. The size on it was 25"H x 30"W x 14"D. I can't tell if the house came with any components, but it does say the openings will fit Houseworks components. It had built in siding and no picture of the back. Floors and room dividers were said to be completely removable if you ordered the house assembled. It was called t
  20. From what I can tell, they're only treating my room. Now that sucks because if I have an infestation, then for sure both rooms on either side of me do, too. What's worse is that I did a load of wash today. Went back to take my clothes out of the dryer and found them all slightly damp, even though they'd been in there for 70 minutes. And I didn't have any more quarters. So I'm hanging clothes up when I notice a huge bedbug on my supposedly clean shirt. This bedbug is still alive after a hot water wash and 70 minutes in a medium hot dryer. I am so ticked. Generally, bedbugs will die aft
  21. How did we miss this? https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/art/d/san-jose-doll-house-large-wooden-doll/6948867572.html
  22. I got one of the fancy ones for only $40 once because the seller didn't know what she had. And I was mean enough not to tell her. I'm still ashamed of that. Sort of.
  23. Well, I'd lean to RGT for both of them. However, I have to warn everyone WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! that my so-called expertise in IDing dollhouses is about to end. There are bedbugs in my room again and this time they're in the books. So every one of my million books and magazines and catalogs are in plastic bins, sprayed with bedbug killer, and sealed with duct tape. I won't be opening those for at least 6 months to a year. Can we all scream together here? AAAARRRRRRGGGHHHHHHHHH! Now you guys know why I can't wait to move out into my car. Just about anything is b
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