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  1. IF I ever get off the computer, I'm gonna grab some breakfast and then put out the mail and then do bills - OH, you meant dollhouse wise! Well, let's see, I'm going to cut the arches for the adobe porch today and then fill in all the spaces from the recuts I did with the windows and doors. And then trim the vigas. That should take till my light all vanishes.
  2. With all the talk about not going to ebay and the alternate sites, I decided to try Craigslist this morning. I found: a Noel Thomas shell offered for $700 another huge (43 x 23 x43) Victorian shell with a tower that I don't recognize for $195 a Walmer Victorian Mansion - the one with 5 floors and 13 rooms that opens from the front - fully decorated, electrified and furnished - for $800 and somewhere (I was too stunned to notice exactly) a little Willowcrest completely put together for only $100. Not to mention th
  3. Don't forget - that pattern comes in both half inch and one inch scale. Make sure you get the right size!
  4. I love porches - I'd add a porch to an outhouse, so of course I say YES! Won't your toenail grow back though? :yes:
  5. rodentraiser


    That's an American Crafts Products Queen Anne. It was made in both 1" and 1/2" scale. Someone has mixed an ACP front door with Houseworks windows. The bay on the side is usually a small, square bay window and it's been replaced it with an ACP round bay window instead. Looks good! I love this house - I've always wanted one and the only one I ever saw for sale was already put together and cost way beyond what I could afford. I should add that it's supposed to have a door on the back as well - it's a house that was totally enclosed.
  6. The Barrington is - was - by Artply. And Jeff, the pics I'm sending you also have pictures of the insides as well. I'd kill for the Beaumont - yep, listen up here, Greenleaf!
  7. The next time someone says they rehabbed a house, my hat is off to you! I don't think I ever want to do that again! Just getting the trim off - wow! Much more work than just putting one together.
  8. I always wanted a white house so....no problem there for me! :thumb:
  9. Which just goes to show that no matter how looney your non-dollhouse friends think you are, you can always find a more inspirational example!
  10. I've seen a few on ebay, but they go as fast as they're posted. There is both a single pocket door and a double pocket door. I was hoping to get one for my little powder room that is going to go off the laundry room. When all you have is 6 x 6 sq inches to make into both rooms, you can't waste space on a swinging door! OH! I just had a thought! Timberbrook does make sliding closet doors. Maybe you could use these for a pocket door.
  11. Oh yes! I have a miniature catalog from 1991 somewhere with a big color catalog of all the Artply houses. The Barrington was the big Victorian, about the size of the Garfield. They always showed it done in yellow. The layout was a lot like the Garfield and the Pierce - an L shape, I think. I remember I always liked the layout of the first and second floors, but I wasn't crazy about the attic area. I wish I had a scanner - I would be more than happy to post a picture of it f I could. Maybe someone else has a picture they can post.
  12. Thank you again for the warm welcomes!
  13. I just love these houses.
  14. I know a lot of people aren't going on ebay right now, but if and when you go back, they have finally done what we've wanted them to do for so long: they've split the miniatures sections up into rooms - kitchen, livingroom, bedroom, etc. I don't know about the rest of you, but this has been a long time coming for me - I love to look at just the houses and I get so tired of having to page through other miniature items in that category that are NOT houses, put there because the sellers know their stuff will get lost in the big jumble of just the Miniatures section.
  15. I am so happy to find that other people have more than one dollhouse at a time. Absolutely no one that I know even likes dollhouses and they think only kids play with them. Seeing me with just two or three made everyone think I was a nutcase. I can't tell you all how happy I am to come here and be normal!
  16. I tried telling everyone that dollhouses in boxes are "investments" and I got away with that for a long time - until I started to open said boxes and drag out pieces of wood. Then I used the excuse that I was just making sure all the pieces were there before I sold my "investment". That bought me another week. :o
  17. I don't think I can stand the thought, actually. This was the second version of the San Fran. You know how the siding slides down into the posts and then on the inside you have those gaps between the posts so you can't run baseboard or moulding around the room? Well, I got some 1/8 board and cut - yes, cut! - pieces to fit in between the posts for every single inside surface, which brought the walls flush with the posts and basically made the house 1/4 inch thick throughout. Hours of work and I gave that house away because there was no room in the truck when I moved! Now I know
  18. No, unfortunately, I never had a camera or computer until a couple of years ago. In fact, the only house I have pictures of is the one I'm bashing now. The house is floating around in San Jose somewhere - I finished off the attic and the top floor and then gave it away to a friend to give to one of her friends 7 years ago because I was moving up to Washington. I'm sure it's loved somewhere, but I wish now I had kept it.
  19. I spent 5 hours today totally destroying my little Washington kit. I took off the roof, the porch, all the window and door trim and the center divider. All the windows and doors were recut and I made 24 little holes to fit the vigas into (it's going to be a Spanish Adobe house). Tomorrow I'm cutting arches for the porch. It looks sort of good, if you look at it from far away and squint a lot.
  20. I got way too carried away with the attic room in the San Fran. First of all, I recut the floor larger so I could lower it and make a larger attic. I had a piece of brick wallpaper and put that in the back and then used the J. Hermes 1940 newspaper looking wallpaper for the sides. Then I put little beams up the sides to a main beam at the very top. I wanted it to look as if the attic hadn't changed since the day the house was built. I stained the beams a dark walnut and also put in a dark walnut floor. It would have looked real nice if you hadn't needed a flashlight to see anything in th
  21. Oh my Lord! I thought you guys were talking about the shingles you get after you have chickenpox. That caught my eye because I just had them. Well, let's see, shingles - I've heard you can dye them by shaking them in a coffee can with stain. On my first little house, I just glued them all to the roof and then used a shoe polish applicator to stain them. That worked pretty well.
  22. It's so neat to meet you all! I'm in Washington state. If anyone is from the Seattle area, maybe I'll see some of you at the Seattle miniature show next month!
  23. I don't have any solution, but I sure am glad I'm not the only one who does this. Personally, I don't believe a dollhouse is properly baptised unless it's been blooded at least once!
  24. That is a beautiful house. I think I saw it in one of the old miniature catalogs from about 30 years ago and the asking price on it then was over $300. I've seen it on ebay a couple of times but it was always pick up only. Oh, well.
  25. Hi everyone! I've been kicking around the ebay community for a while and I probably know some of you. I recognize Steve from PA already. Today someone dropped off an old Greenleaf Washington kit that they'd had in their garage forever, so I'm going to try to fix it up a little. I'm going to take the roof and attic off and try to make it into a Spanish adobe house. We'll see how that goes. Meantime, I'm enjoying the gallery - you guys are awesome. I can't believe how talented everyone here is! Kelly
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