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  1. Oh, I'll certainly be asking questions - my biggest problem is I'll do something in a way guaranteed to be the hardest or longest or most expensive way possible, but I won't even think to ask about it and I won't find out until after I'm completely done. Yup, a day late and a dollar behind, that's me!
  2. I understand that perfectly. In fact, I'm beginning to understand population density per square inch right now - my next dollhouse will have to go on top of this one - maybe I can make a mini mountainside against one livingroom wall and stagger the dollhouses on it. Course, the couch will have to go.....
  3. It's a game? OK, now c'mon, I already have 3 forums, ebay and Pogo to attend to after I get home from work, not to mention StumbleUpon and trying to find time for my poor little dollhouse - and only 4 hours a night for all this. And then my mother wonders why I don't cook or do dishes or why I leave my laundry in the dryer for 24 hrs. Thank heavens I don't have a telescope anymore and I'm too poor to buy any more model horses on ebay and cripes - I forgot about my weekly trips to the library, all the magazine subscriptions I'm ordering with my tax refund, not to mention I haven't been to my M
  4. I think the most difficulty in building a house from plans is just being able to visualize it. Some people do this easily, some can't do it at all. I've built two houses from plans and I start by just drawing the plans like you see in house plan magazines. Then I draw them in 2 dimensions to account for the thickness of the wood I'll be using. At this point, I try to draw a picture of the front and both sides (back too if it's not going to be an open back house) to see if I've missed any odd corners. And last and most difficult, I then draw each piece on paper complete with the le
  5. You can't stay another couple of days in Seattle, Jerry? Because their miniature show is on the 8th and 9th, I think.
  6. Well, heck, I always paint or at least prime every part of open wood I see, including the bottom. I don't know why, I just do. So I'm weird, so what? On my San Fran, I walled off that little bitty part on the top floor - not the attic, the little dormer part over the left side on top of the two bay windows. Anyway, before I did (and yes, I primed that too even though it was closed off ), I cut out a Snoopy cartoon that said something about searching for my own little home. Maybe, someday, years from now, someone will take it apart and read it.
  7. If you mean the two story addition on the left, then I think the original kit is an old Duracraft Farmhouse kit.
  8. Thank you - yeah, if you see a rodentraiser somewhere, that's probably me. I have so many interests I can't keep up with myself! I'm so glad to see you here - and there too! When I do my blog there I'm trying to keep it very simple because I know a lot of people there have probably never even thought about putting a dollhouse together. And where other people bash, I smash. So if you ever think there's an easier way to do something or you see me doing something that will be certain to end in failure, please let me know. I know all those guys think I know a lot about dollhouses, but compa
  9. I would like to try bashing the old Artply Highland with the Greenleaf Brookwood. Jeff, where do you get those Sims programs from?
  10. In real life I live in a 300 sq ft trailer - any dollhouse room is large to me! :spoton: I agree, a colonial. In fact, when I built the Jefferson, I left out the wall with the fireplace and got a huge living room. Additionally, I moved over one if the 2nd floor bedroom walls and got a huge upper hallway and still had a large bathroom. The only thing I found is that without the fireplace wall, the house lost its 'coziness'. But I think that's because the width of the room after removing the wall wasn't proportional to the depth. So my advice for getting big comfortable rooms woul
  11. I thought it was because Greenleaf was sold a while back. I know there were a few houses that were renamed, some of them from Artply, like the Allison, the Tiffany (Santa's Cottage), the Bobbi became the Beachwood or something and I think one or two more. Maybe Greenleaf bought out some of the Artply designs, although why the Pierce would be renamed I have no idea.
  12. Weeell, I'm still watching Craig's list, but I don't think I can afford any one of those dollhouses. Soooo - it's back to working on pieces of wood.
  13. Kellee, I let myself get stressed just once too often this last November and December and got hit with - shingles. I had just moved, I was fighting with Comcast, my new trailer was leaking and the toilet backed up into the tub over Thanksgiving resulting in the water being turned off for a week. If I had to do it over again, I would just pour a large one and laugh! As it is, the shingles have been gone for two months now, but I will always have pain in my face. You have to relax because as bad as the stress is now, some of the effects it can have on you in the future can be devastating.
  14. What's really, really sad is in September, I'm flying cross country to see a friend of mine and I may rent a car and drive back. Now what if I rented a van and bought all those dollhouses between Maine and Washington that I like? Talk about coming home from the super yard sale!
  15. Washington (Seattle area): http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/clt/580907997.html Oregon (Portland area): http://portland.craigslist.org/clc/clt/578833134.html Oregon (Grant's Pass): http://medford.craigslist.org/art/583444549.html
  16. Does anybody here watch "A Christmas Story" - the one about Ralphie and the Red Ryder BB gun? Notice when Ralphie goes into his mom's bedroom to get the Life magazine, this is the wallpaper that's on the walls.
  17. Wow! I can think of all kinds of uses for this stuff. Evey place where I would normally have to use basswood panelling - walls, ceilings and on the undersides of staircases.
  18. 1/12 scale is the most popular and to me, the easiest to work with. 1/24 scale is as if you took all three dimensions - height, width and length - of 1/12 scale and reduced them by half. 1/44 scale is the same again. I think of it in terms of what is actually out there. 2" scale to me is for Barbie dolls. 1/12 is for dollhouses and 1/24 is for half sized dollhouses. 3/4 scale is for Lundby, the metal dollhouses and any other dollhouses and furniture made before say, 1970, and 1/144 is a dollhouse sized for a 1/12 sized dollhouse. After that you can get into N scale and HO scale
  19. Hi! I always prime after I've got the house all glued together. Mainly it's because I also decorate after the house is together too, and the poor house seems to end up on it's side or its top or some silly position (it's me or the house) and after two coats of primer, the house seems to be a little sturdier. My biggest problem is I always slosh the primer on and it runs - well, that's me working too fast again. Don't forget, you will probably want to use wood filler in some of those uneven places before you prime, so make sure it's completely dry before you prime.
  20. Casey, thank you so much for posting this. I was still dithering about what staircase to put in my little adobe and I think this would be perfect! Maybe tomorrow I can get going on it and get my little house on track again.
  21. By the way, has anyone ever posted a thread asking what two or more houses they would combine if they could? I'd be really interested to see what people come up with.
  22. I like the first one too. I'm glad you posted that picture because I was having a very hard time picturing what the two of them would look like together.
  23. I don't know - I saw a Beacon Hill on ebay that was starting at $55 or thereabouts not too long ago. Course, I have no idea what it finished at! I remember because I was sooooooo tempted!
  24. And don't forget to use both dollhouse and doll house. Or in my case, drool house. I really can't afford any of them. :yes:
  25. Earth and Tree have wallpapers on their site - tons of them. http://dollhouse-miniatures.com/
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