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  1. I was cutting against a metal straightedge once and had the blade jump the edge and go over my arm (I was hurrying). Quite frankly, I'm not sure which is worse, the blade on the Greenleaf houses or a jigsaw on the thicker wood. I always think I'm going to do more damage with the jigsaw because I'm not afraid of it like I'm afraid of the exacto blade.
  2. That's pretty neat! Now me, I would have snapped off one side of the frame - and broken something, I'm sure. My motto - when in doubt, use force and then it breaks. B)
  3. Will sealing the wallpaper help at all? I found a clear marine varnish that isn't supposed to yellow as it dries and I thought I might put that on my wallpaper after it's on the wall.
  4. I know you posted this quite a while ago, but San Jose used to have the Good Sam show at the San Jose Convention Center every October and that was a BIG show! Just awesome to go to! I've already informed everyone at work that I don't care if everyone calls in sick, I'm going to the Seattle miniature show on Saturday and that's that. And um, there's a rat show on March 8th as well on Mercer Island, if anyone's interested. Wouldn't you know, the only two shows in a year I want to go to and they're both on the same day. For criminey!
  5. I'm so sorry, Gayle. My mother used to tell us kids how much she wished we hadn't been born and although we get along well now, I'm much closer to my friends than I am to her. If she died tomorrow I might be sorry, but definitely not sad. I was so angry about it for most of my adult life, but now I just feel sorry - for her and my dad. As far as I'm concerned, they missed having a great daughter and that's their loss. It sounds as though your mother has missed having a wonderful daughter as well. I say you can understand her all you want - that doesn't mean approval of what she does an
  6. I love the borders that come with the wall papers these days, although I think they should be illegal - I spend way too much time trying to decide between wallpaper border and crown moulding.
  7. Tonight I am looking for my car keys - the second set - which has the only house key on it. :yay:
  8. Top of the list: the Rosedale. There's something about that little house that I just love! Then the Beacon Hill, the Glencroft, the Harrison, the Willow, the Westville and the Garfield, in no particular order.
  9. The standard for interior door size seems to be 7" x 3". If you get a French door, I think it's 7 1/2 X 3. Other doors, like circle head doors, front doors and double doors, will have some different measurements. I know there is one door that is advertized as an inside slim door which I love for under the stairs closets and little laundryrooms and guest bathrooms. I think it's like 2 1/4 wide. Your best bet is to get a catalog of the Houseworks doors and their measurements of just check on the HBS site to see what their doors measure out at - then you can cut the doorway to what you want
  10. Thank you! Tomorrow I'll get some black spray paint and finish it off in black. Today I went to a miniature shop and picked up more fencing for the railings, but had a small accident on the way home - dodged something that came off a truck in front of me, but ended up hitting a curb, denting my rim and shredding my tire. By the time I got the tire and rim replaced and got home, all I wanted to do was watch TV and play on the computer.
  11. I'm not sure exactly what part you're talking about, but maybe there's a way to carve a tab and slot so that the top has a little support.
  12. I'm not sure exactly what part you're talking about, but maybe there's a way to carve a tab and slot so that the top has a little support.
  13. The best advice I got was to go through each sheet and compare it the parts sheet and mark the name of the part on it in pencil. I'm always mentally building the house as I do this. I know it doesn't seem like it, but by the tenth time or so you have to sort through the sheets, you'll pretty much know what piece is on what sheet and you won't have nearly as much trouble looking for pieces. I got to where I even knew how they were stacked and that saved a lot of time too. As for the mess - I don't know what to tell you. Mainly because right now my living room floor looks like a
  14. Was this a miniatures person giving them to you? Because I notice to us miniaturists, a dollhouse isn't "big" unless it exceeds 30 inches in length and 15 inches in depth. But to a layperson, the smaller houses are "big" - the lady that gave me my Washington kit kept telling me it was a big dollhouse yet I consider it on the small side. Viva la difference!
  15. The nice things about Chrysnbon is the kits aren't very expensive. So you can furnish your whole house quickly and then take your time replacing the furniture with "real" (I didn't even smile when I used that word!) furniture. Also, Chrysnbon kits can be kitbashed. I haven't done that yet but I hear it comes out real good. Anything plastic translates to metal - I wish like heck some of these companies would come out with plastic stove, sinks and refrigerators. And fairly modern ones too - from the 50's on. A plastic Chrysnbon modern kitchen complete with cabinets and a center island -
  16. I finished the spiral staircase that's going in my adobe house. Tomorrow I'm making a trip to a miniature shop to see if they have any fencing I can cut up into railings.
  17. Thank you! Well, it is a Washington no longer. The spiral staircase that's going in the livingroom is almost finished and once I get it done and the stairwell cut for it, the stucco work can start. Then it will be a real adobe house!
  18. Oops - I said Allison. I meant the Tennyson was known by two names too at one time. I think - I'm confusing myself here, as usual. *sighs*
  19. I know a lot of people will put the address of their house as the year it was finished. I LOVE the idea of pipes and stuff under the house - I have to do something like that!
  20. It may or may not be a scam, but trust your instincts. If it feels wrong, then it probably is. I almost fell for a scam the other day and I'm the most paranoid person I know of. I got an email saying someone had sent me a Hallmark card and I clicked and opened it. It then went to my desktop so I could download it. I stopped right there because it was an .exe and I refused to download that unless I knew who it was from. Besides, I'd never heard of an ecard needing to be downloaded. So just for kicks I went to the Hallmark site and sent an ecard to myself and found I was right. Thei
  21. Along with learning to not get in a bidding war on ebay, I also learned to check the currency - the hard way. I was so pleased with my purchase even if it was a bit pricey at $50. That was before I saw the dollars were not dollars - they were pounds. Ah, well.
  22. When I worked for Baker's Square restaurant, they always threw their pies out. I know they tried to anticipate demand but still - and they couldn't give any of them away because someone had eaten a supposed-to-be-tossed custard pie made from eggs that went bad and they sued the restaurant. So we had to dump pie after pie in the garbage at the end of the evening shift. What a waste.
  23. I don't think they did, but when I wanted to add on to one of mine, I called the business and told them I needed so many corner posts, so many pieces of siding, and such and such a roof piece and they totaled it all up and sent them to me when I sent them my check. That's what was neat about Duracraft - you could order pieces of houses from them. Not sure if Greenleaf can do the same thing. I'm still trying to get up the nerve to ask them if they'll sell me a Beacon Hill roof.
  24. Well, it seems kind of silly to spend money on a large dollhouse that I'd bash anyway when I have all the pieces to make the same kind of house here - except for the tower, of course. *sighs*
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