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  1. I sure like that house. I love all the windows and the little attic at the top. But I'm glad you got it at 40% off because I thought that was one pricey house!
  2. That's interesting about the names - I know the Bostonian was a Batrie model and the Cherrydale and Apple Blossom were Walmer houses. I thought the Montgomery and the Hawthorne had always been RGT kits.
  3. I want a parakeet so bad - I'd give anything to live in a house with a yard so I could keep parakeets, guinea oigs and rats. Oh, yeah, and be able to stay home all day to play with them!
  4. Mosyt people are interested if I tell them what I'm buying little pieces of wood for, either that or they're awful polite. It's my boss and my coworkers that look down on it - they've as much as said they can't understand a grown woman playing with toys. Now some of my favorite customers always ask what I'm working on but I have to be very careful talking to them if my boss is around - she thinks talking about dollhouses is "unprofessional" and gets mad if she hears me say anything to the customers about them. I find most men are far more interested than women too. Especially if I desc
  5. I don't remember when I learned to write in cursive, but I have to admit, all my writing by hand today is printed. Mainly because it's faster but also because when I write something, it has to be readable by everyone. I love to see cursive writing when it's done well though - we had a little old lady come in one day and write a check in cursive that was just beautiful to see. Thing is, it took her almost 5 minutes. I feel guilty enough just writing a check in the checkout line with people behind me instead of using a debit card and believe me, I can write - er, print - pretty darn fast!
  6. I think I saw this house on ebay a little while back - I remember because I was drooling over it then.
  7. I've been wondering if there is a way to just get the topics that we've personally posted in to come up. So instead of View New Topics we could maybe have a View New Replies to Your Posts button or something. Would that be helpful or would that be the same thing?
  8. For anyone with migraines, here's something that you might want to check on. It's worth a shot anyway. My mom had migraines all her life with classic symptoms. Nausea, blinding pain, throwing up, the works. She went to doctors all her life too, and never had any help form them. Then, when she was about 70, she saw an ENT who told her he thought she had a hole in her eardrum. She did, so she had it patched and never had another migraine. Something about the hole in her eardrum and the ear fluid was causing all her dizziness, nausea and migraine pain. Who would have guessed?
  9. That is a GORGEOUS house! Hang on a second - have to wipe the drool off the monitor.... OK, I'm better now. Your house is in the Miniatures Catalog 14th edition from 1991.. Doors, windows and trim are (were) available as options. 24w x 17d x 44h and 3/8 inch cabinet grade plywood. And all the openings will accept standard components. The company made some beautiful large dollhouses, none of them with prices on them though. But they all had names. The Duracraft San Fran (earliest version) is 22w x 18d x 44h. Now, someone jog my memory...remember the houses t
  10. Yep - I really love those bricks! Those look very real! I tried to grout between Lawbre slate one time and made the mistake of having the slate pieces way too far apart. Every time I tried to wipe the excess mortar off, I also took about half of it out from between the slates too. So I had to regrout and then clean off the slate again, regrout and clean....it took forever to get that floor done and it looked just awful when it was finished.
  11. You know, I really like those bricks. I am not a brick fan and when I went to Virginia, all I saw were brick houses which I really don't like. But I sure like those bricks - I may have to change my mind about using bricks on my own house. Hmmmm.......
  12. I had metal dollhouses since I can remember. My best friend and I used to play together all the time. Even when I didn't do anything with a dollhouse as I got older, I had minis around. My friends would call me Darby O'Gill because I loved anything small. In 1979 I found a Crafco house I put together (it looked awful but I loved it) and then I found the miniautre shop next to where I worked at the time and I've had one house or the other ever since. I was very lucky to live in the Bay Area where you could go up one side of the Bay and down the other side in a day long road trip and hit
  13. Bugs in the wood? Is this common? I never even thought of that! :wub: I don't know about the microwave though - can't flies live through being microwaved?
  14. Wander on into the bank in the Central Market any time and say Hi! I'd love to meet a fellow miniaturist too. I work with some very conservative people who think I should "grow up" and get a life. This weekend I went to the miniature show first, then to the rat show on Mercer Island. I never felt more normal!
  15. The Duracraft San Fran but I think I say that because it was sort of tedious to build. I wanted to put my own windows in it including an extra window in the tower and extra windows on the sides, so I recut the siding to fit. Then I recut all the windowsills - they attached to each window individually, but I wanted one big connected windowsill for them in the towers, so I taped the original individual ones together and traced them out on 1/8 plywood and cut them out. Then as I slid the siding down, as I came to the window area, I slid the window sills down the channels (trim, whatever it is) th
  16. We're having a spate of sunny days and warm - 52º here in Washington. I'd give my left arm for snow - you guys are so lucky!
  17. I haven't tried either of these yet, but they look like they may be good to use to resize avatars and sigs. http://www.reshade.com/about http://www.picnik.com/ Also, if you have a digital camera, the program that came with it (if you installed it on your computer) is the best thing to use to resize anything. I use mine all the time. The only thing though, is it won't resize gifs, so I use this instead if I have a gif to resize: http://gifworks.com/image_editor.html By the way, I was trying to f
  18. Oh, how I know that feeling! I have my paranormal forum, this forum and then there's my astronomy group, the mouse and rat club, the model horses.....I haven't seen my Myspace page for a month of Sundays. I already spend about 4 hours a day online and then like tomorrow there's the miniature show and the rat show, the model horse show will be in May.......
  19. I have almost a house and a half waiting in pieces under my end table and all I can do is draw floor plans of how I want them to go together. I get a house because I like how it looks and then I go and change it all around. Why is that?
  20. One of the Dollhouses to Dreamhouses books (can't remember which one) had the schematics for adding a basement to the Rowhouse. I'm sure they could be adapted for a basement to eh Beacon Hill.
  21. This is why I appreciate being here so much - I've gotten so many rude comments about my houses form other people and so-called friends. I mentioned miniatures once to someone I knew and the first words out of her mouth were' "So you still play with dolls then?" My entire family thinks I should have outgrown this long ago and my mother says she is still waiting for me to get over this phase. I work in an ultra conservative bank - my boss is 60 and the tellers are all in their twenties and a more boring and unimaginative lot you've never seen. They think I'm totally immature and
  22. Outside or inside? I have Victorian windows and I wanted something simple, so I thought a Victorian farmhouse. Then I couldn't make up my mind. So now I'm dithering about an old house that's been added on to over the centuries. A log cabin one story room added on to a two story stone entry and then a larger two story sided addition to the entry. This is so I can use lots of different exteriors and different windows and doors. For the inside, I want a 1950's look that's been mildly updated - computer and TV and the like - but with all the old 50's kitchen appliances and same with t
  23. Thank you everyone again! What nice people you all are! Lisa - I work in Poulsbo! We have to meet - maybe we have already. I'm putting pictures up in my gallery as I go along - I've taken the last couple of days off, but I plan to jump back into it soon.
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