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  1. I don't know if this will help, but I found this link here: http://www.gofreelance.com/freelance-jobs.html
  2. It doesn't have any info on me either and just directs me back to the original site and tells me the 16th.
  3. I used to have a Mazda truck which wasn't great on mileage, but I just loved it. Then someone pulled out in front of me and my truck was totaled. Now I drive a little old lady 4 door Hyundai Elantra. I still haven't figured out how many gallons it holds on account of the stupid light that comes on when there's still gas in the tank. but I put between 11 and 13 gallons in it at fillup and get about 380 miles to the tank, so about 31 mpg.
  4. I would LOVE to have something like that! I'm not exactly a Luddite, but I would like to have more modern things done in an old fashioned way like that.
  5. And I just had to add this although I'm sure a lot of people already know it - Hofco comes from when the company was originally called the Holwick Furniture Company. Interesting how the names change, isn't it?
  6. I'm doing OK with food for right now. I was always a spender when it cam eot eating, so now I can find a lot of ways to save if I buy generic and watch the sales. My rent is stable for now too - it's just the gas that's killing me.
  7. According to that new schedule, all those who had direct deposit should have their money in two more days. I certainly hope so - I just, er, lost my job and things are not pretty right now.
  8. Hi! Your house has a name - it was called "Old Towne" when it was made by Walmer. Walmer made a lot of dollhouses and they were generally child's dollhouses like this one. I think there were maybe three designs that sort of became collector's dollhouses. Anyway, the wood on this one is supposed to be 1/4 inch thick (my catalog states this is knockdown design, whatever that is), but if you use small nails, you can probably nail it together as well as glue it. This is a plain little house with TONS of potential to be gussied up - do what you like with it and have fun and it will l
  9. I know this is sort of hard if you don't know the names of the wallpapers, but if you have a favorite wallpaper and have made or have seen a great color combo that would go well with it, maybe we can share it here. Here are two of my favorites: This is Minigraphics wallpaper "Peonies" in green and gold, one of four colors in this pattern. I've seen it used with gold wainscoting, moss green carpeting and moss green window draperies. I'm dying to do this in my dining room one day. You could also use it with an oak floor and moss green-painted wainscoting and then even add gold paint
  10. In the Dollhouses to Dreamhouses Book I, I think, they showed how to add a room addition on to a Harrison. You can probably still find these books at doolhouse shops and on ebay occasionally. The addition was neat. They added it to the side of the house with the small bay window (not the large 6 sided one on the other side) and then used that bay window on the addition. The roof was an open deck. On another Harrison they showed how to add a dormer for more room in the little third floor room - the one closes to the back of the hourse. They also showed how to do some kitchen arragngement
  11. What are the patterns? The Blue Meissen Stripe was a white paper with blue stripes with a blue pattern between the stripes, to the best of my memory. I put it in the attic bedroom under the roof with stark white wainscoting, dark blue carpeting (the white kept it from being too dark) and I was dying to get some accessories like pillows and chair cushions in peach to add to it. I should add that the blue was a dark (not quite navy) blue and that it also went well with a blue and white checked tile floor and dark walnut-stained wood.
  12. There's a giant ice cream cone in the window!
  13. You have the tape wiring going around the walls at a consistent height, right? You have to find some way to mark where your tape is so you can find it after you wallpaper, if that's what you're doing. Some people just put brads into the wall, but not all the way in. So when you wall paper, you can push the wall paper down over the brads which will be still sticking out. Then you know where your tape is and you can put your big eyelets or plugs into the tape where the brads are. I think Cirkit (sp) had a ceiling thingy that you can use for chandeliers. It has two prongs on it and you jus
  14. I know you can get thin glass sheets and cut the glass for panes, although I've heard it's not the easiest thing in the world to do. All you would need is a straight edge and a glass cutte, I would imagine.
  15. I know one of the patterns they offer for the green selection isn't made anymore and I looked high and low before I found it in a store somewhere. I would have paid $10 just for a couple sheets of that alone. But no matter where you order from, you might run into problems with fading or dye lot. I got some Millie August Blue Meissen Stripe off ebay because it goes so well with stark white wainscoting. But the white on the paper was almost a cream colored, so out went that idea. But it'll still go good in the kitchen.
  16. The Highland? There's one on ebay right now and I also think there's a Vineyard Cottage there too. I would love to have the Beaumont and the Rosedale - what more could a person ask for?
  17. Some of the best ideas I've gotten have been from other people's dollhouses when it comes to color coordination. I could give you some ideas about what to use with some Millie August patterns but they're not making a lot of those wallpapers anymore.
  18. I love it! And I still love that brick! Congratulations! One month? It takes me longer than that to just get the livingroom picked up - the real living room!
  19. I would love to get something from Ernie's, but this beautiful black model horse appeared out of nowhere on ebay and I'm drooling over him. Next year for me.... *sighs*
  20. I probably live about 5 miles from this lady! I called on it today and the woman said she would call me back this evening so I could come pick it up when they got back home. So far I haven't heard anything and I plan to call again tomorrow from work. The house does seem to be missing one side, but that shouldn't be any problem at all. I just hope I can fit it oin my trunk (here we go again!) and I haven't a clue where I'm going to store it. Now why can't the Rosedale or soemthing small like that show up for $5?
  21. I do the same thing! I try to get a front and back view and if there are any rooms decorated, at least one room picture too. I also started collecting pictures of real houses I like, plus their floor plans. Good thing I'm not rich enough to buy real houses or I'd have a million of them all over the place too. Right now I've got them all on photobucket in their own category. I love houses.
  22. I'm so sorry for your loss - I know how hard it is to lose our companions. I had a dog and a pet rat that I could have kept forever and I still miss them. I simply can't understand the people who are cruel to animals or say "It's only a dog" or "It's only a cat". I feel so sorry for people that have never had a relationship with an animal - they miss so much in life. Have you thought about writing down the stories about him?
  23. Oh, poor kid, she must be just miserable. I hope she feels better soon.
  24. I thought you were talking about a miniature at first! Anyway, congrats!
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