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  1. I noticed the same thing when I spray painted the black plastic "wrought iron" Victorian fencing I bought. I can't explain the difference either, but painting it does make it look much more realistic. Lisa and I went to a miniature store and saw a Chrysnbon stove that had been "polished" with silver Rub 'n' Buff. What it did was turn the whole stove a pretty dark gray color and all the raised portions on the stove were a silver color. It was as though the stove had been antiqued - it was very neat looking. We both got stoves and I still haven't touched mine yet, but I thought Li
  2. I think I had the 12ft one and really, they're not as deep as they look. You will have to invest in a larger filter because the one they come with is not adequate. Some of the larger ones come with a cover, if not, you can order one from the company. There is a lot of water that's wasted filling those too because of the ring. And don't set it level - make sure there's a little dip to the side where the drain is or you'll never be able to drain the thing completely unless you fancy picking it up with a foot of water still in it. It would defintely pay to put a fence around it because of
  3. I know this is going to sound like a stupid question, but wasn't there a show that went for several weeks (or months) and was showing how to build a dollhouse from start to finish? I love how that guy packed that box at the end. I wonder if I could hire him. I can always take the pieces out of the box but they never, ever, fit back in again!
  4. Here is a picture of one that was on Craig's List with a better view of the inside - keep in mind the kitchen is really, really small:
  5. People are so funny. Some will never be interested no matter what you do, but then some are very open and willing to try to learn about the hobby, even if they will never build a house. The ones I like the best though, are the ones that have no interest in miniatures at all until they actually see a well done house or something similar at a show or a shop or in someone else's house, and you can just see the hobby reaching it's little hands out to grab them by the throat, never to let go..........
  6. What's worse is when you work in a very conservative workplace and have even more "weird" hobbies besides miniatures. Try rats and astronomy - if I even opened my mouth about any of my hobbies, I was promptly told to grow up and act more mature. Of course, if you don't care about ticking people off, you can always give them the "You didn't know...? How stupid can you be?" look and then tell them that collecting miniatures is the third biggest hobby in the world after stamps and coins. You can also infer somehow that 'they' would never be allowed to handle the works of art you make.
  7. Be happy they talk. I had a house in pieces in the living room that was silent for so long, I finally got tired of stepping over it and put it all under my bed. Naturally, now it yaks and yaks, so of course at night I'm lying there walking myself through the steps of building this house when I should be sleeping (and then they wonder why I can't get up before noon).
  8. Sanding? You're supposed to sand? Uh, oh. Isn't that what stucco is for? :lol: But seriously, am I doing something wrong with the electrical? I use the large size eyelets instead of brads. I know some people use two small on each side of the tape (4 total per junction), but I just use 1 large for each side of the tape (2 per junction) and I've never had any problem. I do notice though, on a recent trip through the boxes, that I seem to have about 5 hole punchers. The one that works the best is the one that takes the needle all the way in until only about 1/4" or less is sticking
  9. That's like the Highland from Artply - every time I see them on ebay I make a grab for them but, those two houses always zip beyond what I can pay.
  10. Ah, Grazhina, I added your site to StumbleUpon in the Crafts section a little bit ago. :lol: I'm not sure if that caused the problem but lot of the people there sure seem to like miniatures and dollhouses!
  11. Thieves are fast all right! We had a lady in our store who set her purse down "for a second". She knew it was missing a couple minutes later and used our store phone to call her credit card company. By that time the thief had already charged on it. In fact, he charged as he left the store and went right up the block. They could figure out what direction he was traveling in as they tracked what purchases he made before the card was blocked. All in about 10 minutes!
  12. I don't know. I ordered a book on ebay a couple weeks ago and it arrived with the shipping under $4. I then saw a mini I have been looking for. It had to be 1/10th the weight of the book and could have been packed in a box 1/2 the size and the shipping was down as $15 or so. Now I know they have book rates and all, but the difference to me was unbelieable. OK, so it's been a while since I shipped anything and I know the kits are heavy, but still........
  13. This is the Country Manor house by Skil-Craft #688. The original suggested retail price was $75 in 1980. It's a lovely house - it comes up once in a while on eBay and always sells for a good price.
  14. rodentraiser

    OH NO!

    I had been reading in bed one night and just as I put my book down, my dog, who was sleeping on the bed, raised his head and looked at me and I could see the wheals actually raising along his face. Spider bite was all I could think of and down the mountain road we went to Emergency Vet. I never knew I could drive that road that fast, but a shot and an ice pak and he was fine. I'd love to know where this spider came from though, because the dog had been dozing on the bed for about 20 minutes and he had to have just been bitten.
  15. The only house I remember is the Beacon Hill in Patriot Games. At least, I think that was the movie - it's been a while since I watched it.
  16. Is it a full staircase or just the first few steps? I'd be interested in seeing it also.
  17. It may not have been the doctor - they could have mailed that letter out in 2005 and had it returned for who knows what reason by the post office. I used to do returned mail at my bank and you would not believe the reasons they gave for returning mail - likewise, you'd never believe how many months sometimes it took for us to get the returned mail back! The doctor's office may have a policy of keeping returned mail and maybe they finally found your new address and decided to try mailing it again. The receptionist should never have been that rude to you though. It's a good thing that was
  18. Is it my imagination or is the wood thicker as well?
  19. Sheesh - not sure if me and organization even go together! Lisa had see through plastic boxes about shoebox size and I would suggest splitting your stuff into things like paint, sandpaper, and working supplies into one box, delicate stuff into another, shingles into another and trim into another - you know, like that. Then keep one or two empty boxes aside so that you can put in what you're currently working on. And plastic bags - maybe freezer bags that seal shut. That way, when you open up that Chrysnbon kit with the million pieces that have fallen off the tree and none of it fit
  20. The princess items they were talking about is the Petite Princess line of furniture. It's very realistic, but a little too fancy for my taste, although I love the piano! I think you can safely say that most of the dollhouses of yesteryear are all pretty much in 3/4 scale - most if not all of the metal dollhouses, Caroline's House, Ideal and Lundby, to name a few. But even our 1/12 scale houses aren't always in 1/12 scale. The old Walmer line now owned by Real Good Toys doesn't really have staircases in 1/12 scale and for that matter, I don't think Greenleaf staircases are exactly to sca
  21. Sawdust? What sawdust? I made the mistake once of sawing in my spare bedroom and forgot to shut the heat vents. That was right before it got cold. I was circulating sawdust for months! I like Corwin's idea of a Murphy bed or a wall bed. It can stay up and that gives you room to work and when your guests show up, assuming you have warning, everything can be picked up and put away (and hidden). Having a spare room just for minis is a godsend. There is nothing like being able to get up, walk out and close the door on the mess. As it is now, I'm scared to let the landlord see
  22. I'm looking at getting a house on ebay now and the shipping is supposed to be $75 and that's just across the US. I think that's a lot, but it's been a while since I shipped anything myself and I know the post office has changed their rates around. I also know that shipping to the UK is very expensive - I think it cost me $25 to ship a package there that I could have shipped in the US for about $10. If you're going to get it, get it now because I can see shipping rates going sky high in the future with the high cost of oil and fuel.
  23. I lived in a camper for a while and was trying to build a dollhouse at the same time. I do know I did an awful lot of work outside and it was necessary for me to get a folding table of some sort that I could set up and take down. You have to really plan and I think work goes a little slower because you have to be more careful about not spilling things and you have to be organized because of having to pack up every night. Right now I'm building my house in the middle of my living room in a space on the floor about 3 x 6 ft. Depending on how motivated I am, my living room at night looks p
  24. You will forever have your Dudley in your heart - the only thing time does is allow you the choice of when and when not to grieve. I put my dog to sleep 19 years ago and am able to not think about him too much, but occasionally I do and It's just like I lost him yesterday. Everybody grieves differently - there's no set time to get over it. The worst thing anyone can think is that you need to get over your grieveing as if you could do it just like that. It's not really something I think we have control over.
  25. I love reading these stories. I have a very strong interest in the paranormal and am a fan of Ghost Hunters on TV. I have an account on the forums there, but my main forum (and my home as I like to think of it) is on The Paranormal Resource Center. I usually hang out in the Open and Current Events threads, but a lot of times I cruise the paranormal sections too. You all are welcome to join us at http://www.tprconline.com any time! One of my special friends is a TAPS Family member with a group out in PA and he also produces a radio show that's on Wednesdays 3 to 5 pm PST http://www.tapsf
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