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  1. My lot is mowed! I went up there yesterday and saw it and oh my! Only about half the lot was cleared and then mowed, but there is so much land! I was originally thinking about removing the remaining trees, but now, I don't think I will. The trees are so nicely placed that I think I may keep them and maybe just clear out the underbrush. Yeah, I'm stoked!
  2. I think this is one of the houses that didn't sell at the Portland show. There was only an outside pic of it on the show site, so here are some inside pics as well. I'm almost tempted to go down and get it myself. https://portland.craigslist.org/yam/clt/d/heirloom-dollhouse-the/6724254141.html
  3. I remember going up there years - OK, decades - ago. They had a Lawbre Glen Cove Villa there at the time. After I visited, I bought lunch and then drove out onto that giant parking lot? boat ramp? pier? at the end of the street in the middle of the bay and ate and watched the waves come in. Gorgeous afternoon I won't forget for a long time.
  4. Have you thought about a Whippet or an Italian Greyhound?
  5. Holly, I'll give you a pass on the "coughing"...this one time. I did fine one piece late last night in my usual way - I stepped on it. Naturally, it was the piece I cut off. I still haven't found the piece I need. I'm beginning to think that a lot of alcoholics started life as miniaturists.
  6. I owned a Doberman and from what I can tell, many reputable (please note that word) Doberman breeders are concerned about the health problems in the breed and actively breeding to make sure they don't pass those problems on with their dogs. The breeders I would go to today to get a puppy have tested for everything you can imagine. During the time I owned my dog, there was a lot of talk then about the breed being so short lived. Believe me, the concern was real - Doberman breeders don't want their breed to be popular and they do want their breeds to be healthy. One of the reasons I wil
  7. For those of you who remember, I bought a faucet that I wanted to turn sideways so it would attach to the wall instead of to the sink. So I bent the faucet out, didn't like it, couldn't cut it, so bent it back. Tonight I realized I didn't have to bend it if I could cut it at just the right angle. So I used the wire cutters again and this time I cut towards the back of the blades, thinking maybe they were dull in the middle (I've had them a long time). Well, they cut all right. Cut the faucet and sent (presumably) both pieces flying somewhere across my room. That was this afte
  8. "Unfortunately" my left foot! (says the person who finished off 8 chocolate croissants in three days)
  9. It's not that bad and in the long run it actually makes things easier. The sides are lengths of wood milled on one side to make siding and flat on the other side. All you do is set up the edging (pieces of wood with slots in them) and slide the sides down, leaving gaps for the window and doors. Once it's done, you have flat walls inside and the siding is already in place on the outside. It will look really nice when you're done. Hope you feel much better soon. Seems like a lot of people aren't feeling all that good right now. I wonder if something is going around. And Holly,
  10. I think that other one is way overpriced. I've seen tower houses for $500 and I think that's overpricing it, too, but that's just me. I think that house was built using only 1/4" thick wood. That could be a plus, because it would be a lot lighter.
  11. And these are pre-teen PETA wannabes who have never even sat on a horse but know everything about them (cue rolling eyes here) and are convinced that bits are cruel and people shouldn't do anything with horses except let them run free in the wild and there's no telling them different. I sure hope I haven't just insulted anyone here. OK, I'm back watching my horse shows with the terrible bits, so I'll see everyone in a couple days! Have a great weekend!
  12. I don't know and I'm glad they're not. That would just be something else to break if I sat on it. Edited: Oh, wait - you said tanks. I thought you said toilets. I need to get some sleep. LMAO
  13. I know you didn't mean any offense. I'm an old fart and there's nothing anyone can do about it. But it's sort of funny. I was on Youtube arguing with someone in the comments and I had to stop myself and think, "What am I doing here arguing with a 12 year old? It's undignified."
  14. I think it's supposed to be a modern commode, maybe even supposed to hang on the wall. I would just find a square (empty) floss container and stick on the back for a tank.
  15. Ouch! I was almost 30 during the 80s. LMAO Seriously, it's wonderful when younger people get into this hobby. We need to have you carry on the love (and frustration - who knew it took so much time to wallpaper a mini-room?) of miniatures. You're very welcome!
  16. I'm jealous of the stove, too. I was hoping you had made it because I was going to kidnap you and not let you go until you told me how you made it (joking about the kidnapping). Looks like I'm back to saving money again until I can get one of my own. Did I tell you I love your kitchen?
  17. I chose Bremerton because when I first came up here in 2001, I could rent a 2-bedroom apartment for only $545 a month, parking in Bremerton was $3 a day on weekends when I worked, and the ferry only cost $3.80 to walk on in Seattle. I worked close enough to the ferry terminal in Seattle to walk to work. Now of course, 2-bedroom apartments run $1500 a month and more, the walk on fare is $8.75, and I don't know how expensive it is to park here anymore, but I know it's expensive. Bremerton is blue collar and run down. If you have lots of money and want class, you live in Silverdale, Poul
  18. Sam, that's a lovely kitchen. Is that a K&J stove or did you make it?
  19. OK, it's definite! I am not making my own dollhouse. I'll wait until I'm rich and then I'll pay Keith to make it.
  20. You're welcome! It's in my Miniatures Catalog 8th Edition dated 1985 and in my 6th addition catalog dated 1983, but the house could have been made several years earlier or later. It's also definitely the Fox Hollow. If it had the porch but not the addition or the dormers, it was (is) known as Green Acres. With the porch and dormers only, it would have been known as the Patricia Wegman House. With the porch, the dormers, and the addition on the other side, it was called Deer Run Farm. Without the extra room in front, but having a front porch and two dormers, it was called the Walton Ho
  21. I wonder if that was the Foxfire or Fox something miniature store. If it is, they've been in business for a long time. If you're going to look at moving to Washington, you might be better off southwest to southeast/east of Olympia. That area is growing and it's definitely a little more expensive, but it still has that rural feeling and it puts you within driving distance of Olympia, Tacoma, and Seattle without having to cross any bridges or ride any ferries. Of course, I-5 between Tacoma and Seattle is always horrible anyway, but it could take you only about 40 minutes to get to Seatt
  22. Real Good Toys made a number of variations on their basic dollhouses and each variation would have its own name. It might be called one name, then another name with a porch added on to it, and another name with a porch and an addition, and yet another name with the addition of dormers. At one time you used to be able to buy the houses with any combination and for those who don't remember, some of those combinations came with the tower to the side instead of in the middle. I'd have to look up which version is which, but I'm pretty sure you have the house known as Foxhollow. That's act
  23. It's always straight until you glue it. I've found if you really want something straight, you have to cut it crooked.
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