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    She does fit right into that cottage and I love her stance! She's beautiful! I don't normally like dolls in a dollhouse, but I truly make an exception here.
  2. I don't think I ever referred to what I had as an eye migraine. What I had was a vitreous separation of the macula. There's something that separates off the macula on the inside of the eyeball and when it does, it releases a ton of floaters, which I still have, You can actually see the separation when they take a snapshot of the inside of the eye. And you can see the floaters, too. What I'm going through now is literal double vision. Have you guys ever had the eye doctor separate your vision and then asked you to tell him when the little boxes or lines match up? They do it both horizo
  3. Good Heavens, Holly! That would have finished me. And Jeannine, I am pulling for you! But I'm not doing so hot myself right now. I had another incident this morning at about 4am and this time I called an ambulance. A different doctor saw me in the ER and he doesn't think it's a TIA - says it would last longer and I'd have more symptoms. I guess that's the good news. The bad news is no one seems to know what's going on or when it will happen again. But of course, there's always humor in everything. As you guys know, I'm watching the show jumping competitions. So I'm at the ER until 1am
  4. Thank you, guys. It does make me wonder, though...if I hadn't been awake and reading, I never would have known it happened. So that makes me wonder how many of these things people have at night when they sleep. Ah, well, I told my mom it was like when people are driving down the road and a tree falls on their car and kills them. When it's your time, it's your time, and there's not much a body can do about it. So I'm not going to make myself crazy worrying about it. I was watching Live PD this evening on YouTube and the cops stopped some guy who said he ordered some fake money by mist
  5. You're welcome, but Emily was the one who came up with the IDs first. Well, now I have a few houses that are from Craig's List. Enjoy! https://seattle.craigslist.org/est/tag/d/real-great-toys-the-queen/6709567104.html https://salem.craigslist.org/clt/d/san-francisco-style-dollhouse/6733922888.html https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/atq/d/incredible-craftsman-dollhouse/6736129415.html
  6. Kireyna, you're welcome! Sable, it's just that I have the catalogs to look these houses up in (boy, that sentence came out awkward). Fov (Emily) is also very knowledgeable about the dollhouses, too.
  7. Well, I sold Lynn the Willowcrest that Jenn sold to me. I only asked what I paid for it. I guess I knew I was never going to put it together. Meantime I'm thinking maybe all of us in the Northwest here should get together with all the kits we own and have a trade day and shift them around some more. LMAO I got home from the ER a couple hours ago. I guess I had what they call a TIA - a transient ischemic attack. I guess it's technically a mini-stroke. So I had an EKG, an MRI, and an MRA. I was found to be in perfect healthy working order (except I still need to lose a million pounds),
  8. Not sure if I've posted this story before either. This happened personally to me and was what got me interested in the paranormal. When I was about 14, I was visiting my grandmother for the summer. One of her friends was taking her teen daughter and visiting relatives in Poland and Russia, so I was to housesit while they were gone. Remember, this was in the old days when it was "safer" and the house was right around the corner from my grandmother's apartment. Anyway, this was a narrow old house with two bedrooms on the first floor and a finished attic where the older boys (no
  9. Kireyna, I think what you have is the Yorktown Manor made by Walmer, catalog #121. It should be 32" H x 48" W x 19" D. Made of 1/4" mahogany plywood with a 1/2" base. Knockdown construction. Glue or patented peg assembly. It looks like the house came as a fully assembled house (painted or unpainted) or as a kit in 3/8" wood. That's all from my 1983 Miniatures Catalog. The house could have been produced a couple of years before or after this date. That front door and stairs look to be unique to the house. Walmer was also the only company to my knowledge to make doors for the 30° mansar
  10. Fov is right. The first house Carmen posted is the Georgian and the second one without the columns is the Colonial. Yes, definitely call before you order from Rose's. I've pretty much given up because every time I do call, they're out of the thing I wanted. *sigh*
  11. Hey, CJ, there's a lady in Belfair that says she knows you. Her name is Lynn and she has some beautiful, beautiful, beautiful dollhouses. I bought a Heritage from her thinking to give it away when it was finished, but I like it so much I think I'll keep it for myself. She was very nice and I hope she joins us here on the forum. Ghost stories, huh? OK, tell me if I've posted this one before(I have lots of ghost stories): 22 December, 2006 SOURCE: Flight International
  12. Here you go - the English translation. My guess is the house is half scale and is made by the same people who made that half scale Greenleaf Glencroft. Fairy Dollhouse 2018 What to give your beloved princess!? A question that torments moms and dads, especially on the eve of holidays! A fairy doll house with furniture is the dream of any girl, regardless of her age. The house and furniture are suitable for dolls with a height of 100-150 mm, up to a maximum of 180 mm. Due to the strength of birch plywood, such toys will last more than one generation and will still delight
  13. Alrighty then! This house is called the Evergreen catalog #406 and it was made by Walmer. I have it in my 13th edition catalog which is dated 1990, so the house was made around that time. It's 40" W x 31" H x 24" D, so it was/is a fairly large house. Three floors, nine to ten rooms, made with 1/4" ply with 3/8" wood for the floors. There were two sister houses. The one with a gable in the center, porch in front, and no extension in front was called the Beechwood. The one with no gable on the roof, no extension in front, and a wrap around porch was called the Heritage House. There was
  14. Oh, yes, it snows. It's at 400+ feet elevation. Not very high, but high enough. I originally lived in a small manufactured house around the corner that I had put on land back in 2003. That winter we had 15 inches of snow in two snowstorms a couple days apart. The first day I got to work following in the tracks of some SUVs. The second storm just blanketed the road and you wouldn't even know there was one there. I gave up and called in for those three days. The sun was coming through the trees because it was 4pm. You can imagine what it's like living there in winter. Once December come
  15. Thank you, Jeannine, my head must be up in the wild blue yonder. I didn't even see your post. Lashes with a wet noodle for me. I know what it's like to not be able to work on anything. I'm so glad you came through your surgery and are feeling a little better now. But just get some rest. Your body will tell you when it's time to start moving again. And keep the minis. I fully expect you to be working away full time on then sometime in the future. {{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}
  16. Where have I been - I totally missed that! I'm glad to know she checked in. I've been missing her on the forum, too. Sable, there's no lot restrictions. I can clear the whole lot if I want to.
  17. Well, I don't, really. I'll look at my catalogs later today. It's tickling something in the back of my mind, though, so I'll see if I can find it.
  18. Thanks, everybody! It's a slightly sloping property, so I'm looking into how much it would cost to level out the middle and back parts. My big concern now is being able to drive on to it. Right now, it's stable enough to where I won't get stuck, but I don't know what will happen when it rains. I've been behind a little bit - what happened to Jeannine?
  19. I was looking at this house and wondering if it was a Walmer/RGT bashed Cherrydale. It has Walmer shutters and porch posts and the general house looks like a Cherrydale, but Cherrydales weren't that long. I'll look at it and get back to you guys.
  20. My lot! I was assured that all the stuff laying on the ground would rot and turn into nice mulch in 6 months, and that it would keep all the weeds from sprouting. Obviously I'll still need to do a lot more work. This is just the cleared area in the first picture. As you can tell, there are more trees that can be cleared and what I'll leave standing can be thinned a bit. Now for the water (an outside water faucet) and then with the minimum done, I should be able to move on to it. By 2020, I should be able to get electric on the property
  21. If she has a computer, she can watch a ton of shows online. Some of them on YouTube are live and you can chat with other watchers. To sort the highlights of the shows from the actual shows themselves, I just look at the length of the video. Most shows go about 2 hours. The ones with 60+ competitors will run almost 4 hours. The ones that are speed events are usually 1 1/2 hours. If she's interested only in show jumping, she needs to know they will post the videos for three day eventing as well. Those jumping competitions will always have "eventing" in their title. I accidentally got on
  22. The light blue one is a kit made from a plan book. It's called the Second Empire Victorian and the plans were from Doll Domiciles. The footprint is 26" x 29" and it had 12 rooms and three hinged side panels. As it was a kit, I'm sure someone modified one of the panels to open in the back. The dark blue/green Victorian house is the Tower House sold by Mr. Peepers.
  23. I've been following the horse show circuit on YouTube and FEI TV and I noticed some of the biggest shows are where some of our members live. Would anyone be interested in going to see one of these events live? If so, I can either post the cities here or anyone can PM me and ask if a competition will be held near them. I realize that I'm probably the only one who's interested in this, but I thought I would just let everyone know. If you're wondering what's going on, the Western and Eastern Leagues are currently having shows. What you'd be watching are around 35 to 40 horses and riders
  24. Thank you and yes, it is good to hear. Now if I need a place to live, I have one. I'm supposed to meet the guy who mowed it out there sometime today to pay him, but he hasn't called yet. Anytime after 3 pm is bad to try driving, since the roads will be packed and it'll take me about an hour to get there instead of 20 minutes. So I hope he calls soon or waits till tomorrow.
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