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  1. Hey! Jeannine! It's great to hear from you!
  2. ARGGGHHHH! I AM LIVING IN THE WRONG STATE! https://sarasota.craigslist.org/clt/d/doll-house-11-rooms-sturdy/6754890118.html The Nob Hill - I think this was made by Skilcraft: https://sarasota.craigslist.org/tag/d/victorian-doll-house-assembled/6756566891.html ACP Queen Anne Rowhouse with two Lawbre staircases and check out the bay window. HW hasn't made that window in decades. Someone even added 4 dormers to it! https://treasure.craigslist.org/art/d/doll-house-vintage-victorian/6710576341.html A L
  3. It's an RGT house for sure. But the Altamont was a house with no addition and had a front porch for just the front door. Of course, the addition could have been added on and the porch could be lost. But I'm not finding any RGT house with an addition on one side only and no porch at all. The only house I see with an addition on one side only also has a double porch: one for the front door and one that wraps around it. That house is called the Hardwick. So...who knows. I'll keep an eye out. I wonder if it would do any good to contact RGT and see if they have an old list of all their houses and t
  4. Grrrr.....I found this a couple of nights ago on Offerup. I emailed the owner after it had been listed for only 8 hours. She emailed me back and said that one person was tentatively going to pick it up on Saturday and she had several others interested. If they all flaked out, she would contact me. What I should have done was learn from House Hunters and offered $100 to buy the house. https://offerup.com/item/detail/586161575/ Oh, well, I didn't need it and wouldn't know what to do with it and don't have room for it anyhow. (of course, all that is secondary to "I WANTED IT!")
  5. I just wanted to pop in here and say that my dad was a pilot and he retired old and safe. It was cigarette smoking that did him in. And even though I know a whole lot more about why planes crash than I want to, I would still fly in an instant because I know the planes are the safest they've ever been in history. Get some Xanax, relax, and have fun. You'll be fine. And don't forget to send pictures of sun and beach back to us poor people enduring winter!
  6. I wasn't interested in getting the kit, so I didn't look very closely at the boxes. But Carmen is right about the water damage and if that kit is made with rabbeted edges and the same kind of wood the LOA kit is, that wood will crumble coming out of the box.
  7. Kind of a waste. Enough of that kindling and you could build another nice house. Anyhoo, I found this looking for something else. An S/W Crafts Stucco house. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-S-W-Crafts-Dollhouse-Kit-Victorian-Stucco-Cottage-860-IN-BOX-2-Boxes/264059352938?hash=item3d7b29f76a:g:W6IAAOSwIAJb-uhA
  8. I meant, I wonder what she does with the other half of the house.
  9. I wonder what she does with the back side of them.
  10. Someone made a beautiful adobe house once out of the Somerset. It was featured in Nutshell News, I think. They put in half circles for the upper windows and added a Deerfield door and then covered all the exterior, including the doors and windows (which made it look really neat) with a sand like substance. The house looked awesome. I've never seen this house before and last night when I was cruising on Offer Up, I found two of them, practically next to each other, by two different owners. https://offerup.com/item/detail/375284497/ https://offerup.com/item/
  11. I wasn't looking for one, but the postage for that one to ship to me is $38. I think I'd pass. There are a couple more Canterburys if someone misses that one, though. None of these are really cheap. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-The-Canterbury-House-Wooden-Doll-House-Kit/332885366048?hash=item4d81839520:rk:25:pf:0 https://www.ebay.com/itm/The-Canterbury-Doll-House-Kit-GG-Products-G8802-Made-in-USA/163368642425?hash=item260987a779:g:zz0AAOSwUBtb6MfN:rk:26:pf:0
  12. I know people have been looking for the metal washer and dryer. Here's the dryer, in case the washer shows up one day: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dollhouse-Miniature-White-Metal-Dryer-L0051/232772704601?epid=1100376416&hash=item3632559959:g:FBMAAOSwRZ1a~gHF
  13. Interesting house. Is there anyone here who thinks this is a super bash of a Bostonian? https://denver.craigslist.org/clt/d/designer-doll-house/6743414147.html And if anyone is in Scottsdale and wants to get a lot of discontinued Houseworks fancy Victorian windows all at once, we have this house - I figured the cost of the windows and doors alone would probably be worth what they're asking for the house. Twelve single windows, two double windows, and two doors. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/tag/d/doll-house/6711275984.html And a co
  14. That's OK, I'm not really looking for Bespaq. I think the furniture is too shiny and plastic looking and too fancy for what I like. But I will look you up on eBay! Thank you! I should have known it was New England Miniatures - I just bought a bathroom set from you. Sheesh! Sometimes I worry about myself.
  15. What seller name does Grazhina sell under? I'm sure I knew it once, but you know, getting old and all... LOL
  16. Keith, did you know there are blogs dedicated to modern dollhouses? I also can't wait to see what you do with this.
  17. Is that who Debbie is on eBay! I've bought a couple things from her myself and I have her saved as an eBay seller as well. She does have some nice things at very reasonable prices.
  18. Hugs to you, Miranda. It's so hard to let go, even when you know you have to.
  19. I had lots of lemons for lemonade, but I could seldom afford the sugar. Holly, if I had a cute trainer like that, I'd have to tie him up with a chain. Otherwise he'd take one look at me and run for his life! Jeannine, I was just born ornery. My mom would tell me not to touch the TV and I'd turn around and slap it in front of her. I'm so contrary, I'll probably die arguing with someone. Although I wouldn't mind being related to Holly, I doubt she'd want to claim any relation to me. LMAO
  20. My smoke alarm is in the kitchen and it shrieked whenever I opened the oven door and took out something even a little bit crisped. I whacked it with a dishtowel and now it makes a beep beep sound that would still wake me, but not the whole county. Today, though...I have those metal covers over my burners (electric) because I want my kitchen to look nice (and hide the fact that I haven't cleaned the pans yet). So one of my gallon water bottles in the fridge is leaking and in putting it up on the small counter to see where, it slips out of my hands and hits a burner, turning it on. I ha
  21. Blood sugar is fine. Blood pressure is fine. MRI and MRA came out fine. EKG is fine. I'm the healthiest sick person around. My doctor sort of blew off my concerns on Monday, so I'm looking for another doctor to harass now. At the very least I'll get a fourth opinion. Dr. Google scared the crap out of me. I didn't really read about TIAs until last Wednesday and then I read that 50% of people who have a TIA have a real stroke in the next 48 hours (glad I didn't know that on Monday) and 1 out of 4 will have a stroke in the next year. I really didn't need to know that either.
  22. These aren't houses, but the cabinet looked like it would go well in a kitchen setting (I can see bowls and pottery and cookbooks on those shelves and a broom in the narrow cabinet) and the cupboards are very cheap for the price, although no guarantee they'll stay cheap. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dollhouse-Miniature-Modern-Unfinished-Wooden-Storage-Cabinet-GWJ25/382433303925?hash=item590acd1d75:g:kYoAAOSwsKpazQE4:sc:USPSFirstClass!98057!US!-1 https://www.ebay.com/itm/TWO-2-OLD-NEW-1-12-VICTORIANA-LEADED-GLASS-CUPBOARD-KITS-B-H-MINIATURES/132844464934?_trkparms=aid%3D333200%26a
  23. You can look on Craig;s List for a cheap sofa table. They come in all widths and lengths and are usually high enough to put large dollhouse on top. You can also get some wood (I recommend a half inch thick) and have it cut to the size of your house. If the sofa table is too narrow, the board can go on the table and the house can go on the board. A lot of sofa tables also have shelves and drawers underneath as well. Good for storing mini stuff.
  24. Congratulations! That is a wonderful house!
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