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  1. Oh, so not cool! I was just browsing Chef John's videos and the next site I clicked on was Greenleaf. All I could think of is, "I need that recipe!" BURN! I'd forgotten to adjust my mental gears before coming here and it's in miniature. :doh:

    Well, that's how real and scrumptious it looks. Beautiful job!


  2. I'd kill for that TV. LOL

    I've been seeing this dollhouse floating around the internet for a while now and just loved it. Finally I saw it on Pinterest with a name - on Greenleaf yet! So I did a search and found it here. How I missed this the first time, I'll never know. But I have to tell you, you've got the 50s look down pat. My aunt's house hasn't changed since she and her husband bought it and it looks just like this. What a beautiful job!

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