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  1. Hi Lynette! Never seen 'plans' for a mini, but here's a place where you can download a papercraft folding pattern. You may be able to work up a pattern using it. http://gfoyle.deviantart.com/art/Series-5-papercraft-Tardis-173754621?q=sort%3Atime+gallery%3Agfoyle&qo=3 Hope you get to build one -- that would be just tooo cool
  2. Charlene

    halloween 007

    Love it -- just the right amount of creepiness :yikes:
  3. Adorable! What a great monkey bash!
  4. Lovely idea! The Wizard of Oz is still my all-time favorite movie. Don't think I've ever seen a "Dorothy house" in mini. Years ago, one of the mini mags had a single photo of the "Oz Retirement Home" with an aged Dorothy and her equally elderly companions (no Toto, though, apparently he'd gone to doggie heaven). Anyway, that's the only "Oz" mini I can recollect...they're probably out there, though, my memory is rather porous. Like the idea of the 'faded portraits' -- clever. Is the house in Kansas or Oz? If it's in Oz, a munchkin or two peeking out of the shrubbery would be great...
  5. The only thing I can think of to try to remove the yellow without scratching is vinegar. Y'know if you're going to use lace against the yellowed window, try ecru or cream instead of pure white. The white might make the yellow more obvious.
  6. Thanks Pat! Exactly what I needed.
  7. Wonder if one of the Glencroft builders would be kind enough to give me the living room measurements -- especially need the length of the walls. I assume they're approx 8" high. Thank you!
  8. Polymer clay would definitely be my choice.
  9. I'm confused. You can do that. Not sure why you'd want to. The splice is usually at the end of the run brought out the back or going beneath and then outside the house ending up under some bushes, 'cause otherwise it's really hard to hide. Have you considered how you're going to disguise the splice and it's accompanying wiring in the room?
  10. Dentil moulding (for the bottom) and cut-off traditional newel posts (for the rail) could easily work.
  11. That's great, Linda! I've seen her work and she is terrific. You go girl!
  12. Carol's right, should have mentioned that tapewire tester (and thanks, Carol, for using the proper name -- I always call it that little electrical prongee thingee so now I can use the hi-tech name instead :monkeydance: ).
  13. ROFL! Ok, I've got my pen & paper and I'm writing down all these very good replies so that the next time someone is rude, condescending or just plain mean, I'll pull it out and have a ready reponse!
  14. Good luck with the auction, Anna. He's adorable so sure it'll sell quickly.
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