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  1. need lots of advice here 1- what sort of paint do i use on the exterior of a house to cover old paint with out peeling later 2- what sort of paint do i use on the interior of a house that would allow for painting over and/or wallpapering over in the future 3- what sort of glue would everyone recommend for items that are not wood 4- how can i remove dried pooled glue from particle board without damamging it 5- how can i remove old wallpaper from paricle board without damaging it 6- what kind of wood filler would be appropriate for particle board and advice on any of thes
  2. I have a dremmal (sp?) and one by northern tools - i love to use my one by northern - the only two things that i dont like about it is that the motor is not very powerful in the smaller unit - but i havent needed it much anyways - and it is hard to find the replacement sanding wheels for the smaller sized sanding drum - but it sure makes everything easier to do - here is a link for the set ... http://www.northerntool.com/webapp/wcs/sto...26924_200326924 it is alot cheaper than to dremmel also
  3. I was still deliberating - but then... I had a horrible nightmare that this house was haunted - it even brought my real dead dog back to life as a demon - lol - which i guess i should not laugh at - sometimes you just have to laugh - I do NOT want it in my real house. I know this sounds nuts - but anyone that is nightmare prone will know that having it here will trigger the dream again and again. So there you all have it. I guess I am crazy as a loon. But if anyone is in NC - or wants to pay for shipping I could pick it up for you. The lady hasn't had any other people interested.
  4. I think I am going to skip this one then - considering I am working full time and going to school part time - and i have quite a few projects going already - I would never get it done - lol - thnx! altho it does look beautiful
  5. there is an older san fran on craigs list this morning for 25 bucks in the box. it seems to be a nightmare to build though - how much time on average does it take to put this one together so i can decide - thnx
  6. This is going to sound strange but you can use nail polish. There is a technique manicurists use called doting and you end up with uniform raised dots. There is a tool that you can use to do it - but you can also use a skewer - just file the point down some (not alot just dont want it pointy) dip in it the polish - and make dots - it dries quick - is easily removable if you mess up - and stays once its dry. Check out walmarts nail polish section - the cheapo brands have all sorts of unusual colors that are metalic - I bought one called lightning that looks like nails.
  7. My nephew is absolutely fascinated with the whole dollhouse thing. I was considering asking my sister permission to give him one for christmas, but I know she will not allow it. it is sad really but that is the way people are.
  8. Personally it makes me very sad that you are going to sell such a beautiful house. Do you not have any close friends or grandchildren you could give it to? Not that it is any of my business and I hope that I am not crossing any prersonal lines.
  9. havanaholly - Sounds like you guys did great at the rally. I havent been on a bike since I was a child. I don't even think that I could ride one anymore. sommerstern7 - I did not think you were talking bad about the houses - lol - everyone has their own taste and you are intitled to yours - rofl - don't apologize for it. To tell you the truth neither of these are my favorites, so they will prolly end up being gifted to someone.
  10. Ok - so I boiled the peices I was trying to make and it worked out wonderfully - Thanks for the tip - I never wold have thought of it. To avoid the sticky I just didnt work to clay as much - if I got frustrated and couldnt get something to look the way i wanted I put it down and used a new peice. Seemed to do better. Thnx again
  11. Thanks for the tips on how to remove the glue. I didn't even know where to begin. Hope you had fun at the race.
  12. I was very excited also. I am not sure yet what i am going to do with them. they will both be a back burner project for at least a couple of months i am sure. The vermont has alot of thinsa actually glues to it and in it that i am going to have to fingure out how to remove. It was funny - on the way home the door and the stairs fell off, but the furniture they glued to the walls stayed right were it is. they also used shelf paper for some of the floors and the walls so i need to get that off too. o well - rainy day projects ahoy.
  13. I have taken so long in posting these pictures that I doubt anyone who was interested will even bother to look now ... but here ya go ...
  14. i was trying to make some various things for this spring fling project that isnt going as well as i would like - lol - it is sculpy that i am using - but it has been very humid here lately too - which is nothing new - so i am guessing that may have something to do with it - i wonder if i can use potato starch instead of cornstarch - i have a mild corn allergy - dumb i know - lol thnx for the advise
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