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    Besides minis, I'm an artist, when I have time I paint with acrylic or watercolor and draw, I favor landscapes, architecture and flowers. I also do various other crafts and sew occasionally. I'm a graphic artist, so I design logos and various collateral. I also enjoy cooking and baking.

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  1. I used brads to connect the wires. I just moved, so I have to find where I have my probe tester thing and then get over to where I have my house stored to do the testing. I'm more worried about how to remove the light fixture from the ceiling without ripping or damaging the wires. I will buy a new fixture if needed,and I could always put a medallion over the ripped ceiling area if needed.
  2. If I had to check that, would I have to remove the entire light fixture from the ceiling? If so, how do I do that without doing alot of damage? I have a plastic molded ceiling glued in and the light is glued with E6000 glue
  3. I did check the bulbs already, so its not that, but I'll check them again just to be sure. I had another fixture not working and it was just a loose bulb.
  4. I had to move 2 weeks ago, and had to pack up all of my dollhouses. The Beacon Hill is the only one with lights, and while I was getting out the furniture from the dining room, I knocked the chandalier loose. I glued it back in place, but didn't have time to test it out until after I had the house moved to its new temporary location for storage. I plugged in the lights and they all work except for that one, and I think one wall sconce doesn't work now either. How do I go about fixing this? Its been so long since I installed all the lights I don't remember all the steps I did to install them. I
  5. I went to Hobby Lobby last nite, and didn't find cork ribbon, they had sheets of cork paper in the scrapbook section as someone mentioned, but it didn't have the variation to it like the ribbon. Where would I find cork ribbon?
  6. Wow, so many great suggestions! Now I just have to make up my mind. I have a few questions, for the veneer wood, where would I get that, and do you have to litterally iron it on? I do have a mini iron, not sure it would work. For the cork ribbon, can it be painted and/or varnished?
  7. Its 1/12th scale. I used skinny sticks on my Beacon Hill porch. I'm trying to do something a bit less labor intensive with this one.
  8. I have a Tennyson that I bought off Craigslist already assembled except for some trim and the inside was blank. The person who built it painted the exterior of the house a light yellow with white trim. The porch floor is also the same yellow. I do not want to try to paint the porch floor since all the railings were already on there. I was looking for a wood plank patterned paper to put on for the porch but I can't find the right scale and wood plank or board look I'm going for. I'm thinking white or natural color wood would look nice. Any suggestions?
  9. Thats great you finally got to fulfill your dream of having a dollhouse! And the Beacon Hill is a great choice! Mine is like one of my children :-) I love it sooooo much
  10. I agree, that you do it cuz you love it. I just don't have the room, thats why I may have to part with this one. As long as I sort of break even I would be ok I guess.
  11. Does anyone have a general way to price a dollhouse when selling it? I am building one and will include all the furniture, there are no lights in it. What would I charge for it? I bought it partially built already, so it was a shell, just painted on the outside and I'm doing the rest.
  12. This is amazing! The water really brings it to life! You did an excellent job!
  13. How about a darker shade of red? Or brown or beige?
  14. CindyLee


    To color the bricks, before I cut the bricks out of the egg carton pieces, I just scraped colored chalks and then mixed together the color I wanted and brushed it on the pieces, then coated in 1 coat of modge podge, cut out the bricks and glued to the chimney and then put another coat of modge podge over it when it was done.
  15. CindyLee


    I think I got the lamp from Hobby Builders Supply, its not electrified. The lighthouse mural wallpaper is actually a wallpaper border from an old wallpaper sample book I bought from Menards. The map wallpaper in the left room is also from that book, the scale worked perfectly for the house!
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