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  1. Mar

    Enjoying the flowers

    Wonderful photo's Janet. I think Celeste has a wonderful time at your place. I also love to see how different your vegetation is.
  2. Wow, it's a great room for Celeste to stay, I hope you both have wonderful days.
  3. I be restoring a Garfield and had to made some large changes otherwise it never could through a door neither could into my house. But I didn't regret it for one second. However I think it will cost me ages to finish it.
  4. Mar

    Dutch Mill 1:12

    LOL, you won't hear my shippingcost. But I knew traveling USA -> The Netherlands is a lot cheaper as The Netherlands -> USA. By the way no misunderstanding I payed with love the shipping bill, but if I will pay yours :nono: perhaps when you visit me small scale
  5. O she definitly will Sherry. She wanted to help 'Mar' too but she won't let her. I think Celeste is very handy .
  6. Mar

    Celeste in the Netherlands

    A view about the visit of Celeste in the Netherlands, more pictures are on her blog and special photoalbum.
  7. I had hoped that you was on vacation but also was affraid that you where sick. Normaly I see you a lot around here. But ones a doll was lost by that people sended her out without knowing of hear something of the next hostess so I wouldn't took the risk. But I think Celeste will love it to visit your place and I'm looking forward to that visit.
  8. LOL, it's not a secret, but I notice that in the Netherlands we are more open for nudes or other adult things. Ones I made a granddad naughty box in miniature. A shoebox with vintage nudes postcards, I think you know them the really old ones made about 1900. Perhaps it's an idea when you won't have that little children see these kind of things. 'Hide' them and people be free to leave the box open or close it when they have children at home and they will keep this stuff away for children. But this kind of stuff in mini is so small that you need a looking glass to see what is really on to it.
  9. LOL, you can put me on the list too, I reoganised about three weeks ago my craftroom, closet and space, O my. I think i don't need to buy something for the next ten years. So I'm glad I'm not alone with this problem.
  10. LOL, I thought you would Sherry. Anyway Celeste just shipped in and is settled in her cabin. I'm so glad that she took the advice of the booking office. Depending the weather they told me that the trip should take 6-9 days. Let's hope she makes a safe trip. I'm off to wave her goodbey.
  11. She had to go to beyondbaffeld, but I try to reach her over four days but I got no answer. Perhaps she is on vacation. I also haven't a answer of Sara what to do now. But due the travel time, and the experience that thursday is the best day, fastest connection for posting packages overseas, I prefere to send her out tomorrow. So I do hope that I know it before the postoffice closed.
  12. O, Celeste will help you out when she is at your place she really is a computer nerd :thumb: . At this moment she is from home to the mailbox but I just saw that she wrote something on her blog.
  13. LOL, that store is about a hour cardrive of my place :thumb: when I'm lucky and there is no traffic jam, which mostly is. So it's good for my bank account too. Thanks for looking and your comments Janet.
  14. :thumb: When I woke up this morning Celeste was already gone, she took my car :o and I just have seen on her blog where she was hanging out today. Probably you get a little jalouse. Enjoy.
  15. Here we are again, a new post is up. Celeste and I had worked this weekend to finished a part of her family tree and photo's we have found of her lost family members. We both have squared eyes of it, because she also wanted a website of it and a special photoalbum :thumb: . Anyhow the post with link to the site with tree and photo album, which is also on the familytree site, can be found on her blog. Enjoy.
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