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  1. What an excellent job! Fixed up to the Nth detail! And a deck too? WOW
  2. Thanks for the Welcome, My Minishop! Right now I'm a new Buyer on Ebay, not a seller yet. If anyone is interested, I do have the details and dimentions of the house. I have to get new batteries for my digital camera, then I can post a pic. BTW, I had purchased at a Dollhouse show, alot of mini furniture and accessories for the house, and sadly B) I never used them). I still have them all boxed in original boxes too. My plan for the house, was to make it the house of the town Doctor. He would have had an office in the front room, with charts, desk, high back chair,
  3. :lol: Hi Hello All! I am new to this forum. I joined because I was doing a Google search on Hofco House, miniature dollhouses. I went thru a few sites, on inparticular addressed the topic of "building your first dollhouse". It DID mention the Hofco company as being a small company, but made a very dollhouse which was heavy w/1/8-1/4 inch wood, and separate"fixtures" that were very well crafted. It went on to say that these doll houses usually are priced at the high end. Circa 1987. Then I looked at and old post from this site, mentioning the Hofco house. Well thats why I'm here. I have a
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