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  1. I crochet, a lot scarves, afghans, amigurumi (japanese art of small crochet animals!), doll clothing, pet sweaters etc. I love it the most, I find it easier to alter crochet patterns, easier to freehand, easier to fix mistakes, etc when crocheting. I think all my stuffed creations are happy I crochet too I knit too, but I don't like it nearly as much. I do a little round and straight loom knitting though, mostly for scarves and afghan squares and that sort of thing.
  2. Thanks Kathie and Muriel for the congrats! Wasn't feeling great yesterday, so I took a day off to rest up and went out job hunting today. Tomorrow it is a day to finish a stuffed animal commission, then Thursday I will tidy up my room and my desk. Depending on how long that takes, I'll either tea stain my wallpaper for my Buttercup Thursday evening or Friday morning. After getting the wallpaper done and into the Buttercup so I can quit worrying about wrinkling it horribly, I'll have to get on to trying to use up the contents of my fabric and jewelry making drawers by making things to put up in my Etsy store. I got in to UGA (*happy dances!!!*), I need to sell off as much as possible so I don't have to move it all to Georgia!!!
  3. Semester was over Thursday, graduation yesterday, and job hunting tomorrow! Don't know when in the world I'll be able to get back to working on my buttercup.
  4. I can probably do waaaay more of these than the average 20 year old can. We were a really "low-tech" family until I was in high school. All my papers that were required to be typed, until then, were done on a type writer, I didn't have my first CD player until my 8th grade graduation, and the only cassette player in the house was my dad's boom box, etc. Actually, our first family computer was a hand me down junker from an old school that was entirely DOS run, most people my age never used a computer without a mouse, ever Reading this site reminds me a lot of how different, technologically speaking, my childhood was from that of most people my age!
  5. Also, a secondary note on compact fluorescents. Anyone with seizure or migraine issues of their own, or in family members, might want to be wary of where in the household they use them because, like strobe lights, they are an inconsistent light source that mess with visually triggered issues like those. I can't have them in the house in lights that I use all the time because of my migraines and often have to limit my evening time at the houses of friends who have switched entirely to fluorescents for this reason. I ride the public bus to my college campus from home I take my lunch and water to school every day in reusable containers, not a slew of prepackaged things and baggies That and the usual turning off of lights and electronics I don't need, unplugging the ones in stand by mode that I don't bother to keep set, limiting shower length when I can, etc. I recycle, and our community has separate green waste bins that get taken out every other week, so we try to keep a separate bin under the sink for green waste stuff that can be put in there. A lot of major cities have a slightly more expensive green energy option from major power companies too, you pay a tiny bit more for it, and the some of the extra money you pay goes in to expanding their green energy production, so if you can spare the money you should look in to it with you electric company! A ton of other great green ideas are available at http://www.thegreenguide.com/ !
  6. In my experience, 75% of people who work at places like JoAnn, Michaels, HobbyLobby, etc don't know their heads from a hole in the ground, let alone what things are made or carried in their stores. Praises be to the few who actually DO know what they're talking about. I can't count the number of times I've caught myself helping out saddened/dejected/frustrated customers that have been told that the products they saw on such and such DIY program don't exist or that the store hasn't EVER carried them, and they certainly don't now, only to tell them that no, they have it, it's called <insert product name here> and that it's probably on aisle <insert number> about halfway down unless they've moved it recently or are out of stock, etc. Yet, none of these places will hire me, but they'll hire the people that'll tell their customers flat out that the product just plain doesn't exist, even when the customer just saw it on tv sometimes only minutes previously? Freezer paper is amazing though, my mother and I have both used it to make printed fabric envelopes, and printed tissue envelopes and so on. Pretty much anything of lightweight natural fiber can be ironed to freezer paper and run through the printer.
  7. Haha! The poor little guy looks so confused :lol:
  8. Tako

    Jack and the Glass

    I love his ear tufts :lol: So cute!
  9. I prefer smoked sausage dogs, polish dogs, or spicy hot links to your average hot dog for starters. As for what I put on it? Ketchup, yellow mustard, sweet relish, and shredded cheddar cheese! I've eaten them that way since I was really little!
  10. after working for 7 hours on school work I went and stared at the papers I tea stained last night and only one of them really looks good. I think the stripes might be passable for the lower floor, but I'm not in love with them, so I don't know. I'm so cheap that I'm trying to avoid paying 70 cents a sheet for them at the scrap booking store However, now that the JoAnn sale is over, I'd have to wait until they were on sale again to get them for -less- that that anyway!
  11. I've never had to pay a fee for transferring to my bank account in the US, but that might be because I have a business/merchant account (I forget what it's called) versus just the regular personal account, because I use it for my jewelry business.
  12. I headed to JoAnn after going to the doctors to get my shots today. I took advantage of the 6/$0.96 sale they have on their open stock scrapbooking papers and grabbed six different ones I think might work, after being tea stained, to experiment with for the cottage, also got my dark stain for 40% off with a coupon, and a bottle of leaf green ceramcoat paint on sale for $0.89. I got everything I need to finished the rest of the interior and exterior (save for 4 more sheets of scrapbooking paper once I decide which patterns I'm using) for under $7! I'm so proud of being thrifty
  13. I'm not a super superstitious person, but there are some things I definitely believe in. I'm with Corwin! I don't care how perfect the house was, I'd probably not take it just because of the house number!
  14. Okay, I'm being bad and reading the board during class and I just about laughed out loud at the comments about Michael Landon's hair XD
  15. I have them all, but definitely don't want to give them away, they've been with me since my elderly next door neighbor came back from a trip along the "Wilder trail" with a (now very beat up and well loved) paperback copy of Little House on the Prairie for me the summer I turned 7, I've been reading them ever since! The reason, in my opinion, that the stories are so genuine and easy to read is that they are just the stories of her life. They are what she knows. Anyone who's every written knows it's alllllways easier to write with feeling what you know and what you've lived, or base stories in those truths, than to just make things up out of no where! I never really liked the show just because I'd rather sit and read the books again
  16. If you're willing to keep up with a bonsai (they can be quite a bit of work), they aren't always that expensive, especially not if you manage to find a bonsai show in the area! I got a gorgeous little Maple a few years ago for $15. Unfortunately my mother killed it while I was out of town shortly thereafter
  17. lucky (ADORABLE) little girl didn't have to touch her first, I had to KISS my first. Eeew!
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