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  1. Thanks Kathie and Muriel for the congrats! Wasn't feeling great yesterday, so I took a day off to rest up and went out job hunting today. Tomorrow it is a day to finish a stuffed animal commission, then Thursday I will tidy up my room and my desk. Depending on how long that takes, I'll either tea stain my wallpaper for my Buttercup Thursday evening or Friday morning. After getting the wallpaper done and into the Buttercup so I can quit worrying about wrinkling it horribly, I'll have to get on to trying to use up the contents of my fabric and jewelry making drawers by making things
  2. Semester was over Thursday, graduation yesterday, and job hunting tomorrow! Don't know when in the world I'll be able to get back to working on my buttercup.
  3. Haha! The poor little guy looks so confused :lol:
  4. I love his ear tufts :lol: So cute!
  5. Tako

    Added a Picture!

    I undid all the taping on my bay window after I got home from classes today and took a picture. I'm going to need to touch things up a bit in places, but I don't think it looks, too bad, does it? I'm going to have to paint the interior of the cabinet at some point too, because it just looks bad for it to be unfinished in there, even if it is just where the occupant will probably keep her potatoes and turnips Anyway here's a picture! I figure that I probably ought to see if I can find a scrapbooking paper that I like well enough during the 6 for 96 cent scrapbook paper s
  6. Tako

    Tako's Buttercup Build

    The beginnings of my first doll house. pictorial details of some of my screw ups. Improvements as well, I hope!
  7. I always end up never doing much work on Sundays, except possibly some grocery shopping, and never for any religious reasons (as people always tend to assume!). I go to classes full time Monday through Thursday, work on school work and commission work Friday and Saturday, and so Sunday is my day to rest and not do anything. However, today I actually did what I said I was going to! I glued the cabinet door front on the window seat of the bay window, and glued the window section onto the house. I'm really happy without how well the pin hinged doors work. One side is a bit sticky and cou
  8. Tako

    Still making mistakes

    It's looking so great too! If you're making any mistakes, you're sure covering them up well! ;)
  9. Everything's looking GREAT so far, and I LOVE the pictures with Tilly! My Buttercup feels so uncreative in comparison XD
  10. Finding time between school and everything else in my life to actually work on my poor neglected Buttercup is just getting harder as end of semester stress piles on, and I have to start wondering (read as stressing!) about all the finer details of moving entirely across the country. I don't even know if I've gotten in to the University I'm trying to transfer to or not, and won't until May! I've also had to face that I absolutely cannot spend anything on the cottage until after I find a job (which seems to be impossible ;) ) and until after I'm certain I have enough put aside for the move
  11. Tako


    I glued the front of the house on the other day, but haven't done any more work on it. I've been under the weather with my health issues plus what I suspect might be a flu bug. However, I did get around to taking some pictures of the things that have gone wrong, how I've mended them, and of the house in general, and they're all hanging out in my Buttercup Build Gallery!
  12. Tako

    Still making mistakes

    Basically so far I figured out that if you're as accident/mix-up prone as I am, the dry fit process is probably a very good idea. It was something that I didn't really do. I just made sure the tabs and slots for each wall would line up as I was gluing. I think for my next house I will be dry fitting and then labeling all my bits and pieces with a pencil on the side that is to face out, and which side should be the left and right and such, so I can keep myself straight while gluing!
  13. Sooo, even with all my care yesterday because of my previous mistakes, I still made more of them. Not too terribly huge, but tabs ended up in the wrong places. I ended up with slots that had no tabs to fill them and tabs that had no slots to fit into. House fit together just fine, but now I have tabs to whittle and sand off and slots to fill and sand. I could have fixed it, but I was NOT taking the blasted thing apart for a second time, and gluing it together for a third. So much for getting this blasted house put together and mostly finished before my break from school was over! :w
  14. So, I was super excited yesterday to have my main structure glued together and drying. Completely ecstatic in fact. With the same amount of enthusiasm I got ready to assemble the front of the house today. I turned the house right side up set it on it base and was please to find that, other than it rocking a touch on its base (something easily fixed by dampening and weighting the wood while it dries to undo the warping of the floor piece) that it seemed to be sturdily holding together. I soon began to be very, very displeased that I did such a sturdy job of gluing because, the longer I
  15. No pictures yet, it's not -that- much progress, but at least it's no longer just sheets of primed and sanded wood lying about! I went up to the Sonoma Coast to Bodega Bay and Jenner yesterday, it would have been a lot more fun if weather.com hadn't lied about the weather and if it hadn't involved so much time crammed in the back seat of a car. Bad knees, bad hips and a bad back + cramped back seat = bad news. Also, it was early enough in the season that none of the access stairs or anything had been repaired by park services after all the storms we've been having, so access to the bea
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