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  1. Gill Howe

    IMG 0770

    Thank you, I had so much fun doing it.
  2. Hi Darlene, I am not a good poster either, I have just fiished the Beacon Hill and now I feel EMPTY!!! wish I could find a 'find' like you did. Welcome!!! Gill
  3. Gill Howe

    Monty and Sally

    We decided it was time to get another puppy. So this is Sally Dexterella, she is not a close relation to Montague Bennett but they look so much alike it is hard to think that they are not 'distant' relations!!!
  4. Gill Howe

    We got another!!!

    We decided to get Monty a baby sister. Her name is Sally Dexterella, she is adorable
  5. Gill Howe

    My Beacon Hill

    Progress slow but steady
  6. Planning on going with my husband, this will be my first....show and husband!!!!
  7. I have just recieved a copy of Eurominis catalogue, has anybody else seen it. It is great!!!!
  8. Gill Howe

    Montague Bennet

    Our Boy, Monty. He is a 3year old St Bernard with the sweetest nature you could wish for.
  9. I have just been working on the staircase of my Beacon Hill, it went much better than I expected.
  10. Thank you, I can't believe that it is possible to have so much pain in your heart and still live. Gill
  11. Thank you, I can't believe that you can have so much pain in your heart and still live!!!! Thank you
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