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  1. Thanks Kathie, that is what I was thinking. He started it over a year ago and he is all about the extra glue. LOL Which is normally a good thing, but not in this case. Sigh...
  2. Well here I am again. I purchased the little trailer for my husband years ago and he started putting it together and quickly lost interest. The task now falls into my lap. Eeek! He removed a few items and then glued the interior trim on before paint (insert eye roll here) My question is, would it be possible to remove the trim after he used a lot of wood glue? I don't want to gouge the wood by trying to pry it off. I will probably have to try and paint them in place. I figured I will do a last ditch effort and check with the experts. Thank you so much!! Lony
  3. Wow your floors look amazing! You can still electrify your house with tape wire. You just have to run the flat wire up the walls and across the celling. If you do decide to do this make sure you take photos and measurements as to where your wires are. (I learned this the hard way) There is nothing worse than trying to put an outlet in where you are sure the wire is only to find out you are 1/2 inch off. Well, trying to paint an assembled house might be worse!
  4. Oh I found this on pintrest and I thought it would make some really unique tin plate cellings in a mini house. It is tin foil, glue and shoe polish! The design is only limited by your imagination. http://artclubblog.c.../foil-drawings/
  5. I was always writing in high school (a bazillion years ago) but my adventures kept me too busy to actually put anything down. Recently we moved to a very small town where I only know a handful of people. I am fortunate enough to not have to work, but my husband is gone two weeks at a time. Now I have nothing but time to let the creativity flow. Luckily my husband understands my need to create and he is never shocked to come home and find three or four different projects lying around. I am going to continue working on the story and for you wonderful people I will put a copy out. Hummm, perhapsI should attempt to get it published. Now that would be a hoot! Thank you so much for your kind words. They mean a lot to me.
  6. Hi Pat, You are in the right place. Everyone here is so wonderful and they have been a lifesaver for me on more than one occasion. I am going to start an orchid too so we can build together. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions! All wonderful as usual. I think I will save the lights for another house. Morgan, here is a few paragraphs of the story. Lony is not even a year old yet so I have a bit of time. LOL Now I have to put a monkey in the story too! Once upon a time, in a land far away lived the heroin of our story. Her name was Natalia but everyone always called her Nettie. She was a troll. Before you wrinkle up your face and put this story down, she was not a live under the bridge and scare Billy goats kind of troll. Nettie was a kind and beautiful troll who loved nothing more than to make yummy goodies to share with her friends. Nettie lived in Troll Mountain. Her cave always smelled of cinnamon, vanilla and homemade bread. It was a lovely, homey cave. I know you are asking yourself how a cave can be lovely and homey. Nettie, unlike the other trolls, kept her cave clean. Her bed was always made and there was never any moss growing on the walls. Every morning Nettie would put on her purple cloak that her nana made for her and she would walk through the woods looking for berries and plants to make her treats. Her faithful dog Fred would accompany her on her morning walks. Now normally trolls do not keep dogs as pets. The other trolls that lived in the mountain kept snakes and skunks for pets. Not Nettie, she found Fred Dog lost in the woods and she knew she had to take him home. From the very first day Nettie and Fred were the best of friends. As they strolled through the forest Nettie would stop to pick some berries and Fred would sniff all the wonderful smells. Nettie never worried about the goblins or ogres that lived in the forest as long as Fred was by her side.
  8. Holly you are so right. My life is filled with learning experiences. Although misadventures sounds like more fun. :groucho:
  9. Hi, I thought I would pose this question to the smartest mini people I know. My Grandma mind has been whirling since the birth of Baby Lony last year. I have an Orchid that I am going to be making into a bakery for her. Her mom is really into fantasy stuff and a series of books by Piers Anthony called Xanth. Being the weirdo that I am, I decided that the owner of the bakery was going to be a troll named Natalia, Nettie for short. I am writing some stories that I am going to give to Baby Lony as she grows that are all about the adventures of Nettie. Since she is so young and I want her to be able to actually play with the dollhouse when she is older I have been on the fence about whether or not I should electrify this particular house. Lony is getting a little sister this year. I am adding another dollhouse to my list. I have not decided if it will be a craft store, quilt shop, dress shop....I dunno yet. This one will be owned by an Ogre and she is going to be the trolls best friend. That way I can incorporate the two into the stories and the girls can play together. Since I am sure there will be many dollhouses later down the road when they are older that I can make all fancy smanchy............ Long story long...... Do I electrify or don't I? Thanks so much for the input. I truly value your opinions. Ohhh and yeah, Nettie's bakery is going to be famous for........you guessed it.. Netties troll house cookies.
  10. Hi Morgan, it is very nice to meet you too. I have lots of misadventures so you should be pleasantly entertained.
  11. Hehehe well the stores are long gone but I posted the old gals photos in the new gallery.
  12. Well thanks. I am doing great and cancer free. My female plumbing did not fare quite as well. LOL Childbirth is over rated anyway. ;) I went to storage today and got my orchid. I am looking at the box like a little kid....fingers itching to open it. I told myself I had to finish my other projects first. Like that is gonna happen. I bet dollars to donuts I am in that baby tonight.
  13. I am in awe. The perfection in this build is mind boggling.
  14. Lony

    the front exterior

    I am in love with the concept and the finished project.
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