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    I am a graphic designer and love all types of arts and crafts. Scrapbooking and miniature dollhouse making are my two favorite. I could spend an entire weekend building and furnishing my dollhouses. One could say that I am a beginner. I am currently building my second house, which is going to be a one-room schoolhouse. I already have my next four projects planned. I just have a full-time job that tends to get in the way! I am always interested in learning more about miniatures and that is why I am on here. If anyone is interested in joining our club please let me know!! We are meeting near Appleton, WI.

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  1. @ Deborah- the only think I didn't create was the table and chairs (although I did add the table cover-that was always a must with Grandma), telephone, toaster and the one fish hanging on the wall. It was so much fun and thank you for the kind words everyone!
  2. I spent a lot of time at my grandparents when I was a child. After my grandpa's passing I wanted to create a room box of their kitchen, as this is where we spent most of our time. I can still remember my grandpa sitting at his special place at the table and my grandma slaving over the store making one of her many, delicious suppers! It took me years to complete the room box because of time restraints but I can happily say that I think I'm complete! I actually completed it just in time to showcase it at my grandma's funeral. It was a huge hit! Started w/the outside; Family pictures at my grandparent's over the years In progress- Photo of my Grandpa and niece at the kitchen table. Starting to looks so real! My grandpa taught me how to color so a coloring book and crayons on the table were a must! Walking into the kitchen; I always remembered the duck on the counter holding pens and bills, the family tree plaques and antlers above my grandpa's chair, some type of pie or baked good being prepped for baking on the counter, green Kool-Aid was always made in the waiting in the frig, my grandpa's inhailer always on the window sill by his chair at the table, the latest family photos stuck in the trim behind my Grandpa's chair, the rug that my Grandpa had to have under his feet when sitting at the table and the most important- cards on the table from the hundreds of crazy 8 games that were played! The retro metal sink and dumplings cooking on the stove (a family fav!) My grandparents only source of heat! This was also grandma's favorite way of cooking. Notice the huge burn mark on the floor- that was Grandma- she dropped the stove cover one day! Opps! Top view of the entire roombox My grandpa and his annual growing of his amaryllis. Notice it on the table! My grandparents! My Inspiration! Miss them dearly!
  3. Hello Everyone! I was on here years ago and was very active with making miniatures, until I had kids and everything was put away in the basement. Well... I think the time is finally here where I can start getting the boxes back out and unpacked!! I'm so excited to get back on here and start creating again! -Rachel
  4. how exciting!! Good luck and remember... its all about the tags!
  5. Do you think its possible to make extra money by selling your miniature creations? If so, what venues would you use?
  6. Welcome!! I am just like you....I joined a while back but then forgot all about it. I am back though and I'm going to try and stay as active as I can.
  7. I have been trying to get something going in my area, but no luck! I guess there aren't very many mini lovers in central Wisconsin!!?? -Rachel
  8. Nice Job Ann! I didn't get mine finished.
  9. rocks911

    Spring Contest

    I tried but failed to get my Scandinavian Country Store done in time for the Spring contest :-(
  10. Thank you everyone for your responses. Doesn't look like anyone is in my area, but I am still going to keep trying.
  11. Hello Everyone! We are starting a miniature club in New London, Wisconsin. If anyone is interested please contact me!!!. -Rachel
  12. Want to come to Wisconsin? ha ha. we are starting a miniature club and would love to have you!
  13. Hello Everyone! We are starting a miniature club in NorthEast Wisconsin (by Appleton). If anyone is interested please contact me Via PM here. -Rachel
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