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  1. I really liked the idea of a house perched on top of a hill, with a basement carved into the rock kind of like my mini shop's haunted house, and rick pierces myrlens cave seen at this link http://home-and-garden.webshots.com/photo/...27582vipXMjTDEH. so im really happy
  2. ike


    It makes a great floor polish. All you you need is an old iron you can can get waxy, and a chunk of beeswax .
  3. ike

    New blog!!!!!!!!!!

    So really i dont really know what i want to do yet with the house.Picture.bmp. Ive tried stuff,and hated it. Right now im reworking everything execpt the exterior colors which are the ones in the obove picture. I wont really be blogging for a while because i cant really work on the house. I will be printing out all my wall paper,and i hope to finish it this coming year. Cant make any promises. TTFN
  4. geniuses are naturally messy
  5. an orchid i got it at hannas in antioch
  6. why thank you the red cup contians my miracle aging sulotion. i really need to clean.
  7. hi i dot know if you remeber me but im back. My once arts and craft style orchid yet to be finished has now turned into a faded glory. it once was fancy but has fallen into disrepair here is what i have so far and here is a picture of my craft area.I got all that wallpaper for $.75
  8. im thinking my kitchen with white wainscotting or the living room or the bedroom what do you think would be best
  9. How would i go about making miniature friezes any suggestionns would be welcome.This would be for an arts and craft home.
  10. hears to picture of wallpaper i waz wondering if some one could expand it and scale it
  11. Hey everyone Im not so good with roads but if you can make it to the train station its in that stip. Beware the shop is cluttered but they mini things ask the owner they have more stuff in back.
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