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  1. John

    Extreme Birdhouses

    Thanks Rebecca , This house , hotel has 62 apartments .
  2. John

    Extreme Birdhouses

    Hi Ann , thank you very much
  3. Thank you Deb and havanaholly for the helpful tips . Deb i have never built a doll house yet but people have been asking me to for the last few years . I was never interested in building one but then a little over six months ago i became a grandpa to a beautiful little girl so i have quickly changed my mind since then. lol
  4. Nice work Debra, since i am a rookie at this i am wondering does the wallpaper go on before the walls go together or after ?
  5. Most of the barnwood that i use is hemlock , it looks a bit like cedar and last a very long time . Hi Wendy and thank you . I love looking at all the kits , they are all beautiful but i will probably design my own dollhouse the first time around. The second one i do will be from one of these kits and it will probably be one of the hardest kits that i can find. :whistle:
  6. Thanks again everyone Havanaholly : I built the sitting area out of 70 year old barn wood. I almost lost it a few days ago , we had a really bad wind storm and a large tree right behind it snapped and fell right on it. Somehow it didn,t do any damage at all .I sure got lucky this time. :whistle: I am going to cut the remaining piece down a little more then put a 4 ft birdhouse on it.
  7. John

    Extreme Birdhouses

    Thank you Rosalind , the birds sure love them.
  8. Thank you Bill and Peggi for the warm welcome . I am really looking forward to building a few doll houses , it,s a nice change from birdhouses. Today was much nicer then it was a few days ago .I took this picture just after Christmas. The second picture is my front yard in the summer. I live on a 100 acre farm so the backyard is much bigger.
  9. John

    Extreme Birdhouses

    Thank you Rosalind. I clean the large houses about every 3 years and the small houses every year .The insides are all removable on the small houses and i use metal tongs on the large houses .They really don,t take very long to clean.
  10. John

    Extreme Birdhouses

    Thank you Anne , Once the houses get moved out to the front yard or go up the cats don,t bother with the birds. I feed them very well anyway .lol
  11. John

    Extreme Birdhouses

    I wanted to build them a fancy house but they would destroy it in no time .They have a bad habit of scratching up the wood.
  12. John

    Extreme Birdhouses

    These are one of a kind Extreme Birdhouses made from 70- 150 year old reclaimed barn wood.
  13. Thank you Jeni for the nice welcome .
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