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  1. I want to thank everyone yet again their encouragement, kind words, support and prayers. I will keep you all posted and let you know when the surgery is. I will definetly be doing some mini work in all the time Ii will have at home, so hopefully I will have some good eye candy to post and then I will have something to show for 3 months off of work! A healthly body and awesome mini's!!
  2. Well, I went to see the oncolgist this morning. He seems to be a really great guy. What he seems to think is that I either have a condition called malikulitis(I am sure that is spelled wrong). I kind of forgot how to pronounce it too . Or it is a soft tissue sarcoma, which is a cancerous tumor. It shows chracteristics of both. If it is the malikulitis, the what happened was I had a tear in my pelvic muscle, and the certain cells that we all have that repair injuries, all floated to the site of my muscle tear. Well, somehow instead of treating it and healing it like it was a muscle tear, the repair cells got the wrong message and repaired injury as if it were a bone fracture instead of a muscle tear. So therefore a ball of bone and cartilige formed in my muscle. They have sent my biopsy to a sarcoma specialist at Embry University, and her diagnosis should be back within a week. She is supposed to one of the leading doc's on sarcoma's so if she says that it's a sarcoma, then it's a sarcoma. Either way it has to be removed. The surgery will be basically the same no matter what it is, the treatment after will depend on what it is. If it's a sarcoma then I will have to have radiation afterwards, and possibly chemo. No matter which way it goes the surgery is "very invasive". He said it would be a good sized incision, and they would be removing not only the tumor, but damaged muscle around it. I will be in the hospital for a few days and then most likely have to have some physical therapy. He also said that even if they do not diagnose sarcoma there is still a possibility that when they get it all out that there maybe parts of it that are malignant. So either way I am looking a surgery, and it does not sound like an easy operation. He said I would be on narcotic pain medication for 6-8 weeks, and then he would wean me off onto other pain meds. So probably about 3 months or so till I am back 100%. I feel good and I am confident and not to terribly worried. A few months of pain is worth saving my life and/or preventing future pain. So that's the most recent update. Thanks again for listening!!
  3. Everyone has been so kind and encouraging during my ordeal and again I want to thank everyone for their prayers, kind words and support. It has been very very helpful to me. I have been trying to keep up with the forum as much as I can. I read the new posts everyday! Hopefully once all of this is over I can become a bigger part of the forum and finally get back to my beloved mini's! The surgeon called me this morning with the prelimenary results of the biopsy that I had on Monday. Appearantly I have what is called a spindle cell tumor. They are tumors that show up in soft tissue like the abdomen, which is where mine is. The majority of pain that I have is in my left groin area and hip, I do have some tenderness in my abdomen on that side but not a whole lot. He told me they cannot tell from the biopsy wether it is malignant or not. I am having a hard time understanding that, I kind of get the feeling there is something he may not be telling me. He got me into a cancer specialist tomorrow morning. Since these tumors are often cancerous he said it has to be removed by someone who knows exactly what they are doing or "it can mess you up pretty badly". Direct quote. He was very kind though and said he was sorry that I had been jerked around so much with it becasue everybody who saw me thought it was something different. He also said he was making sure the ball did not get dropped as far as my care and treatment were concerned. So from what I gather, I am going to have to have surgery to remove the tumor and it has to be done by a specialist. Only after it is removed will I know if it is malignant or not. Needless to say, I have a LOT of questions for the oncologist tomorrow! I am hangin in there though! Thanks again for listening, and being so supportive.
  4. I am so happy for Uno!! I saw him show here in Louisville last year and he is wonderful. I used to show beagles myself, and was so happy to see a beagle win!! I love my little beagles!! They are awesome dogs!
  5. What a beautiful job you did!! It looks absolutely stunning!!
  6. I very much understand what your going through Deb. My thoughts are with you. I hope that it all turns out well for you. This is such a good place to let out how your feeling isn't it? It has been so comforting to me during my ordeal. Three Cheers for the Greenleaf Mini Forum!!
  7. Yeah you know the saying.....When it rains it pours! I am feeling much better today though. I am sore from the biopsy, but it was not that bad. Better than I had expected. The thing that was really good, was that the doc who did it said that it was very calcified(it bent the needle) and that masses that are clacified like that are generally not cancerous. The task now is to find out what it is. He and the surgeon that I am seeing are saying that they really haven't seen anything like it. You ususally they can say well when something looks like this, it is an example of this. But this one is a head scratcher. But it seems like it is something that will be annoying and painful. So we will just go from here and see what it is and what I have to do to get rid of it!! And then I can get back to my Coventry Cottage!! I have had so much time off work I have been spending it ordering my furnishings!! Probably not the best thing to do when your off work not making money, but hey retail therapy and mini therapy all in one shot!! Thanks so much for everyones kind words, prayers and encouragement!! I am praying for my aunt as well, I feel so bad for her, but I just cannot understand her decision. I believe it's one thing to find out what kind of treatment options and prognosis you have and then make a decsion based on that, but to not even find those kind of things out before you decide not to do anything just blows my mind! But we all have our choices to make an dyou can't be inside anyone else's head!!
  8. I want to think everyone for being so kind and supportive. It has really helped. It was good for me to be able to let it out. Of course there has been another twist. Earlier this evening I was visting my great aunt who just had knee replacement surgery. I was raised primarily by her and my grandmother, as mymother suffered from severe depression. Well, while we were visiting we got a phone call from her older sister. She was in the hospital in Indianapolis haveing trouble breathing. They found stage 4 breast cancer. Too advanced for treatment. She told us that she had found the lump about 2 and a half years ago, and decided that she did not want to even know if it was cancerous or not and left it be, never saw a doctor or anything at all. So now she is in the hospital with her lungs full of fluid. As soon as she is stabalized we will be getting her back here and figuring out what happens next. She says that she made peace with it a long time ago and this is how she wants it. She and I were not extremely close, but close. I am more in shock than anything. Just totally blew my mind. Well that being said, once again I want to thank eceryone for their kind words, support and prayers. I will post after the biopsy and let everyone know what happens with it. I am sure though it will take a day or two for the results. Hugs to all!!! Rebecca
  9. Thanks everyone. I have tears running down my face from the outpouring of support. I will keep you all posted and the progress. Thanks so much!
  10. I am really worried and upset, and I know I haven't been a memeber of the forum very long, but I feel so welcome here, I figured why not let it out here. Several days ago I went to an after hours care center because of pain that I had been having in my groin area for a couple of weeks. I thought I pulled a muscle getting out of the backseat of a friends sports car. Well it didn't get any better, in fact it got worse. So the doc there said I had a hernia, and needed to call my primary care doc to get a conslut with a surgeon. So I got that all set up and was going to be going later this week. Well on Monday night the pain became almost unbearable, so I went to the ER as my family doc said that I should if it got really bad. The ER doc, who was absolutely wonderful, immediately, ruled out a hernia, and was horrified that neither the after hours care doc or my family doc had given me any kind of pain medication, becuase I was obviously in so much pain. So he gave me a shot that relaxed me and finally started to take some of my pain away. Then they did a CT scan. The scan revealed several small ovarian cysts. However they were not the source of my problems. There is a large mass of some kind in the muscle in my pelvic area. He got me set up to see the surgeon on call that night in his office the next day. So I saw the surgeon on Tuesday. He also is a wonderful doc. He looked over the CT scan results and said it looks like a calcified hematoma. No biggie, just painful and aggravating. He said I should have an MRI just to err on the side of caution. He told me I would hear from him a couple of days after the test with the results. So I had the MRI today at 11:30, got done about 12:30, the doc called me at 2:30. They had already called him with the preliminary results. He said he didn't want to scare me, but they had some concerns. He did not go into much detail, except that the mass has grown about 8cm since the CT scan on Monday, which was really Tuesday since it was about 1 AM when the did the scan. So in 2 days the mass has grown 8cm. He has scheduled me for a biopsy on Monday morning and said we would make an appointment for me in his office to come in and discuss the results when they come back. I am an absolute wreck!! I have no idea whats going on and I have the whole weekend to think about the possibilites! The other thing that upsets me is that my grandmother died of cancer three years ago in March, we were very close. Well, the first tumor they found that she had was in the exact same spot that whatever this thing I have is!! Also to top it all off my boyfriend broke up with me a few hours ago. Our 2yr anniversary would have been Valentines day. We have been doing the long distance thing for about 4 months and I kinda of knew he was going to break up with me for the last couple of weeks, so I didn't tell him anything about what is going on because I didn't want him to stay with me out of pity or guilt. I feel so much better letting it all out! Thanks for taking the time to listen to me whine!
  11. Welcome!! This is an awesome forum. The people are wonderful and so full of great advice!! :thumbup:
  12. I feel so lucky now! I am so sorry to hear about what happened in Atkins. I feel blessed that my daughter and I were safe. The carport roof is so trivial compared to the loss of lives and peoples homes.
  13. Thanks for everyones concern!! I had to have a minor surgery to have some ovarian cysts removed. Nothing serious but it HURT!!!! Had to leave my DH while I recover, but plan to be getting back to her in the next couple of days!! We miss each other!! I am going to order the mini fiestaware for the kitchen, which is changing the whole decorating scheme I had. I was going to go kind of a country cottage, kind of shabby chic, overstuffed furniture, light wood, or white wood. Maybe ivy covered extieor. But now I am thinking of a more modern feel.
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