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  1. moonberry

    Maison De La Rose

    Old dollhouse shell (3 floors) with a Greenleaf Gloucester on top (3 more floors) will be a Parisian townhouse for an eccentric fashion designer, Mme Hanna De La Rose. Bottom 3 floors are salon, tea room, fabric store, quilting room. Top 3 floors are her residence and studio. She loves roses and pink.
  2. moonberry

    My Mall

    I need to display my collection of contemporary 1:12 scale cars (mostly 4x4s and supercars, which is all you can find in the toy stores lately), so I'm building a Mall in the Dubai style with two levels of basement parking. I want to integrate a children's action zone with bowling alley, arcade section, climbing play area and some restaurants. This is going to be a fun build with more local inspiration.
  3. moonberry

    The supercars

    I was happily surprised to see the quality of the interior finishes on these cars. For r/c kids toys, they are surprisingly well put together.
  4. moonberry

    The supercars

    Heehee...... it is going to be based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates! With so many of the most amazing malls in the world, I'm having a hard time sticking to just one as inspiration.
  5. moonberry


    The Mad Hatter and his family's Residence
  6. moonberry


    An Asian house in the Peranakan style.
  7. moonberry

    House Rear View

    True, I Pinned a few for inspiration. But then I noticed there is a Santa House kit with a very similar style to the Arthur and I guess a lot of people bought it or were inspired by it and the Arthur was the next best thing.
  8. moonberry

    Various Miniatures

    New and interesting items I've acquired.
  9. moonberry


    Things to use for minis
  10. Various items either in miniature or that would make great miniatures
  11. moonberry

    WWW before

    The green will be an improvement, I'm sure!
  12. Hehehehe. They're the Alex drawer units from Ikea (but I did buy mine in Dubai!). They are lovely and big, but cannot take too much weight. The bottom bulged down in one drawer and I had to fix it with duct tape (the grey bits sticking out on the front).
  13. The tall drawers are actually two drawer units, stacked. I removed the one's castors. I love my little trolley - walked into the "As Is" section one morning at opening time; it was marked down half price as an ex display item!
  14. That looks awesome! I'm glad you found one.
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