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  1. I added the "stone" slates to the main central portion of the roof and the wooden decorative panel just below. I also added the little pent roofs over the other two upper story windows. I glued some decorative timberwork to one side wall, but I'm not quite done, so I didn't take a picture of that part. I'd bought some more basswood during my building break, but it doesn't seem to be taking the stain the same way my older stuff did. I may have to fiddle with it. At least the new wood is almost all on the sides of the building.
  2. Yesterday I ordered some more deer repellent, because my bottle was half empty. This morning I came outside and saw that the deer ate up the 7 hostas in my front yard - even though I had recently sprayed them with the pepper spray repellent. I didn't spray the ones over towards the side yard, figuring that maybe they'll just eat them and leave my favorites alone - but no, they barely touched them.
  3. I used wire modeling mesh for the window grids. It came in silver. so I painted them black. The roof test in this photo was a stone spray paint on white poster board, daubed with a bit of black.
  4. Thanks, Holly & Muriel. It looks like I may have to paint my white posterboard black or dark gray before I spray on the brown stone paint. I wish I could get some decent heavy weight black poster board. Just had a terrible thought, my last full sheet of poster board is a bit on the lightweight side. I'll have to check it. On the other hand, I just remembered I've got some old white card stock in a drawer in the dining room. I know it's thicker than the black card stock I bought recently.
  5. I got an idea of how to make my 1:24 Tudor cottage stone roof. I ordered some Rust-oleum stone spray paint and tried it on some black cardstock. The cardstock was too lightweight, so I decided to try posterboard, but my local source of posterboard is barely thicker than the too thin cardstock, so I tried it on some of my pre-covid white poster board. I sprayed the pant onto some of the paper, then cut some strips, and dabbed some black on the edges of the "stones" and here and there. Pictures are up in gallery. One picture shows an actual roof with the kind of stone I'm trying to sort of replicate. Another shows the paint on white posterboard, and the third shows the effect on the black cardstock.
  6. When using basswood, before painting I first spray both sides with Krylon Matte Finish. If it's a piece that absolutely positively must not warp, I'll next apply a light coat of acrylic paint, dry with a blow dryer, then do the same on the back side. Finally I'll apply the finish coat of paint. I don't recall ever having a warpage problem doing this.
  7. I've had some of my things listed on ebay for the last month or so. Last week I dismantled a room box and have added items from it to my ebay listings. Here's an example of what I added recently.
  8. As I was planting flowers in the front yard, I saw a chipmunk sauntering along my front walk. I hissed like a cat and the chipmunk leapt into the holly bushes. This morning one looked like it had been checking out the wire around one of the little azaleas. This morning I must finish clipping the last few inches of fencing and push the panels down to cover the soil around the plant's stem. Because of my back pain my husband keeps telling me to let our son plant the flowers. .....yeah, he'd plant like his father, dig a hole somewhere, pop in a plant, dig another hole. They have no understanding of garden planning, like assorting heights and colors, etc. Yesterday, however, I had a brilliant idea. I bought a couple of cans of inversion spray paint that sprays straight down to mark out lines on grass, paving, etc., like they use at baseball fields. I can spray with white to show Jake where to plant the marigolds (I bought a whole flat) and any other flowers I can trust to his hands. I bought another color to spray weeds that are popping out of the mulch. ........see white? - plant a flower. ...see yellow? - it's a weed, pull it out. Years ago DH went into the garden one fine spring day to pull weeds and pulled out all the flowers I had just planted the day before. They weren't blooming yet, you see, so how was he supposed to tell they were flowers and not to be touched????? BTW, in my search through all the local garden centers I found a listing of what would be DH's favorite bush. It's called the Mr. Bowling Ball arbovitae because it grows in a perfectly round ball.
  9. Season 2 of the great chipmunk wars has begun. Last year the critters helped the demise of 2 little azaleas by constantly digging in under their roots no matter how much peppermint oil, cinnamon or pepper spray I poured around them. This year I found some nice little replacement azaleas of a different variety, and got the idea of lining the inside of my planting holes with fine chicken wire. I checked online, and saw that Mother Earth News also recommended something similar, and another website said hardware cloth was better. Looking up hardware cloth, I found it had smaller holes and was often used to keep leaves out of rain gutters. I had my son dig out the holes deeper, with straighter side walls and fashioned a bushel shaped basket out of the wire fencing, snipping and making foldable flaps to form the bottom of the basket, which I tied together with more wire. After filling the bottom of the basket with soil, I planted the azalea in there. A few inches of the hardware cloth is left sticking up above the ground. I'm going to snip and fold it down over the ground, filling any spaces with more wire cloth. I just finished my 2nd basket and have partially filled it with soil, but my back is starting to ache, so I decided to come in for a while. My son helped me move my mock indigo earlier in the week and I had to spend some time on my knees - not good. Yesterday I got the brilliant idea of placing an old bed pillow inside an oversized ziplock bag and it's working great as a knee pad. Regular knee pads don't seem to cut it.
  10. Slates! But they need to be right kind of slates. I started working on an idea this afternoon using gray cardstock I bought. But this stuff is thinner than my stash of old white cardstock, so I don't know if it'll work out. I'd forgotten that some posterboard I was considering back in December turned out to be thinner than I'd like too. Now if I were working in 1:12, it wouldn't be as much a problem. I used my mat cutter and cut a piece of scrap matboard with a nice bevel that could be fixed up to make some decent looking slates. .......While on the subject, any future dollhouses I want to design and build will be 1:24, because if at any point I decide to sell one, it won't be as big a P in the A to ship one. I've learned that I like to design and build the houses, but I prefer to furnish room boxes in 1:12. Dollhouses just never have big enough rooms to furnish them the way I like, without making something incredibly huge.
  11. So what is it about men just tossing their change on the kitchen counter, dresser or jar instead of using those coins up? Yeah, I know, I know, it's a pain to carry around change in your pants pockets. On Sunday I got into the line at the McDonalds drive through, and the line was moving so slowly I decided to see how many quarters were dumped into the car's cupholder. Between my wallet and the cupholder I came up with $8.00 in quarters, so I paid for breakfast with the quarters. Ordinarily I wouldn't have done it, but the car in front of me hadn't moved forward at all while the cashier was counting out the coins. Turns out it was training day for new hires. I hadn't been doing any miniatures for the last few months, hadn't had the urge, but I did list some of my no longer needed minis on ebay last month, and painted a scene on a little chest that I put up for sale. Painting the chest made me start thinking about my mental block about roofing materials for my 1:24 Tudor cottage row again. Speaking of ebay I just found out they're not going to use paypal for payments anymore, but deal directly with sellers' bank accounts, a big no-no at our house. I guess I'll go see what etsy is doing and maybe reopen my store there. I've disliked some of ebays other changes and saw that a lot of people are thinking about switching over too.
  12. DH's name is on the list, because he's over 70, but not very many Mainers have been able to get the shot yet. I saw where more New Hampshireites seem to be getting one. I'll be eligible in the next wave, whenever that is. Our 27 year old son who lives with us goes to work in a different Walmart everyday. We wonder, what if we've had it already and don't even know it? The whole thing just fills me with rage whenever I think about it. I drove 45 minutes to the good bakery the other day. Pastry helps with my anger issues.
  13. I was expecting a small package, and at 5:00 checked tracking and saw it was still on the truck out for delivery. At 5:30 I checked again, only this time it sais that as of 3:09 it was available for pickup. WHAT THA??????????????? I had been planning to list some some miniatures on ebay in January, but doing that in this era of packages going every which way would be nuts, so I'll just wait.
  14. Holly, I got a Christmas card from my daughter on January 23, she mailed it from Philly on Dec 14. Two days later she finally got the card I sent her. On Dec 1st I ordered something from LL Bean, which is about a 45 minute drive north of my house. I waited and waited for it, it was a Christmas gift & I was getting very anxious. Tracking it I discovered that it travelled down the highway past my town down to Virginia, where it sat for a while. Then it made it's way back north and sat in Connecticut for about 2 weeks till it slowly made its way back to my house in Maine two days before Christmas. I could have just driven up to Freeport and picked it up.
  15. Carrie, for some unknown reason they just couldn't use my mobile number to verify that it's me. Maybe it just doesn't work in Maine? Living in Maine I'd say yes, that's a possibility. DH bought a new set of phones for our landline that will weed out some calls. Supposedly we can block spam calls by marking them somehow every time the phone rings, but it just rings too darn often. Yesterday morning between 9 and 10 our landline & dh's mobile phone rang about 6 times, never leaving a message (spammers). Our new landline phones announce the calls, and lately the voice has sometimes announced that it was spam. Our cable service also shows who's calling on the TV screen, and sometimes it'll show it, but the phone won't ring. I guess it's already blocked it from going through. The phones are a really pain to set up though. The problem with answering the phone and trying to get through to them to make them stop is that - bang - they know they have a live one at the end of the line and your number gets sold to the next ahole trying to get money out of you by hook or by crook. The constant calls used to drive me crazy, but now, most of the time, I don't even notice the phone is ringing. We have the phone on auto answer and just wait to hear the message. It's usually no one we want to talk to. If you look for videos on You Tube by Jim Browning you can get hours of knowledge and entertainment as he deals with phone scammers. He's a software engineer and security specialist, and whenever any of these people contact him, he gets right to work on them. He's my hero.
  16. Today I found out about USPS informed delivery, where they'll inform you when mail is headed toward your mailbox, so I decided to sign up. As directed, I signed in to my USPS account and then enroll in the program, but all I got was a popup survey which ended with the usual : how likely are you to recommend USPS to friends? ........yeah, I'll tell people not to use it, just deliver your mail yourself by hand. Speaking of which, a friend living in Ketchikan Alaska says they were reduced to doing this when their PO sorting machine brokedown and all their mail was sent 800 miles away to be sorted and then sent back to Ketchikan...eventually. But I digress....... So, I decided to make a new USPS account, mine was from my old business anyway. I went through the whole process of making a new account, then went to set up informed delivery. I got to the verification process where I encountered 2 options: verify by entering your mobile number or be verified by mail. Verified by mail???? Are they crazy??? I'm trying to sign up because I haven't been getting my mail!! Yes, friends and neighbors, all over the United States people aren't getting their mail, it's not just your town or neighborhood..........Anyway, they said my mobile number wouldn't work for the verification and try another mobile number, DH's wouldn't work either. Now I'm going to have to go to the post office to try and enroll. Or maybe I'll just say the heck with it.
  17. eeeewe ugh. My boys stuck to pebbles, bottlecaps and micro cars.
  18. I wish my husband would remember to empty his pockets. It's usually only tissues, but the mess those wet tissues cause!
  19. This evening I was really tired and all I wanted to do was relax in bed and stream a movie, when the TV remote quit working, so I went back downstairs to get fresh batteries. When I popped the old ones out of the remote, one of the little swirly wires fell out and I couldn't get it to stay back in. The batteries can't work the remote without the little swirly wires. I discovered that TV doesn't even have a power button. What to do? Then it struck me. Lead tape! I went up to my workroom, snipped off a piece of lead golfer's tape, stuck it into the gap of my remote, slid in the fresh batteries and ta-da, turned on the TV. Another way in which working in miniatures can be helpful in day to day life.
  20. Thanks! I'll try that too! I was just standing around in the kitchen waiting for something and took one of the Jordan Marsh recipe muffins out of a ziploc bag and broke off a pinch to pop in my mouth. it actually got better over the last couple days, sitting in the bag! It was moister than when originally baked, no wonder it was such a popular bakery muffin!
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