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  1. I’ve been thinking about making a website for my dollhouses for quite a while and now I finally have one. http://grazhe.googlepages.com/ The site has photos of my dollhouses and descriptions and links to my other photo sites and blogs. I’m deleting the dollhouse photos from FLICKR, since they can be viewed on the new site. You can even click on the pictures and enlarge them. I even started a little tips list. I put in a description of how I made my stone floor for Tall Chimneys. If you’ve been thinking about a site too, this one was very easy to use and I’ve still used less than half of my allotted space. Also, I’ve made a change in my nothing in particular blog page. http://360.yahoo.com/grazhina I’m keeping it for when I’m in the mood to write something or post a picture I wanted to share, etc. Work is progressing on the NUTHOUSE. If there's anything else you want to know about it, go ahead and ask, I don't mind. I've been going around posting this message in the virtual reality of dollhouse groups and can't think of anything else to say. I wrote out my introduction on my website this morning and my fingers are dry. Get it? I've talked all morning and my throat is dry? I need a drink? I need some hand lotion? Yes, I can be terrible. Sometimes I just can't help myself. Grazhina
  2. ;) well there you go. With a little thought you can figure a fix for anything, except maybe an electronics problem (don't mind me, I'm thinking about my refrigerator). Dumbell me forgets that I should make the door or window then cut a hole the right size instead of trying to get the darn things fit together. But I too succeeded.
  3. I had some time to start the Nuthouse today. I've posted a new blog entry and I've begun an album. Sometimes I'll be adding entries everyday, sometimes days might go by that I'm busy with other things, but if you're interested drop by and see how things are going. You can leave comments or questions here, or my clicking on "comment" at the end of the blog entries. http://360.yahoo.com/gatehouseproject
  4. I'm starting a blog for this years Dolls House Emporium creation competition . They're using their Gatehouse kit and figured I might be helpful in advertising it with a blog. I get a free kit, I don't get to enter the contest, hmmmm,...oh well, good practice for me if I ever write a book about dollhouse building. I'm figuring on maybe turning my Gatehouse kit into a nuthouse, yes a nuthouse. If you want to see what I mean by that, you can go read the blog. The kit arrived, I've opened the box and will most likely start work on it of some kind tommorrow. I will be posting pictures and construction notes as I go along. Blog address is... http://360.yahoo.com/gatehouseproject Grazhina my other sites... http://community.webshots.com/user/grazhe http://www.flickr.com/photos/grazhina/ http://360.yahoo.com/grazhina
  5. Thank you, David. I've put your group page in favorites , where I'll remember to check and see how membership and postings are going. ;)
  6. CASTLE GROUP??? WHAT CASTLE GROUP??? I've got a preliminary plan and an image floating in my head for one that's getting fairly solid, and I'm planning on doing one at some point. Actually, I'm kind of committed to a project that will give me some practice in castleing. ;)
  7. I’m finished updating my photo sites. Last night I decided, what the heck, and went through my collection of images of old rooms and uploaded an assortment. I think I put in about 100 new ones in WEBSHOTS. Just look in the new albums. I put the pictures of my own creations and the photos I took at the Sturbridge and Willowbrook villages over in FLICKR. I think I may have added a couple in there that I hadn’t posted before. If you go to FLICKR just check the album list .I made quite a few albums. FLICKR has a stream of photos that shows EVERYTHING page after page, that just go first to last as I posted them. I think just going to each album is much easier. Grazhina http://community.webshots.com/user/grazhe http://www.flickr.com/photos/grazhina/ New about nothing in particular blog http://360.yahoo.com/grazhina
  8. I haven’t been quite satisfied with Webshots lately and have been checking out other sites. I’m going to get rid of my premium web shots membership, which means I have to cut half my pictures. My plan is to keep Webshots for my reference albums. I started them as a service for miniaturists and I know the people in my groups have been using them….a lot. I will be deleting and moving pictures in the following albums: Fireplaces……Victorian rooms……Mother’s Work is Never Done….1876.…Early American Houses…..1900 Kitchens and Baths….Museum Pictures I may start today, tomorrow or any day after that, depends on what else is going on at my house, so if there was anything you had meant to download and didn’t, run to your computer and do it now. If you’re at work and can’t, post me a message with the title of the picture you want and what album it’s in, I’ll see about holding on to it for a day or two in some way. The albums holding pictures of my original works, like Miss Frobisher’s Cottage and Tall Chimneys will remain in place until I decide which website I want to move them to. My web shots premium billing date comes up in a couple of weeks and I just want to get my photos down to the FREE level. Grazhina http://community.webshots.com/user/grazhe http://www.flickr.com/photos/grazhina/ New about nothing in particular blog http://360.yahoo.com/grazhina Here's my world, and welcome to it...
  9. Okay, stickler for authenticity. I used to have some other sites, but I went weeding through things a while ago downloading the info I wanted and dumping the links. If I'm seeing the image of the household correctly, keep in mind that their furnishings would probably include a lot of Grandma's and great Grandma's stuff. If they were a modern family for their time, they would have been into what was really in back then, Colonial . Everybody thinks of Arts and Crafts as being hot, but the vast majority of people were into Colonial looks and furnishings. Vintage Designs has some very interesting pages. http://www.vintagedesigns.com/id/index.htm I've got some photos for that period in my webshots albums. "1900 bathrooms and kitchens", "Victorian rooms" has some images that would fit the era, just look for the dates, "Willowbrook Village" also has suitable images that would fit into that time frame, depending on what you had in mind for the "look" http://community.webshots.com/user/grazhe This place has good wallpaper links for you to check through. http://www.historicwallpapering.com/links.htm The following are some of the interior decorating books that you can access online for that period. You can page through them and see if there's anything helpful. I've got some more on my list if you're REALLY into it. THE DECORATION OF HOUSES 1897 http://hearth.library.cornell.edu/cgi/t/te...th;idno=4391478 HOW TO BUILD, FURNISH AND DECORATE 1897 http://hearth.library.cornell.edu/cgi/t/te...th;idno=4502475 THE COMPLETE HOME 1906 http://www.gutenberg.org/files/16650/16650...50-h.htm#chap06 Decorating and taking care of a home, down to kitchens and laundry, what you need to buy as far as kitchen wares go, household chores, Mon…Tues…Wed, etc. a useful book THE HOUSE: its plan, decoration and care 1907 http://hearth.library.cornell.edu/cgi/t/te...th;idno=4305483 PRINCIPLES OF HOME DECORATION With Practical Examples 1903 http://www.gutenberg.org/files/14302/14302-h/14302-h.htm PRINCIPLES OF HOME DECORATION 1903 http://hearth.library.cornell.edu/cgi/t/te...th;idno=4601523 THE FURNISHING OF A MODEST HOME 1908 http://hearth.library.cornell.edu/cgi/t/te...th;idno=4305889 I also got a really cool book out of the library a couple of days ago. TWENTIETH CENTURY DECORATION, by Stephen Calloway. It's one of thouse humongous things chock full of pictures, discussing the change from the late 19th century onwards. I do have more images on my CD's of the period that I amassed in the last few months. The thing is, my Webshots site is getting unwieldy. In order to put on new pix of rooms I'll need to dump old ones. I guess I'll have to tend to that someday.
  10. When you mentioned you were wodering about 1890's lunch I started thnking that there really isn't much mention of lunch in cookbooks, etc., of the time. You piqued my interest so I went a-hunting. Lunch was whatever was leftover from breakfast or supper the night before. By the way, many still refered to the mid-day meal as dinner from what I’ve seen.Here are sample breakfast menus from the 1890’s. BREAKFASTS. . Fall and Winter. 1. Melon. Fried Mush. Fried Oysters. Potatoes. Rolls. Coffee or Cocoa. 2. Melon or Fruit. Graham Cakes. Maple Syrup. New Pickles. Broiled Steak. Corn Oysters. Coffee or Cocoa. 3. Melon or Fruit. Fried Oat Meal Mush. Syrup. Bacon, Dipped in Eggs. Fried Potatoes. Coffee. 4. Oranges. Warm Biscuit. Jelly. Broiled Oysters on Toast. Rice Balls. Coffee. 5. Oranges. Mackerel. Fried Potatoes. Ham Toast. Muffins. 6. Breakfast Bacon. Corn Griddle Cakes. Syrup. Boiled Eggs. Baked Potatoes. Spring and Summer. 1. Fruit. Muffins. Ham. Eggs. Radishes. Onions. Coffee. 2. Fruit. Light Biscuit. Breakfast Bacon. Scrambled Eggs. Fried Potatoes. Coffee. 3. Fruit. Corn Meal Muffins. Veal Cutlets. French Toast. Radishes. New Onions. Coffee. 4. Strawberries. Lamb Chops. Cream Potatoes. Graham Muffins. Coffee. 5. Raspberries. Oat Meal and Cream. Sweet Breads. Sliced Tomatoes. Hamburg Steak. Fried Potatoes. Coffee. 6. Berries. Breakfast Bacon, Dipped in Butter and Fried. Sliced Tomatoes. Baked Potatoes. Muffins. Coffee. Chicken was for Sundays or special occasions. There were many recipies for chicken salad to use up the leftovers, and I remember reading references to it for luncheon in the early 1900’s. I also read mention of cheese sandwiches a lot, and boiled eggs. There's a section in the food timeline about school lunches . They mention some menus used @ 1915. I hope this helps you out.
  11. Time: early 20th century. It's the home of Mamma and Pappa Mangiafritto. They have a lovely little grocery store on the first floor full of lovely ripe fruit. They are proud of their heritage and working hard to be successful American business owners in their new land. Above the store is the main living area. It's their kitchen, their parlor, everything. Mamma and Pappa have a bed in the corner. Upstairs above them is a room for 6 of their children, Anita, Maria, Luisa, Antonia, Filomena and Mabel. (Mabel was born in America) On the top floor is the room of their beloved son Frederico, who they hope will take over the family business one day. Little do they know that Frederico prefers to go by the name of Fred and has no interest at all in fruit. He actually is one of the great minds of the millenium and is building a rocket up in his attic room which will take him away from his 6 sisters and over ripe bananas and melons. THE END
  12. To learn about foods go to the Food timeline. http://www.foodtimeline.org/ There are many pages of info there. If you really want to get into what dishes were served in periods of history you can even find many old cookbooks online.
  13. Well, I got done faster than I thought I would. The picture is on my new photo site on FLICKR. I just started it so there's not much there yet. http://www.flickr.com/photos/grazhina/ http://community.webshots.com/user/grazhe
  14. I have a picture that may help you. The house I'm talking about is of a style called "steamboat gothic". I think people quit using that term sometime in the last 20 years or so. The lines of this particular house fall in with the Second Empire and Italianate. It's got a central tower and a big wrap around porch with a central round porch feature, a corner section of porch that looks like it could be rounded too and a porte cochere on the other side. But ya gotta be patient. I knew I had it in one of my books, and I have to scan it and get it online for you. I'll be back in a bit with a link for the picture.
  15. By chance I happened to pop my head in and saw your question. Just for you I walked all the way up to the 3rd floor to doublecheck. Yep, the Heritage siding slides into the channels and thus forms the wall. It was the first dollhouse I had ever built and it drove me nuts. I had no clue how to get the walls nice and smooth way back then either. It must have been about 14 or more years ago. I had a hard time with the instructions, too.
  16. We went to Old Sturbridge Village outdoor musem and I took many pictures. I'm making the rounds of all my mini groups to let lovers of old houses, the people who like to re-create them or just look at them that I have a new album in Webshots.I just set up the Sturbridge Village album. 72 pictures, mostly of interiors and details. http://community.webshots.com/album/405382873 For those of you who don't know me from other groups, you're welcome to browse my other Webshots albums. I'm interested in old houses and have lots of reference pictures that I've taken and collected.
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    Retro kitchen room box

    I've finished a retro style kitchen, no particular decade, it could fit any time from the 1930s onward, depending on the homeowner's taste and budget.
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