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  1. My laptop is home and fixed. I do the happy dance. My oven's baking element has been replaced, but the expert repairman on my range says it's weird that it broke 3 times, shouldn't have happened on a Bertazzoni, and that it could be anything that could have caused it, even my electric company. He remained puzzled. Oh well......... if it breaks again within 90 days they'll replace it. Also tickled to say that the carpenter came yesterday and started on fixing the rotting window frames. On the other hand, he discovered that the siding under the back deck needs to be replaced. Unbenown to us, the inside of the basement wall was all wet back there. He's coming back on Monday. 

    I also started building a new room box. Last month I got some 1/4" Baltic birch plywood which turned out to be only 3/16", you'd think 1/16" wouldn't make that much of a difference, but it did to me. Oh well..... panels shifted a bit while gluing, but I figured they might, no matter how carefully I glued them together. It'll all be nice and tight and solid in the end. Also, the next time I build an 18th century fireplace, I'll design it based on the size of my bricks, and not the dimensions I think it should be. 'Nuff said on that for now.

  2. Last week my laptop started making a clicking noise on opening and closing, and then I saw the frame around the screen was coming loose in one corner. I got it last Xmas, so it's under warranty, and I went to the Acer website to see about getting it repaired. They said my warranty expired August 26th. Huh? I was able to attach my proof of purchase from amazon, and got back an email telling me how to prepare it for shipment. Spent several days making sure I'd backed everything up and made all secure, and shipped it out on Monday.

    That night I got out my son's 12 year old Windows 7 (which has no battery) and hooked it up to my bedroom tv to relax and watch some streaming video. The tv wouldn't turn on. I checked the batteries, tried the remote on the tiny tv in the den too, it worked fine. My tv was kaput - busted - dead. I went to Walmart and bought a new one.

    Yesterday, as I was putting a load of laundry in the washer, I noticed it smelled a little funky, so I decided to run the cleaner cycle. When it was done there was brown crud in the bottom of the washer and on the tub walls. I wiped it all down and ran the cycle again. Same result. Did it a third time, not much better. Went online to research. It seems my washer has scrud, which is yucky stuff that results from iron in the water mixing with things like chlorine, oxiclean and fabric softener. I saw where one guy took out the agitator and the whole drum in an effort to get the goop out. DH said no way was he going to try and remove the agitator and drum.    Some sources said to let the washer fill halfway with hot water, pour in lemon juice and let it sit for several hours, so I poured in what I had. Not sure if it helped or not, but this morning I bought a bigger bottle of lemon juice and my "lemonade" is soaking in the washer.

    Last night I turned on the TV and attached the old laptop to watch streaming video. No sound coming through the HDMI cable into the TV. I've gone through this before with other computers & TVs, so I did all the troubleshooting. Nothing did any good. 

    Today I'm using the old laptop in my workroom to listen to music and browse online a bit. The darn thing is now heating up. It didn't used to.  I better go check my tracking number to make sure my laptop arrived at Acer repair. 

    I wonder if all this bad stuff is happening because I managed to get a guy to come look at our rotted window frames. He said that when he came to fix them he'd take a look at replacing our nasty old shower too.  I'd been looking for someone to come about that shower for a year now. Is Karma saying "you can't have everything, lady"?

    Oh yeah, somebody's finally coming to replace the heating element in my oven on monday. I hope he doesn't find anything else wrong with it.

  3. On 9/24/2021 at 4:26 AM, Thimble Hall said:

    You may remember I was going to get catarcts done in July but the surgeon on the day, while I was all prepped and laid ready, had a hissy fit and walked out of the OR. Needless to say i didn;t get my surgery done. It has taken me several weeks to ask my eye DR for a different refferal and have an appontment with ahother one in  a few  days..hopefully he will agree to do it and again hopefully I will get a fairly  early date. I will keep you all informed.

    Fingers crossed that all goes right this time, Jeannie. I had my left eye done a couple of years ago. Easy peasy lemon squeasy, as I think the saying goes.

  4. Just make the colors flow from one room to another. A major color in one room could be an accent color in the next room. In a dollhouse, where you see all the rooms at once, just select a palette of colors to choose from. For instance, if the dining room was burgundy, you could go with a pale version of that burgundy in the child's room above, resulting in some shade of pink or rose. Think of the colors as being a bouquet of assorted flowers.

    As for Victorian decor, I happen to have written Victorian Interiors and More, aka Victorian Decorating. Just click on the link in my sig.

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  5. 11 hours ago, Mineejv said:

    Love it !!!

    Thank you!

    11 hours ago, steiconi said:

    Cute!  I like that you flipped the shelves upside down.

    Thanks, they looked just right upside down.

    10 hours ago, Kells said:

    You always do such great work and this room is no exception.


  6. 11 hours ago, Medieval said:

    That is amazing detail. Love the backstory! The young lady's last name made me laugh...it's My maiden name!

    There are Huffs and Gooches who still live in Cape Porpoise. My daughter's first job in high school was working for a Mrs. Huff. 

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  7. Amos Gooch was a lobsterman in Cape Porpoise, Maine back around 1900. He used to live in the cottage he'd built for his future bride, Persis Huff, but his heart was broken when Persis ran off with the man on the flying trapeze.  One day a wealthy man from Away wanted to buy his cottage to use as a summer house.  Amos took the cash and here we see him in his new quarters.


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  8. 52 minutes ago, peonyfoxburr said:

    And today I am sulking a tiny bit, because Hurricane Henri will be upon us tomorrow, the day I was going to drive down to CT to pick up that Queen Anne kit. A First World problem, to be sure! And Henri is only a Category 1 storm—I can hear you Southerners yawning from here, as that would be a real nothingburger for all of you. It’s still a big nuisance, though. A vigorous “nor’easter” can bring a similar wind velocity, but there aren’t leaves on the deciduous trees then. So a tropical storm tends to knock more trees down.

    We have a whole house generator, so as long as we don’t lose any trees near the house…

    Anyone else in New England waiting on this storm?

    I'm in Kennebunk about a mile or two from the ocean, forecast for us so far just sounds like a typical windy rainy day. We have a whole house generator too as Central Maine Power sucks.

  9. I went to Home Depot the other day and found 2 nice 2x4 sheets of 1/4" Baltic birch plywood to build a couple of room boxes with. I'm going to make room settings using the furniture collections from various dollhouses I've sold. Started work on my Maine lobsterman's kitchen since I've just about steeled myself to selling his cottage. I bought the box to pack it in when I went to Home Depot, now I'll have to take pictures of it unfurnished in order to list it.

    Years ago I bought wooden placemats to use as flooring, but hadn't had occasion to utilize one of them til today. I want the room to have a bit of architectural interest, so this evening I started working on a design for the lobsterman's door. Had it just about done but my back got sore from sitting in the chair and my eyes were getting ready to give out anyway, so I quit for the evening.

    I've already arranged the furniture for 2 other future room boxes. I've got a few other furniture pieces I love, but still haven't figured out what to do with them. Now I'm going to have to clean my workroom up again. Everything keeps landing on the floor and I need to be able to walk around my new sheets of plywood. I want to keep them laying flat.

  10. 54 minutes ago, havanaholly said:

    I might have been tempted to spray a snippet of large Sonic soda straw silvery and glue it under that left-hand door for the flour sifter.  I do love that Hoosier cabinet, and Grazhe always has the coolest mini accessories to dress her furniture.

    Thanks muchly, Holly.

  11. Finished the cabinet, all static, no opening drawers or pullouts, but this is the look I wanted which is the important thing to me. I had a bit of trouble with the paint color. I had a very old bottle of Wedgwood green, and mixed with white it was just right, so I started blending into a new jar. Poured in some more white, went to add more green and guess what, the rest of the green had turned into a globby mess. I wound up blending a new batch of paint starting with the blue I used on the other 2 cabinets. It matched the green perfectly. I'm so proud of myself!

    green cabinet  (2).JPG

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  12. I don't know if this'll help you at all, but I once built a home for a Sylvan figure. I built most of the furniture, but was able to use a 1:12 coffee table as a dining table, and after I cut down the legs of a couple kitchen chairs from the dollar store, they were an acceptable size. The hanging cabinet is the top half of a Michael's hutch, the kettle and copper pot were 1" scale. The tea set was just something I found in some gift shop, not specific to dollhouses. 

    For your figures I think you'll find that a lot of 1:24 furniture will look really tiny, especially the chairs, because your people look on the chunky side. I've done a couple other houses scaled to non dollhouse figures, and it can get tricky.



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  13. Here's a picture of what I've got for the kitchen right now. It used to be a circa 1900 kitchen stashed full, but I decided that of all my roomboxes it was my least favorite. Fun to make, though. Anyway, I sold off all the furniture that was in it on ebay for a tidy sum, and am redoing it. Actually, I've had several different furniture groupings of what I was going to put in my next kitchen setting. The kitchen table has been one of my favorites for years, and I'm finally going to use it with a repaired and repainted Bespaq Honeymoon Cottage chair. The PA Dutch wood stove came with woodburner lids or gas burners, and I'm going to add knobs for gas.

    I want to cut out some of the wall tile and add a window over the sink with a painted scene in it. I wish I hadn't glued on the top of the roombox.....oh well. I also need to add another cabinet, shelf or worktable to balance things out visually. Not sure of what, so far.

    Now I'll either decide on what else to put into the room, or finish painting a wooden chest I started a couple months ago, or sell Amos Gooch's cottage, I'm going to make Amos a roombox, changing out some of his furniture, and have decided I'm ready to let go of the cottage, even though I still love the landscaping I did on it.

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