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  1. Just make the colors flow from one room to another. A major color in one room could be an accent color in the next room. In a dollhouse, where you see all the rooms at once, just select a palette of colors to choose from. For instance, if the dining room was burgundy, you could go with a pale version of that burgundy in the child's room above, resulting in some shade of pink or rose. Think of the colors as being a bouquet of assorted flowers. As for Victorian decor, I happen to have written Victorian Interiors and More, aka Victorian Decorating. Just click on the link in my sig.
  2. Thank you! Thanks, they looked just right upside down. Thanks!
  3. There are Huffs and Gooches who still live in Cape Porpoise. My daughter's first job in high school was working for a Mrs. Huff.
  4. Amos Gooch was a lobsterman in Cape Porpoise, Maine back around 1900. He used to live in the cottage he'd built for his future bride, Persis Huff, but his heart was broken when Persis ran off with the man on the flying trapeze. One day a wealthy man from Away wanted to buy his cottage to use as a summer house. Amos took the cash and here we see him in his new quarters.
  5. I'm in Kennebunk about a mile or two from the ocean, forecast for us so far just sounds like a typical windy rainy day. We have a whole house generator too as Central Maine Power sucks.
  6. I went to Home Depot the other day and found 2 nice 2x4 sheets of 1/4" Baltic birch plywood to build a couple of room boxes with. I'm going to make room settings using the furniture collections from various dollhouses I've sold. Started work on my Maine lobsterman's kitchen since I've just about steeled myself to selling his cottage. I bought the box to pack it in when I went to Home Depot, now I'll have to take pictures of it unfurnished in order to list it. Years ago I bought wooden placemats to use as flooring, but hadn't had occasion to utilize one of them til today. I want the room to have a bit of architectural interest, so this evening I started working on a design for the lobsterman's door. Had it just about done but my back got sore from sitting in the chair and my eyes were getting ready to give out anyway, so I quit for the evening. I've already arranged the furniture for 2 other future room boxes. I've got a few other furniture pieces I love, but still haven't figured out what to do with them. Now I'm going to have to clean my workroom up again. Everything keeps landing on the floor and I need to be able to walk around my new sheets of plywood. I want to keep them laying flat.
  7. She, I now think of this little house as she, nagged me into adding just a little bit more texture to her exterior side walls until I gave in and did it. This morning I also updated her blog entry, and in order to make it on top, republished it. Link here. Lots of pictures, backstory on the real life inspiration, details.
  8. I was going to post pics in the gallery, but got frustrated. I had already resized my photos for my blog, then realized I had to resize them again for the gallery, and said, the heck with this. Here's a picture of the kitchen, and here's a link to a bunch more pictures and commentary on my blog.
  9. I've used drywall compound or spackle to make stone floors.
  10. Here's the teapot, Holly. It was fimo over a marble.
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