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  1. Most of my reading is done on a kindle because I can adjust the brightness and font to be comfortable for my eyes. Here are some of my favorite authors, all in the mystery genre. Quite a few of their books are available through Kindle Unlimited, or for just a few dollars or as little as 99 cents of even free. I like to read, read over 60 books since the dreaded covid started. George Bellairs - started writing Inspector Littlejohn books in the 30's, starting with constable Littlejohn. Bill Crider - wrote the sheriff Dan Rhodes novels set in rural Texas, lots of warm humor. Moray
  2. Work on this house continuing slowly. I've more or less finished 2 of the cottages, except for adding roofs. Last night I made a fireplace for the 3rd cottage and today I'm working on the stairs. Here's a picture of the interior of the 2 cottages as they were yesterday afternoon. The chimney is just sitting there so I don't forget it has to go there. If you'd like to see the whole building process just visit My One Inch World.
  3. I scratch build, but since I've always been interested in how people lived through history, I tend to build houses or rooms in historic eras. I have files of information about historic periods that I'll probably never get around to using, but I find myself always collecting more. I'm working on a model of an actual historic building right now, but I'm putting my own spin on it.
  4. I thought I'd bring this up, since a lot of people are confused about building stairs. I'm no expert, but I've built a few, and I've just been working on another one for my 1:24 cottage row. Both of these staircases are the same height. Please excuse the irregularity of the one I cut from builders' foam. I was experimenting and planned on encasing it from the beginning, so cutting errors wouldn't be visible anyway. The second one was made from a piece of balsa stripwood. The foam staircase risers are based on a height of 5/16", but when I went to start the second staircase, I didn't happen to
  5. Yesterday was our last hot summery day, this week they're calling for temps in the 70's, fall weather arriveth - and my desk chair started squealing like crazy with every turn. Yesterday it was fine. All summer it was fine. Now it screetches and they say you can hear it all over the house. Farewell sweet summer.
  6. That's part of the fun of working on an "old" building. If something's uneven or crooked it doesn't matter, it just adds to the charm. Apparently the interior wall warped a little after I cut it, because when it was time to glue it into place, it wouldn't quite meet the front wall the way it did when I cut it out and checked the fit. This left me with a slight gap between the wall and the post by the door. No problem, I just stained 2 slivers of wood and glued them into the gaps and it looks just fine, like it's supposed to look like that. A description of the building I modeled it on mention
  7. Thanks, yes, that's one the enhancements I have to do on the ground floor. I may add more soot here and there, etc., not sure yet, still 2 more cottages to do in the row after this one. I'm not totally happy with the floor right now, but I'm pretty sure how I'll fix that, no hurry.
  8. The fireplace of the first cottage is finished, and I'm now working on the 2nd floor's floorboards. I added a couple more pictures and text on my blog.
  9. I was impressed by how well this solution worked that I had to pass it on. My son hadn't been doing a good job cleaning his shower, and I wasn't about to do it for him. Anyway, the silicone caulk had become pretty spotty with mold so, since I was cleaning my bathroom anyway, I decided to clean the caulk because I was becoming annoyed. The stains would not come off. Next I got out the "professional strength" mold and mildew spray - no good. I wiped them with straight bleach, it did nothing to remove the stains. I gave my son a good tongue lashing and started looking online for better mol
  10. Every time I draw plans for a dollhouse, I always make sure it fits through doorways. My Bungalow fit through the door with just enough room for our fingers.
  11. Thanks, Jess. That's what I was hoping for, to make everything easier to follow. It's why I redid my old blog, things became hard to find, and I hated how you have to read the stories backwards on them.
  12. Here's the front as it looks right now, and one of the rooms. The staircase befind the wall was cut from builders foam, much easier than doing it in wood. Check my blog if you want to see more. I've been updating by adding new posts to the end on the section.
  13. I remember the Philly earthquake in 1973, I awoke in the middle of the night thinking I'd just heard an explosion. After a while, when there were no sirens or anything, I went back to sleep. In the morning we found out it had been an earthquake.
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