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  1. Thanks to the ones who answered my questions...today is the day to do it!
  2. I'm about to endeavour on working with the magic stone/brick. My stencils are stuck and I'm just wondering if anyone has worked with this before and what there experience was. My first question is...how long do I let the mix sit on the stencil before I peel off the stencil. Also, what did you find as the best consistency of the mix. Thanks Marlene
  3. hmmmm...got everyone going ... July 18 here
  4. Hi Nicole It's nice to see someone else from Quebec on here...where are you in Quebec, I am in Trois Rivieres. There are not too many of us around doing it here except a few in Montreal. Welcome to the group...you'll spend lots of time looking at everything on here.
  5. I finally found the book that I've been looking for quite sometime but it's missing the colour sheets. Does anyone have them and willing to share for The Mott Miniature Workshop Manual Book 1? I'd be more than happy to pay for them if you do? Thanks
  6. Jerry I live in Quebec about 1 1/2 hours from Montreal and unfortunately there is no real mini-shops left here in this province. You will have to go to Ontario. There you will have a choice. Marlene
  7. Marlene


    As usual, I'm on the other side. I think the right side. Because the house is yellow, I would use the white as an accent as you did on the windows
  8. My best wishes for you and as you can see just from the previous posts, their is a positive side that you must put your energy into. It sounds like you are in good hands with the doctor you have.
  9. Marlene

    Need Ideas

    Maybe a pic of the groom-to-be.
  10. I would love to have air exchangers in my mini houses...it takes sooooo long to dust!
  11. Wow beautiful house. Just thinking reading the Diana Gabaldon series in that bedroom with a glass of wine...phew how relaxing. Well maybe a bottle of wine, its a big series. Great Job!
  12. Shingling is a lot of work, the Orchid was nothing but the Pierce was something else, especially with the shingles that I used. I use my easy cutter, hold up the shingle that needs to be cut where it goes, mark the shingle straight or at the angle at the top and bottom lightly with a pencil and almost always they are a good fit.
  13. As always one more realistic critter. Your work is amazing!
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