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  1. Boy am I glad I read this. I have been thinking about putting something out there on Freecycle. My parents bought a home organ many years ago and it still works, one "voice" setting doesn't and 2 keys. It also has some damage on the screen over the speaker area thanks to the kitties we had growing up and some of the veneer has peeled off during moves. Hey, I'll just have the people come pick it up when I have them pick up the bed that dh decided to replace. It's a thrift store that profits a domestic violence shelter.
  2. Many thoughts, prayers, hugs for you, Gill. This place can be great for helping with anything, not just minis.
  3. AAAAOW, phooey. Would have LOVED to meet you. Reason I was saying NW FW is that I am about as far from Dallas as you can get and still be in FW. Hope L is doing better soon. DH had 4 teeth pulled earlier this year and a temporary bridge in place for 3 months. Not fun. For him or me.
  4. Care to stop in Fort Worth? Unfortunately I am on the NW side of FW. Would love to meet with you. The only issue is that the kiddos will be out of school. And there are 4 of them!
  5. What a wonderful story of Seven's life with you. My thoughts, prayers, and long distance hugs are with you at this difficult time.
  6. Welcome Christine...from another busy Mom...4 kiddies here. Wanting a dollhouse for my daughter is what got me into this hobby, um, addiction. This site was one of the first I found when searching online for info on building it, though I didn't join as a member until 4 months later when the house was close to finishing stages. And I've never looked back since. This is a great place for advice on building, or anything else, for that matter. I consider the people here some of the best friends I'll ever have. Being online here is just as addictive as building. As for choosing a dollhouse...I ended up choosing the Dura-Craft Newburg and I paid $38 for it on ebay, plus $26 in shipping. Craig's list is another good place to check, especially since it's local people, no shipping. Again, welcome and we're here to help!!
  7. I have quit ebay unless I know I can get something there for way less than ANYWHERE else. And since alot of people have quit selling there, the prices aren't as low as they used to be and the selection is nowhere near as good. I don't even bother looking there much anymore. If I'm going to buy new, I'll go somewhere where I can at least get a warranty, I'll pay about the same, or even less, since most of the time I get free shipping. My favorite place to shop online now is Amazon.com. If I need minis, it's Miniatures.com.
  8. Have no idea if this will work, but it won't hurt your carpet at least...Goo-Gone.
  9. I used to get on here at that time. But I found that I was staying up too late and woe be unto me if DH finds me here, especially at that hour. So I get here during the day when he's at work. He knows I do, but as long as he doesn't see it, there's no problem. And I'm choosing not to fight with him over it. We have enough to do, 4 kids, 2 with major issues...it's just not worth the fight, especially since he accepts it as long as he doesn't have to see it. And he thinks I stay up way too late as it is. 2am is my usual bedtime, he thinks I should be in bed by 10 like him. Like most Moms, that's my quiet time. The only drawback is that I want to sleep in the middle of the day, not good when you've got a 4 year old at home. I keep trying, but it's been alot of 1 step forward, 2 steps back. Hey, I just noticed we have another Terri on here now!!! Welcome!
  10. I remember the Carol Burnett show being on TV, not old enough to appreciate it at the time. She is funny though and so is Tim Conway. I've seen bits and pieces over the years. As for Barbies, DD#1 has almost 20 of them. She's getting too old for them (12) and DD#2 isn't quite old enough, though she thinks she is (4). I think I had the inexpensive versions when I was a kid. Not much money there, for several reasons, including there being 4 kids, though Mom and Dad both worked hard. And I'm sure that I decapitated the ones I did have. Holly, GL doing a playscale house would be interesting. How about it, Dean?
  11. Jane, I am so sorry this happened to you. I am a twin too, sisters as well, and I could not even imagine my sister doing something like that to me. We are here for you and will support you through this. It sounds to me like a door has been closed, but God is opening windows.
  12. Dobby is way cool. Both the doll and the character. If you haven't read the seventh Harry Potter book and are going to, stop reading this post RIGHT NOW. I cried when he was killed and thought that Harry's actions for his grave were very appropriate and honored him. My sister cried too.
  13. Oh, I remember having to run to the dump. It was never fun, so I don't miss it. At least Fort Worth has a good recycling program here. 2 trash cans, one for the regular stuff and one for any recyclables. No separating, though I wish some things could be recycled that aren't on the list. Like plastic bags and plastic hangers and what do you do with the shredded paper since you can't put it in a plastic bag? The garbage collectors aren't careful enough and I don't want shredded paper all over the neighborhood. We finally got a "yard cart" for the grass clippings, small tree limbs and other yard debris. DH really likes it since he can put it out with the other cans the night before and doesn't have to worry about it getting wet like the yard bags we were using. And the thing is like 96 gallons with a 2 1/2 by 2 1/2 foot lid so he doesn't have to struggle with keeping a bag open to dump the lawnmower bag into. It was $80, but it goes with us if we move and the city covers anything breaking/being broken or wearing out, but doesn't include it being stolen. Hopefully that won't happen and I don't care if someone decides to add to my stuff, I pay the same price no matter how full it is. I used to tell my next door neighbor, also one of my best friends, that my trash can was almost never full and if she needed the space left over in mine, she was welcome to it. The city will not pickup anything that is not in those cans unless it's a yard bag or bulk pickup week. OK, I've gone on long enough...I'll stop now.
  14. tcmorrison


    WOW! It's nice to be missed...I have been busy with the kiddos going back to school and getting them settled. DS#1 was in special ed last year (behavior) and now he's in a regular classroom 80% of the day and back in our home school. I had to put him in a group home for 9 months and he was in a different school district there. So, I had 3 conferences in first 8 days of school, 2 for him and 1 for DS#2, who has ADHD. And DD#1 is at a new school this year, new school opened. And once that was settled...the interior air handler/ac unit in my house decides to start leaking water all over the place, AGAIN. For 3 summers now, we've had to call someone out, and had already had to this summer. The problem was so bad and with the coils rusting and no replacement available, the entire unit had to be replaced along with the platform that it sits on rebuilt. Bad installation and construction was the cause of the leak. All I can say is Thank God for a home warranty. We had to pay $864 out of pocket, but it would have been $3500 to $4000 without the warranty. So, my home warranty just paid for itself for about 5 years! I'll be here more often now that things have settled down a bit, I hope!
  15. I remember this topic from way back, so when I created a sig about 4 months ago, I kept it short.
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