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  1. You can also decourage pictures onto blocks of wood. Just cut out furniture pics from magazines and glue them on. That could be a fun project to do together!
  2. I would build a real life craft room for me to do my minis and other crafts for my home I've always wanted a front opening house but am resisting temptation until my Beacon HIll is done.
  3. I love the upgrade too... it really looks more professional and is smoother and more intuitive. Good call, Greenleaf!
  4. Little House fan

    Beacon Hill

    This is my childhood Beacon Hill and its journey from neglect to restoration.
  5. One more possibility; I cut pieces of foam board for some places in my Westville's yard and then added spackle to smooth them into gentle rolls. I just textured with sand and paint but one day I will be going back to cover them with more realistic grass. It worked for me!
  6. I love the 3/4 in wide strips of basswood for building anything you would make with planks of wood and the balsa is kind of fun for cutting curved shapes. I'm with everyone else... buy quickly!!!
  7. Ooh, ooh, I know, I know!! (picture hand sticking in air) Have you ever seen Lea Frisoni's houses? Pic below. Ever since I saw the Cheltenham I've been drooling over it and hoping that someday I can reward myself with that gorgeous house. In the meantime, I'll have to live vicariously through you as you work your magic on that amazing house. Enjoy! http://atelier-de-lea.blogspot.com/2011/11/la-facade-les-rosiers.html
  8. What great inspiration! The Vineyard is a perfect match... have fun with this!
  9. Are you talking about minis for sale or sites for ideas and tutorials?
  10. Randy, the Beacon Hill is a wonderful house! Fantastic choice. Mine was a Christmas gift from my grandmother when I was just a girl and I am renovating mine now. It's a great house to grow into. A couple more thoughts came to me for you: - The scrapbooking section of your local craft store is a great resource; I've only used scrapbook paper for my wallpaper and even "tile" flooring. They also have mini frames and even scale clothing that are perfect for dollhouses. I even found cork paper sheets that make perfect bricks when cut. - You've already discovered this forum which is fantastic and there are so many blogs out there for inspiration and advice. - Manchester wood works is a great resource for the amount of trim and moulding needed for a big house like the Beacon Hill. Keep us posted on your progress!
  11. My workspace is my garage/laundry room too and I'm in Florida! I have a window AC unit and just bought a little $13 heater for winter (not that I've needed it at all this year!! I love the space because I can get a little messy if I need to but I've put curtains across the room to make it look cozier and not have to look at the garage door while I'm working. I actually love my space now.
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