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  1. Little House fan

    Beacon Hill

    This is my childhood Beacon Hill and its journey from neglect to restoration.
  2. What great inspiration! The Vineyard is a perfect match... have fun with this!
  3. Little House fan


    Thanks! I'm proud to say I scratch built it! I did cheat a bit by making the cubbies out of paper... I just don't have that kind of wood building skills yet
  4. Perfect and beautiful in the setting! Can we see more close up pics? I'd love to see more
  5. That is FABULOUS detail! You're making me want to give bricking a try!
  6. On a break... I do wish they'd clean up after themselves though!
  7. Just wonderful! What a great adaptation.
  8. Little House fan

    Shabby Chic

    I keep finding myself drawn to this style, weathered, painted and girly!
  9. Linda, You have done some wonderfully original and imaginative things with this house!! It's such a beauty and very inspirational. BEAUTIFUL work!!
  10. Little House fan


    I love the bridge in front! What a clever idea and SO well done!
  11. Little House fan

    greenleaf 9

    This is stunning!!
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