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  1. great to see you all getting to spend some time together, especially your mum and her great,great grandaugther! My MIL died un April after speding 10 odd years living with dementia, it's a cruel way to end your days, my thoughts are with you all....
  2. Love the thread.....I work as an Office, only women with 18 men, I joke to people that I have 19 husbands, but only one I live with.....I've been there 5 years and love it! Have helped my husband self build our house (minis are so much easier) worked in offices in different industries for the past 22 years, worked in factories as well, shops, waitressed, was an Avon lady, laid carpet with my Hubby (his job). I'm 40 years old, here in NZ if you want to wait til you get your pension you can retire when you are 65 (25 years away) OMG that long! I'm laughing and hubby just asked what's so funny
  3. I've been buying the 40% off stuff for a few weeks now, I have to limit myself to $100.00 a time as it costs another 50 to ship it to me, but I've got some really good stuff and Charles and his staff are really good to deal with, I was a bit worried in the begining as a couple of posts here did not give them glowing reports, but they where only 1 of a few that replied to my e-mail query, so they got my business......And I' sure that I'll stick with them when they move (LOL makes no drifference to me)....The 40% off + freight means I get the stuff at full price, and that's a real saving to me..
  4. OMG!!!!!! I can't believe you even asked us! Buy of the century I'd say! Let us know how you get on, has she talking started yet? (ESP since you have not picked her up). Any idea about how build she is? What are your plans for her?
  5. Maybe, shes modest and won't talk because she's nude, maybe you need to cover her with a cloth to give her some modesty.....Then she might tell you what she wants to be dressed in. Other than that my only suggestion is you sit down with her in front of the computer and show her some ideas that you like and see if she likes any of them. Maybe she will see something in the window shoping that really takes her and your fancy! I'm the 33 person to read this post and the first one to reply, but I'm sure we'll not the only ones who has had the problem. My last doll house I brought as a
  6. Hi Michelle, I've been reading your posts, glad to see you have not given up! The doll house your doing I think has a really good lay out, and your lucky to be able to build it (us down under would need to sell the baby to be able to afford it). lol! Keep at it, I can't wait to see it papered, then painted, furnished and nearly finished, (dollhouses are never done i'm told).
  7. Your houses can't get any better, they are the best! I just love looking at them all! And as for the stories, I like the way they link to each other. Keep up the good work.
  8. Hi Casey, Just read the first post to my DH, he said the biggest fruit loop is the one in the middle making the pillows, now he's laughing out Loud, and has started one of the dogs barking in support! It never droll in our house....
  9. Thanks Casey for all your tutorials, they are really good, infact your whole bolg is full of tips and instructions........... I went to make a pillow yesterday, remembered you had some instructions, then realised I do not have the main material (lol)...So I'm waiting on sons girfriend to turn up to see if she will give me an unused one.....either that or I'll by a box and make a few pillows to use the box up! lol again!!! Thanks for all your help :missing:
  10. Very nice, can't wait to see it finished, also have had a read of your blog, have added it to my fav's and will check on it when I look at Casey's.... Now I think I need to "put my money where my mouth is" and go find some nice material etc to make one myself! So tomorrow after work I'm off to town to see what I can find!
  11. Some of those beds looks like they could be cheaper ones.......Some lace, some silk, some other fabrics, and some skills (cannot for get them) and a bit of practice, and the world is our oyster.....One of our members Casey has picutre and written instructions on how to do a bed from scratch, so maybe we could all give it a go and supply some eye candy for each other.......or at least a good laugh at our first attempts.......and think what you can do with the rest of the money... I do not begruge paying for a really nice bed, pillow, hat etc, but if we can build a house we should be able to mak
  12. Great Buys, I think it's really good to have heaps of bits to be able to start a house with.......or two or three..... And it's nice to be able to see pictures of things brought at a show, instead of a on line store. Thanks
  13. Didn't she keep them in a cage and they poked a chicken bone out between the bars for her to feel to see if they had put on enough weight to be cooked up...... Could you hang the cage in the middle of the back room, so it looked really scarry. How about the name butcher or cook in french or german for the witch/nice old lady.... What about her witches clothes hanging up in the wardrobe, with the door open: Even a witches broom might be enough to give the idea...Also, how do we know she is a witch that flies, she might of lost her licence cause she's too old with the bad eye sight!
  14. When someome asks about the money I spend I comment that it's the packet of smokes I don't buy,the 700.00 dress I do not wear.....The full sized lounge suite I love, so I find the same one in mini...... If they don't like it tough luck, it's my hobby and that's that! I do not have to talk about it (so maybe I donot talk at all in company some thimes). But I find people who do not get it, usally have very small minds and have nothing better to do that talk about other people and the soaps they are watching, their homes might be tidy, but they do not have a creative bone in their bodie
  15. From reading all the posts would it be fair to say that men fall in to certain catergories. Not necessary in this order (but I can't cut and paste for some reason). Those that love and support us, but won't help. (but don't whinge about the money we spend). Those that love and might support us, do'nt help but bite their lip at the money we spend. Those that love and support us and help. (even buy us powertools). Those that love and support us and take over or join in our hobby. Those that love and support us, but don't want to see another doll house enter the prop
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