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    wow, this all looks so real!! Would never have guessed it was in miniature if I didn't know...
  2. Beautiful house!!! Just wondering where you got those windows, I really want to change mine too. I still have far to go before I'm done, but after looking at all these pictures I'm really inspired!
  3. Hi! I just joined also, and I also received the Garfield for Christmas. I am a teeny bit intimidated by this huge project, but also very excited. Hopefully we can help each other on the way to our dreamhouses, make sure to post pictures of your progress!
  4. I just bought my first dollhouse, the Garfield, a couple of weeks ago, and will start on it as soon as I find a table big enough to fit it! I don't know if this was a wise choice for a first house, but it looked so cute! Hope to chat with lots of you guys here and find answers when I encounter problems ( likely soon... ). I am really excited about my new hobby! Marianne
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