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  1. Hi everyone. I'm so glad to see the forum back up again. I hope everyone is well and healthy. This pandemic is unbelievable. It's very scary. I just want to stay in the house. I work part time in a grocery store so I'm an "essential" worker. I am thankful that I still have a job but I'm afraid to go in every day. I had to take 2 weeks off because I had a "normal" chest cold and didn't want to catch something more and the company wouldn't let me return until I was well. I have cut my hours way down. I just need a little extra $$ to get by (buy minis) and I don't want to be around all those people any longer than necessary. I've been working on my Garfield a lot. This house is soooooooo challenging. Just a regular build would be challenging but I have to add and change things. lol That's what I do. So there is a lot of thinking going on. I will post pictures when we are able. Are we able to yet? I have had questions, when the forum was down, but just figured out answers eventually. One question I have right now is what is the difference between beadboard and board and batten? I have used beadboard (several years ago) but I've never seen board and batten. I'm going to put it around my entire kitchen. Beadboard is expensive now a days(8.00 for a 12in sheet). HBS has board and batten for 3.99 a 24in sheet. Would 1/8in or 3/16in board and batten look ok in a kitchen. Take care everyone.
  2. Rose

    Rosewall Manor

    Garfield construction. I haven't build a Greenleaf house in over 15 years. This will definitely be an adventure and it will definitely take a long long time.
  3. Well my house finally arrived. I have mixed feelings. lol The Garfield is a beautiful house but I do not like the wood. I built my first Greenleaf house 15 years ago I think. Since then I've only built the MDF houses. I have to change my whole way of thinking through this. I will definitely follow the directions. They are hard to understand though. I found Ginas(More Minis) blog and it is sooooo helpful. Thank you Gina! With my mdf houses I always prime the inside walls with paint so the bare wood won't suck up my wallpaper paste. I will do the same with these. My question is about this wood warping. Should I prime before I put the walls up or will it be ok to put the walls up and then prime them. Will they warp while standing. MDF doesn't warp so I never had to worry about that.
  4. Thanks Lisa. I'm happy to be here.
  5. Hi Holly. Thanks for the Welcome. Great idea on the staples. I have used staples before on one of my room box additions but I would not have thought to use them on a house. I guess with a Greenleaf house that is totally possible. Am I going to need a lot of spackle for this house? If so, should I get spackle or wood filler? I have pretty much everything on hand that I need to start building but no spackle or wood filler.
  6. Hi everyone. I'm not new but I've been gone awhile. I don't know why because this is the only place that I can share my love for miniatures. No one in RL cares about it. When I was here last I was building my Queen Anne. I finished it and 5 years ago I had to sell it because I moved to a smaller place. I didn't want to sell it EVER. lol It broke my heart. A lot of work and love went into that house. Since then I haven't built another house because I don't want to go through that again. 2 years ago I started doing room boxes instead all the while wishing for a house. Well, last week I decided to build another house. I don't think I'll be moving again but if that happens, I have measured doorways to make sure I can get it out and it will sit in the middle of the Livingroom if need be. The house is going to be the Garfield. You can tell by my houses that I like them big, huge. You can also probably tell that I like RGT houses. The Garfield kinda scares me. The house is beautiful but the wood is not. lol I've liked the Garfield since I began this hobby but I always pass it up because of the thin wood. My very first house was a Greenleaf and I really didn't like the way it went together. But it was my first house and I didn't know any better. My next house was the RGT Newport. I was hooked on RGT wood after that. The thing about RGT houses that I don't like, especially now that I have experience and knowledge in decorating, bashing, etc., is all the rooms are square. I'm tired of square. lol As I said, I think the Garfield is beautiful. I know it's going to be a challenge for me because I'm a perfectionist. A crooked baseboard or crown moulding that doesn't fit together tightly at the angle really upsets me. lol I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of [non perfect] instances, with the Garfield, that are going to upset me. But I am mentally preparing myself. The house arrives on Tuesday. I have been reading blogs, looking at construction pictures and reading comments. I have a couple of preliminary questions. I want all different windows and maybe doors. I have seen a few comments about windows but not many. Apparently the window upgrade isn't available anymore. I have scoured the internet, ebay, etc. Has anyone used regular windows? The ones from Miniatures.com or any other site. They have 1/2 inch inset and the walls of the house are 1/8 inch correct? I know how to cut the window holes bigger but aren't they going to stick out either inside or outside because of the inset? I'm going to be putting siding on the house. Has anyone used siding AND different windows? Do the windows fit better over the siding? I will probably answer my own question when I dry fit the house but if anyone has already done it please let me know. I will keep you updated on my nerves. lol The anticipation of something going wrong is usually worse than what actually happens. I have learned this over the years. I hope it is true this time. Wow! I'm REALLY nervous.:/ lol
  7. Rose

    SAM 2655 compressed

    Pretty. I like the color.
  8. Rose

    Queen Anne

    I have wanted this dollhouse since the I first got into this hobby. I finally bought it 2 years ago during Ernie's half off sale. It stayed in the box for 2 years while I worked on other house's. I took it out of the box JUST to get some measurements but when I saw it sitting there in all it's glory, I just had to start building it. The beast was released! My mind starting racing, "What do I do first?" It's going to be so big and so much fun to build.
  9. Rose

    a shop i found on ebay

    I really like this shop. Is there a name for it?
  10. Beautiful Angela. I also like all the curtains. Did you make them?
  11. OOOOH, you have to make them.:o I couldn't do that. Much too tiny.
  12. Rose

    a closer look

    These are cute. Where did they come from?
  13. Ok. I started the girls room and finished the "slanted ceiling dilemma". It turned out pretty good. Good enough anyway. I ended up just putting a piece of trim wood up there. I drilled a hole through the trim wood and another out through the ceiling. I ran my tape wire on the roof which will be covered with shingles. Now I'm just waiting for my sconces so I can finish papering the walls. http://www.greenleafdollhouses.com/forum/index.php?app=gallery&image=67370
  14. Thank you Matt. Just what I wanted. They look good to me. They actually look brighter than [my] Houseworks. Maybe my lights are just dim. I might have too many, or too few lights for the size transformer I'm using. Thanks again. Your house is very nice. Well, off to eBay I go.
  15. Rose

    trying out roof colors

    It's beautiful. I'm the same way about parting with my houses. If I part with one it's because I HAVE to in order to have room to build another.
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