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  1. Hi everyone. I'm so glad to see the forum back up again. I hope everyone is well and healthy. This pandemic is unbelievable. It's very scary. I just want to stay in the house. I work part time in a grocery store so I'm an "essential" worker. I am thankful that I still have a job but I'm afraid to go in every day. I had to take 2 weeks off because I had a "normal" chest cold and didn't want to catch something more and the company wouldn't let me return until I was well. I have cut my hours way down. I just need a little extra $$ to get by (buy minis) and I don't want to be around all those peop
  2. Rose

    Rosewall Manor

    Garfield construction. I haven't build a Greenleaf house in over 15 years. This will definitely be an adventure and it will definitely take a long long time.
  3. Well my house finally arrived. I have mixed feelings. lol The Garfield is a beautiful house but I do not like the wood. I built my first Greenleaf house 15 years ago I think. Since then I've only built the MDF houses. I have to change my whole way of thinking through this. I will definitely follow the directions. They are hard to understand though. I found Ginas(More Minis) blog and it is sooooo helpful. Thank you Gina! With my mdf houses I always prime the inside walls with paint so the bare wood won't suck up my wallpaper paste. I will do the same with these. My question is about this wood w
  4. Thanks Lisa. I'm happy to be here.
  5. Hi Holly. Thanks for the Welcome. Great idea on the staples. I have used staples before on one of my room box additions but I would not have thought to use them on a house. I guess with a Greenleaf house that is totally possible. Am I going to need a lot of spackle for this house? If so, should I get spackle or wood filler? I have pretty much everything on hand that I need to start building but no spackle or wood filler.
  6. Hi everyone. I'm not new but I've been gone awhile. I don't know why because this is the only place that I can share my love for miniatures. No one in RL cares about it. When I was here last I was building my Queen Anne. I finished it and 5 years ago I had to sell it because I moved to a smaller place. I didn't want to sell it EVER. lol It broke my heart. A lot of work and love went into that house. Since then I haven't built another house because I don't want to go through that again. 2 years ago I started doing room boxes instead all the while wishing for a house. Well, last week I
  7. Rose

    SAM 2655 compressed

    Pretty. I like the color.
  8. Rose

    Queen Anne

    I have wanted this dollhouse since the I first got into this hobby. I finally bought it 2 years ago during Ernie's half off sale. It stayed in the box for 2 years while I worked on other house's. I took it out of the box JUST to get some measurements but when I saw it sitting there in all it's glory, I just had to start building it. The beast was released! My mind starting racing, "What do I do first?" It's going to be so big and so much fun to build.
  9. Rose

    a shop i found on ebay

    I really like this shop. Is there a name for it?
  10. OOOOH, you have to make them.:o I couldn't do that. Much too tiny.
  11. Rose

    a closer look

    These are cute. Where did they come from?
  12. Rose

    trying out roof colors

    It's beautiful. I'm the same way about parting with my houses. If I part with one it's because I HAVE to in order to have room to build another.
  13. Rose


    Cat's love dollhouses.
  14. Wow. Resin? It looks like "leather".
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