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    Accounting, history, touring old homes, watching old movies, Especially: Jimmy Stewart. A wonderful teenager is building two or more homes for me. I'm so excited. One will be a church.

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  1. Does anyone know where I can get a farmhouse bed. Please NOT costly. The Orchid I'll be decorating for my nearly blind friend? She is calling the shots on the decor and furniture. She wants one very badly as her Grandmother had one and it's a memory to her. but, the ones I've checked online are too expensive. Except to build one and NO on that idea. Thanks. It's 23 degrees at 8:30 a.m. Wind chill at 12 degrees, even though it feels colder. We have been fairly lucky, the power has gone out some, but not all the time. Thank goodness, so I can use my electric blanket.
  2. What is a magic camera? The pedestals of the stools, are those golf tees? Very ingenious.
  3. Did you add the beams yourself? I love it. The way you did the walls looks like an old neighborhood pub. I've never been in a pub, so saw some and pictures on TV and magazines. Our Hyacinth went in one with her family.
  4. What a beautiful thing. It looks like it was born that way. The roof looks so real, the sun did it. It's a VERY beautiful thing. You did a SUPERB job on the Brick.
  5. Will have to do that in April. Only camera I have now is my smartphone, but I'll get it going and take pictures of my flowers. Thanks.
  6. I bought a lot of little pierced earrings over the last few days and I'm fixing them for my garden. I bought flowers. I've done this before and it's so easy. Use florist green tape and start just under the flower to cover the metal from the earring and wrap it around, adding a thin wire and wrap all of that and make it as long or short as you like. Flowers for my garden. I was lucky, I found a little shop and they just got in a lot of flower earrings because it's Spring. Just thought I'd pass on my flower idea. I'm going to do that with tiny ivy I have and greenery.
  7. HyacinthB

    brick work

    Yes it does it looks like you got a lot done. That easel in the back looks like a crane building this tall house. Good job.
  8. Oh, I understand. My friend; however, agrees with you about a fence. She is one who did plastic canvas. She suggested to use YOUR idea Holly and put the fence in the back yard, not all the way around. For pets, children. I bought 3 doggies in miniature in St Joseph, MO. They will use the fence. HUH? Sure! You also know that I am VERY new to all of this and I guess I feel at times, I'm going around the merry-go-round and I'm wondering if I can do it, if it will turn out as I see it in my mind, is this going to be an expensive hobby, can I decorate this as I believe I can. Th
  9. No fencing please. Just getting marvelous ideas from the hotel itself. Since my son and I have 10 green thumbs, I'm always planting something. Particularly David Austin Roses. I don't have such a huge space now but I use those huge pots and I can grown anything. Mexican heather, Roses, (I had a Betty Boop rose once. Yellow with red polka dots, like her dress was.) Long before my time, but history is always good to know. Petunias, Sweet William, Lantanas, Gerbera Daisies, Daisies, Carnations, etc. My son loves to grow herbs: Lemon Grass, Lemon Basil, Chocolate Mint, Thyme, R
  10. I don't know how you came up with the colors you painted the house but I just love the house.
  11. Holly... I was just kidding. That's why the happy face. I am not worried about a fence. Just showing the design.
  12. http://www.janandkarenstudorstyleminiatures.co.uk/ This one is in England, but they have quite a wonderful collection. At least look at their website. You may get some ideas. http://karencary.com/miniatures/ http://www.mini-mum.com/pages/Profile_Betts.html GrandDads Playroom
  13. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. LOL I couldn't reproduce that fence in a million years. It's pretty, but I was just looking at the hotel. Well, correction from me, I may do a box after all, but I want to put maybe a fancy kitchen in it for the guests, who knows? Time will tell that too. Would you like to do the fence for me????
  14. Luanne: Thanks for starting this post. Glad I could tell my mobile home story.
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