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  1. Thanks Deb Yes the tractor was 3D printed for the Dollhouse Too true Selkie, however little daughter just takes it all in her stride like it's no issue. I teach in a decile one school (lowest socio economic group possible) so I see a lot of kids "alone" or worse. It feels horroble to have parent interviews where the kids have alone 'cause mum and dad don't care enough to come along. anyway Let me play with it? No chance of that with these two, memories like elephants What does surprise me a lot is that Kavita, for some reason, refuses to have people (dolls) on the
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1CX2PyUh0o Final conclusion? excellent. Remembering this is 100% scratch built and the motor is "printed" I couldn't be happier. The performance is better than I really expected and the outboard went together far easier. Unfortunately the boat is now back in the daughters doll house, I’ll be allowed to take it out to add final details, paint the engine etc but I’d be very surprised if it ever gets wet again. Sad really. And that’s partly your fault for backing baby about the house becoming a display piece instead of a play piece! Never mind. It was a
  3. Found a really cool speckled spray paint that would look awesome but I glued the floor in and can't risk getting Paint on the rest of the boat. Dang it!
  4. Woops, that reminds me. The inside needs black/grey industrial type carpet on the floor and sides. Any idea where I can get some? I've tried hardware shops and dollhouse places seem to stock paterned carpet not plain.
  5. glen


    Brief pictorial journey I started dec 2007. Never let it be said I do things in a hurry!
  6. Thanks Kathie, don't worry about the birds, we (not so much me nowdays) run high powered boats on that lake with council permission. Birds fly away when scared and believe me they don't fly away. Wish they would sometimes. There are two more ponds literally 10 feet away specifically for wild life and another just across the road. Council would prefer if we chased birds off this pond as kids play around it. Totally off topic but if you look at this vid just before half way through (just after the boat crash) you can see I caught the resident white heron. I'd never seen one before.
  7. Little update, not finished yet but first test run. unfortunately baby is sick at the moment so I had to run it solo. Disappointed at first but swapped out motor for one better suited and things picked up. Maybe baby will start coming rc boating with me again. Most likely she and mum will run it a couple of times and then lock in the dolls house. Cheers Glen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2M9ajBYElo better vid will follow.
  8. Thanks, yes she is pretty cool. Dreading the next few "teenage" years.
  9. Because of motor size issue I've decided to try and make a working motor. Wish me luck cause it is causing more headaches than I anticipated. If it doesn’t pan out quite quickly I’ll revert back to the Aquacraft solution. Cheers http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2440350
  10. Cool . didn't know they even made sets like that.
  11. glen


    Great find. Look forward to updates
  12. for a girl????? What girl???? ooohhh yyeeaaahhh, I remember. Ofcourse it's for a girl. Baby's doll house. Where'd my baby go??? :sleazy:
  13. Some advice just begs to be ignored.
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